How to Build an Above-Ground Pool Deck: 5 Best Ideas

Have you been wondering how to build an above-ground pool deck? If so, you have definitely come to the right place.

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How to Build an Above-Ground Pool Deck

Picture this. It’s a smoking hot, New Jersey, summer day. You are laying on a lounger sipping your favorite ice-cold beverage on your brand-new above-ground pool deck. The kids are splashing in the pool and you are soaking in the sights and sounds of this perfect day.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Well, this can be your reality. Our experts at Deck Guardian have agreed to share some of their best ideas with you when it comes to building an above-ground deck.

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How to Build an Above-Ground Pool Deck: Find the Right Deck Contractor

While on the search for how to build an above-ground pool deck there are a few things you should consider. If you don’t find the right fit, building a pool deck can be a frustrating endeavor. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top things to look for when hiring a deck contractor to build your pool deck:

  • Check out the deck builder’s past work
  • Most of the best pool deck builders NJ will showcase some of their past projects on their website. Spend time looking through their work to get some pool deck ideas. If you like the style and workmanship of their above-ground pool decks, you know they may be the right fit for your deck project.

    There are some fabulous ways to beautify your above-ground-pool. So if you don’t see something you like from a particular builder don’t discredit them entirely. Many deck contractors are happy to help make your vision a reality, even if it’s not their typical style. What’s most important is that their website has many examples of different types of decks on display. Like anything in life, the more experience you have doing something, the better you are at it. That is the same for the best pool deck builders NJ.

  • Take a look at the services the deck contractor provides
  • There are other things and factors to consider when hiring a deck contractor to start building an above-ground pool deck. The best pool deck builders NJ will provide other types of services. Things like design consultations, building new decks, above-ground pool decks, deck resurfacing, open porches, and closed-in porches. When building a pool deck you want to hire someone who has the skills to handle all types of deck building.

    Also, investigate the types of materials that the deck builder works with. Do they work exclusively with wood or do they use composite materials? These are questions you need to know before building a pool deck.

    To get a sense of the types and quality of services provided by a deck contractor, checking out their website should give you a pretty clear picture. If after viewing their site and you get the sense that they are more of a general contractor who provides a “one-stop shop” type of building service, you may be better served looking elsewhere for an above-ground pool deck contractor.

    Above-ground pool decks require a specific understanding of deck structures so finding a professional deck builder is paramount in getting a properly constructed above-ground pool deck.

  • The best pool deck builders NJ will have good reviews online
  • When questioning how to build an above-ground pool deck take a look at online reviews that will give you an idea of customer satisfaction. But don’t just look at the deck builder’s website. Check out third-party reviews too. This can paint an overall picture of how happy people are working with this particular above-ground pool deck company.

    Of course, there will always be a variety of reviews for every company, but if the majority of them are good and great, then you know you are likely dealing with one of the best pool deck builders NJ.

    You can also contact the company directly and ask for a list of referrals. This way you can speak to a past client firsthand, to find out more about their experience with the above-ground pool deck builder.

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How to Build an Above-Ground Pool Deck: Have a Design in Mind

Building a pool deck is a big job, and once you’ve found the best pool deck builders NJ you will want to schedule a meeting with them. The pool deck experts at Deck Guardian offer a free consultation to get preliminary information about your above-ground pool deck. They will then discuss their process with you in detail to ensure you are comfortable and happy with our methods. Then a meeting will be scheduled.

When you first sit down with the above-ground pool deck consultants, they will ask you several questions about your pool deck ideas. They will want to see pictures of your yard, review your property and discuss the above-ground pool deck you want to build.

That’s why it’s great for you to have some pool deck ideas. Whether you got them from Pinterest, online, or even a magazine, bring everything with you for this meeting. They can also share other projects they have done that may not be on their website. The experts at Deck Guardian want to design the pool deck of your dreams.

Once the above-ground pool deck experts have a clear idea of what kind of pool deck you are looking for, you will be presented with two choices.

  • Deck Guardian can create a customized plan using a program to illustrate your project with different options and extras. Then they will work with you to refine the plan to meet your pool deck ideas to perfection.
  • A simpler option would be to choose one of their existing above-ground pool deck plans.
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Whichever way you’d like to proceed, the best pool deck builders NJ will present you with an exact quote of all costs associated with building a pool deck of your choice. There will be no surprise costs at the end.


How to Build an Above-Ground Pool Deck: Understand the Benefits of Different Materials

When it comes to building an above-ground pool deck there needs to be some understanding of pool deck materials. Decks of the past were often made of treated lumber. Today decks can be built with lumber but the best pool deck builders NJ will often recommend composite material over wood boards.

Why you ask? These are the reasons many above-ground pool deck builders will recommend composite material over wood for building a pool deck.

  • Wood may be cheaper up front, but wood decks often end up costing more because they need to be replaced for approximately 10-15 years. Because an above-ground pool deck is constantly being exposed to water, the chances of weathering damage increase. If wood is not properly maintained over the years it can splinter, rot, get moldy, and become victim to insects like termites and ants. None of these are ideal for an above-ground pool deck.
  • The high-quality composite material used by Deck Guardian (Deckorators, TexPro) can get you the look and color of real wood without the possibility of decomposition. The life of a composite deck can be upwards of 30 years!
  • Composite deck material is more durable and requires less maintenance. So even though more pricey upfront, choosing this material will actually save you money in the long run.
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How to Build an Above-Ground Pool Deck: Consider Pool Safety

Building a pool deck that is safe is our above-ground pool deck company’s top priority. Because above-ground pools are raised off the ground, building a pool deck to meet up with the edge of the pool means the deck is also raised. A fall from an above-ground pool deck can be dangerous.

It’s always important to take the proper precautions when coming up with pool deck ideas. If you want a circular deck around the pool or a partial deck on one side of the pool, you need proper railing and stairs. Our professional above-ground pool deck builders have safety at top of mind and can advise you on what is the safest option for your dream pool deck. We will not build a deck without the appropriate safety measures in place.


How to Build an Above-Ground Pool Deck: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Deck Contractor

If you are reading this article because you are building a pool deck or just looking for pool deck ideas, you have definitely come to the right place. Here is a list of important questions you can ask when searching for how to build an above-ground pool deck.

  • Who are the best pool deck builders NJ?
  • Do I need financing? If so, does the builder work with a provider? (This can make the whole process of building an above-ground pool deck easier and more convenient)
  • Do I want a fully submerged pool or a half-submerged pool?
  • Where am I going to store my pool stuff (and can my deck help accommodate it)?
  • How am I going to winterize my pool?
  • Do I want to insulate my above-ground pool?
  • What kind of winter cover will I need? (as this can affect the type of pool deck you choose to build)
  • Do I want composite or wood for my above-ground pool deck?
  • What color, style, and texture do I want my above-ground pool deck to be?

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They are top-tier deck builders so why not let them build the top tier of your above-ground pool deck? Give Deck Guardian a call today or fill out the form below for your FREE consultation. The sooner you contact Deck Guardian the sooner you can enjoy your above-ground pool deck!

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