How to Make a Splash by Adding Deck Water Features

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Choosing and Installing Deck Water Features

Deck water features have become increasingly popular in the last few years, transforming ordinary decks into a tranquil escape. The sound of flowing water can soothe the soul, and the visual appeal of a shimmering pond can elevate the ambiance of any outdoor area.

Adding water features to your deck enhances its overall appeal and provides numerous benefits. They create a relaxing environment, increase your property value, and attract local wildlife, making your outdoor space even more enjoyable.

In this blog, the New Jersey backyard experts at Deck Guardian will guide you through the process of choosing and integrating the perfect water features for your deck. From selecting the right type of water feature to planning, installing, and maintaining it, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make a splash and create a stunning outdoor oasis in your own backyard.

Benefits of Deck Water Features

Adding water features to your deck can truly transform the space into something magical. Here are some of the benefits of adding water features to your deck:

Enhances Ambiance

Deck water features can elevate the look of your outdoor area to a whole new level. The sight of flowing water or a sparkling pond can turn an ordinary deck into a visually stunning retreat. Water features add a touch of elegance and tranquility, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Provides a Relaxing and Soothing Environment

The gentle sound of flowing water can have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Whether it’s a bubbling fountain or a cascading waterfall, the soothing sounds of a deck water feature can create a peaceful escape right in your own backyard. Imagine unwinding after a long day to the tranquil sounds of water – pure bliss.

Increases Property Value

Investing in deck water features can also boost your home’s value. Potential buyers are often drawn to homes with unique and attractive outdoor spaces. A well-designed water feature can set your home apart from others on the market, making it more appealing to prospective buyers and potentially increasing its resale value.

Attracts Wildlife to Your Yard

Water features can also attract local wildlife, bringing your outdoor space to life. Birds, butterflies, and even small mammals are often drawn to water sources. Your new deck can become a place to enjoy the simple beauty of nature in your own backyard.

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Types of Deck Water Features

When it comes to adding water features to your deck, there are several options to choose from. Each type brings its own unique charm and functionality, allowing you to create the perfect outdoor oasis. Here are some popular types of deck water features to consider:


Fountains are a classic choice for adding a touch of elegance and tranquility to your deck. They come in various styles, from traditional tiered designs to sleek, modern pieces. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose from materials like stone, concrete, or metal. Fountains are relatively easy to install and can be the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor space.


Waterfalls add a dramatic and soothing element to any deck. There are different types to consider, such as cascading waterfalls that create a natural look, sheet waterfalls that provide a smooth flow of water, and wall waterfalls that integrate seamlessly into vertical structures. When planning a waterfall, consider its placement to ensure it enhances your deck’s aesthetics and provides the desired sound and visual effect.


A small pond can be a stunning addition if you have enough space on your deck. Ponds can be designed to fit snugly into a corner or as a focal point. Incorporating aquatic plants and fish can bring life and movement to the pond, creating a miniature ecosystem right on your deck. Make sure to choose a location with adequate sunlight and consider the necessary maintenance to keep your pond healthy and beautiful.

Bubbling Rocks

Bubbling rocks offer a natural and rustic look that blends seamlessly with the outdoors. Water bubbles up through holes drilled in natural rocks, creating a subtle yet captivating water feature. Bubbling rocks are relatively easy to install and maintain, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance option that still provides a soothing sound and aesthetic appeal.

Water Walls

Water walls are a modern and elegant choice for deck water features. They consist of a vertical surface where water flows down, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. Water walls can be made from various materials, including glass, stone, or metal, and can be integrated into existing deck structures or built as standalone features. They are perfect for adding a touch of luxury and creating a calming ambiance.

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Deck Water Features Planning and Design

When planning and designing your deck water feature, it’s important to remember several key considerations to ensure a successful and harmonious integration. Here are some essential points to guide you:

Assessing Deck Space and Layout

  • Measure the available space to determine the size and type of water feature that will fit.
  • Consider the existing deck design and architecture to ensure the water feature complements the overall look.

Choosing the Right Water Feature for Your Deck

  • Match the water feature to your deck style, whether traditional, modern, rustic, or elegant.
  • Consider the maintenance requirements of the chosen water feature to ensure it fits your lifestyle and upkeep capabilities.

Deck Water Features Safety

  • Ensure safe installation by following manufacturer guidelines and possibly consulting a professional.
  • Make the area child and pet-friendly by incorporating safety barriers or choosing features with less open water to prevent accidents.

4 Installation and Maintenance Tips

The deck installers at Deck Guardian have a few maintenance tips to consider when installing water features on your deck. By following these tips, you can be sure your deck will maintain it’s safety and accessibility:

  1. Hire a professional. If you aren’t properly trained in dealing with water and electricity, bad things can happen. Hiring professionals can ensure your deck water feature is correctly and safely installed.
  2. Clean often. Deck water features require consistent upkeep to ensure they operate smoothie. Clean out leaves and debris whenever possible. Check filters and pumps and treat algae if needed.
  3. Recycle water. Use a recirculating system to save on water costs and be kind to Mother Nature. A recirculating pump will allow you to reuse the same water, which reduces waste.
  4. Winterize. Especially in the New Jersey climate, you must drain your water feature before the first frost to prevent freezing. Store pumps and other removable components indoors to prevent cracking and damage.

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Enhancing Your Deck Water Feature

Enhancing your deck water feature can transform it into a stunning focal point of your outdoor space. Here are some streamlined ideas to elevate the beauty and functionality of your water feature:

  • Adding Plants and Flowers: Incorporate aquatic plants and potted flowers to add color and texture.
  • Using Rocks and Stones: For a natural look, surround your water feature with a variety of rocks and stones.
  • Installing Lights: Add underwater and perimeter LED lights to highlight the water feature at night.
  • Adding Seating: Place comfortable, weather-resistant seating near the water feature for relaxation.
  • Choosing Pleasant Sounds: Opt for water features that produce soothing sounds, like bubbling rocks.
  • Enhancing Sensory Appeal: Plant fragrant flowers or herbs nearby to add pleasant

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Add a Deck Water Feature to Transform Your Deck

Adding a water feature to your deck enhances its beauty and creates a relaxing, soothing environment. You can choose the perfect feature to match your style and needs with options like fountains, waterfalls, ponds, bubbling rocks, and water walls. Water features can increase your property value, attract wildlife, and provide a serene escape right in your own backyard.

By carefully planning and designing your water feature, considering safety and maintenance, and enhancing it with plants, lights, and seating, you can create a stunning focal point that transforms your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking for professional installation or helpful tips, Deck Guardian is here to ensure your deck water feature is a beautiful and lasting addition to your home. Don’t wait—make a splash and transform your deck today!

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