5 Secrets From Deck Contractors to Help You Build a Deck on a Budget

When you’re looking to build a deck on a budget, you have to be extra vigilant in finding a quality deck contractor who is experienced, skilled, professional, and can also build a deck on a budget. That combo is harder to find than you’d think.

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5 Secrets to Help You Build a Deck on a Budget

There are all types of builders out there who may claim that hiring them is the cheapest way to build a deck. What they may not be telling you is that they are inexperienced, don’t use the best materials, or hire cheap laborers who don’t know what they are doing.

Hiring a deck builder who doesn’t have the skills to build a proper, structurally-sound deck may be cheap up front, but you could be dishing out a lot of money to fix the mistakes they make or paying a new company to rebuild the deck in its entirety Although the worst-case scenario when hiring cheap, inexperienced deck builders is that you end up with deck collapse, and you’d better hope no one was on the deck at the time.

But there is hope. There are best affordable deck builders NJ out there who are reputable deck building companies, like Deck Guardian, that can build you a top-quality deck at affordable rates. You just need to know what to ask for, and you have come to the right place. Here are 5 top secrets (from the pros) to help you build a deck on a budget.

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Secret 1

Budget Deck Ideas- Less is More

If you are looking to build a deck on a budget, one of the biggest secrets to saving you money is choosing a very simple deck design using standard dimensional lumber. A simple design requires less cutting and less waste of material.

Irregularly shaped decks involve a lot of careful planning and precision in order to correctly cut the boards, and oftentimes there are wasted materials that cannot be used. This means more material is being purchased in order to fit the required dimensions. So it makes sense that building a straight-forward 12 x 12 ft deck would require a lot less waste, thus saving you money!

Plus by keeping it simple, there will be less time needed to finish building a cheap deck. If you are hiring one of the best affordable deck builders to build your simple deck, you will save a ton of money on labor. Since deck experts are masters of deck-building, your simple deck could be built in a short amount of time. Even shorter than if you were to do it yourself!

So if you are looking for the cheapest way to build a deck, hiring one of the best affordable deck builders NJ, like Deck Guardian is a terrific plan. This budget deck idea saves you the cost of material and time without sacrificing quality construction. You can have a simple, well-built deck that comes with a warranty (something else you wouldn’t get if you built the deck yourself).

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Secret 2

Budget Deck ideas: Pick Your Material Wisely

There are so many different kinds of decking materials out there when building a deck on a budget. However, you really need to think about this one as building with cheaper materials may cost you less initially, but could cost more down the road when they need replacing.

When building a deck on a budget, wood is the cheaper choice. Make sure you choose pressure-treated lumber as using untreated wood is just asking for trouble. Being exposed to rain, snow, sun, and wind will do a number on wood that is not properly weatherproofed. A wood deck will also need maintenance, staining or painting the deck will need to be a yearly endeavor.

The other option is to use a composite wood board. These boards are more expensive upfront, however, they require no maintenance and can last decades. The Best affordable deck builders like Deck Guardian, have various options of high-quality mineral-based and wood-composite boards to choose from. Call Deck Guardian today to find out if there is an option to fit your budget.

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Secret 3

Budget Deck Ideas: Build a Ground-Level Deck

Ground-level decks are usually defined as decks within 30 inches from the ground. These types of decks require fewer materials and structural reinforcements than decks raised off the ground or attached to your home. A ground-level deck also doesn’t require railings or stairs, which will save you costs there too.

A ground-level deck allows you to build a cheap deck without spending money on all the extras. Another bonus of building a ground-level deck is that it can be placed anywhere in your yard, it does not need to be attached to your house. So you could essentially build a little oasis in your garden if you want to. The sky’s the limit when you build a deck on a budget!

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Secret 4

Budget Deck Ideas: Build During Off-Season

New Jersey winters can be long and cold, and the minute the snow melts and we get the first signs of spring, the best affordable deck builders NJ get booked up as fast as a Jersey slide off the turnpike.

So if you are looking for some budget deck ideas, try building a cheap deck in the off-season. Since most deck builders are booked up and busy in the spring and summer months, look at building in the late summer/fall, or even just before the snow flies. Best affordable deck builders NJ will have slowed right down, so you may even catch a deal to build a deck on a budget.

Secret 5

Cheapest way to Build a Deck: Educate Yourself

Whether you decide to build your deck the DIY way or hire a contractor to build your deck on a budget, you have to do so by being informed about the basics. When you go into something blindly or uninformed, you could be missing some important details that could help with building a cheap deck. You want a cheap deck, not a poorly-built deck, so you have to know your stuff when it comes to deck building.

The first thing you should do is know what you want. It’s one thing to save a bunch of images on Pinterest or Instagram of beautiful dream decks. You need to understand how a deck is built and what it requires.

Decks can range in price from $35 a square foot to upwards of $60 a square foot. That’s quite the range! So you need to know what you can afford first and foremost, then go from there.

It would be helpful if you understood the types of common materials used for decks, like wood and composite, and knew the pros and cons of both. Are you willing to spend more upfront to save money over time? Or do you need the absolute cheapest materials and you’ll worry about the future costs later? Those are questions you should have answers to if you want to build a deck on a budget.

Here are a few more things to consider before building a cheap deck:

  1. Size
  2. What size of a deck do you want to meet your needs? Can you sacrifice size if it's the cheapest way to build a deck? If you build a large deck, it could increase the value of your home and property. This means you could recoup the cost of the deck if you ever sell your home. This is something to consider when looking for budget deck ideas.

  3. Shape
  4. Can you build a simple square or rectangular-shaped deck? Or does your yard require an irregular-shaped deck?

  5. Height
  6. Will a ground-level deck suit your needs? This would be the cheapest way to build a deck. If you need an elevated deck you will need to spend more and should really seek professional assistance with this type of deck.

  7. Materials
  8. Know the different types of materials and costs associated.

  9. Extras
  10. What type of extras will be required when building a cheap deck? Will you need stairs, and if so how many and how wide? Do you need railings? If so, what type of railings? Wood, glass, aluminum, iron, etc.

Building a Cheap Deck Doesn’t Mean Poor-Quality

If you want to build a deck on a budget, you have to weigh your options carefully. A deck is an important piece of construction and it is not something that can just be thrown together by an uninformed person. An improperly constructed deck can be dangerous and if you are looking for budget deck ideas, be sure to do it the safe way and don’t cut corners.
If you are building a cheap deck yourself, get informed of all the materials and requirements before getting started. Consult with a professional deck builder, and familiarize yourself with building safety codes. Building a deck on a budget is a challenging project, and give yourself time to get it done correctly.

If you hire one of the best affordable deck builders NJ, be honest with them about your budget needs. You may be surprised how they can offer you some possible solutions to help build a deck on a budget.

Building a cheap deck isn’t money down the drain. Not only will you get years of enjoyment out of a beautiful backyard space, but you could also potentially increase the resale value of your home. So think of it as an investment and consider that in your budget.

If you’re ready to build a deck on a budget, give the best affordable deck builders NJ – Deck Guardian – a call today! We’d love to talk about budget deck ideas and start planning your budget deck.

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