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Love your deck? Get a $300 check for referring a friend!

Here at Deck Guardian, we genuinely value our customers, so we have started a deck referral program to say thank you! Time and time again, we’ve found that our customers have come to us through word of mouth.

That’s saying a lot. People have great things to say about Deck Guardian.

So we had a thought. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on marketing, why not give our customers a bonus for referring a friend to Deck Guardian’s affiliate program? It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Every customer who refers a friend will receive $300

No strings attached

How our deck referral program works:

1. Be a satisfied Deck Guardian customer

Whether you’ve hired Deck Guardian to build you a new deck or porch or had an old deck resurfaced, our deck referral program is for you. If you’ve signed a contract and had a service provided by us, and you’re happy with the finished project (as we’re sure you will be), you are eligible for our deck referral program.

2. Tell a friend about Deck Guardian

Many of our customers have been referred to us by word of mouth. Either a friend has been so pleased with our excellent customer service and quality workmanship that they tell everyone they know, or a neighbor will pop their head over the fence to admire the finished product. Regardless of how it happens, we know people are saying great things about Deck Guardian. And we want to thank them by offering our deck building referral program.

3. New signed contract

When a new customer contacts Deck Guardian and tells us a friend referred them, we will get all the essential details. If the new customer signs a contract for our services, the deck referral program is in effect.

4. Get paid!

Once the new contract is signed, the referring customer gets paid $300. We want to thank our excellent customers for referring new terrific customers, and our deck referral program is as easy as that!

Deck Guardian

Benefits to our deck building referral program:

Help from a friend goes a long way, and there’s no limit to how many friends you can tell about Deck Guardian to be a part of our deck referral program. We genuinely want to thank our customers for keeping us busy doing what we love- building amazing decks!

Some of the benefits of our deck building referral program are:

It’s easy

You were going to tell your friends about your new amazing decks anyway! May as well get paid too.

Little effort required

Having company over to enjoy your new backyard space usually results in a few phone calls for us. So you really don’t have too much work to do to benefit from our deck building referral program.

Promotes great service

Telling people about excellent service ensures they will receive that same experience!

No limits

There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer to take advantage of our deck referral program.

Share the love

Your friends will appreciate you suggesting a deck company that puts customers first! Who doesn’t love excellent customer service?

Everybody benefits

It’s a win-win for everyone! You get paid for referring, Deck Guardian gets another valuable customer to serve, and your friend gets guaranteed quality service.

Shop local

Helping a local New Jersey company that works hard feels good too! By promoting Deck Guardian, you are helping a local business find continued success.

Our way of saying, “Thanks!”

We appreciate our customers so much that we wanted to say thank you in a big way. Refer a friend and get $300 from our deck referral program to spend any way you like.

We work very hard to provide each of our customers with the highest quality of service and use only the best products to build decks and porches meant to last.

Whatever service you’ve hired Deck Guardian for, you can be a part of our fantastic deck building referral program. Some of our top-notch services include:

Attached and free-standing decks
Ground-level or Multi-tier decks
In-ground or above-ground decks
Juliet balconies
Rooftop, wraparound, and other specialty decks
Pressure-treated lumber decks, composite decks, and exotic hardwood decks
Open-air and screened-porches
Custom stairs, railings, and ADA-approved ramps
Custom design services to build your ideal deck or porch

Be a part of our deck referral program

Our goal at Deck Guardian is to give every customer a deck building experience they want to tell people about. We are pleased to offer our wonderful customers $300 to show appreciation for their referrals.

To be eligible for our deck building referral program, you must be a former or current customer of Deck Guardian. There is no limit to the number of customers you can refer and you can be sure we’ll take care of them, just like we took care of you.

Tell all your friends and family about Deck Guardian and help them build the deck of their dreams! For more information about our deck referral program, contact us here.

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