Build Your Dream Deck or Perfect Patio in 5 Easy Steps!

Building a deck is an easy way to transform your yard into an oasis, a place to spend time with friends and family, and a calming escape where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Building a deck can improve your quality of life tenfold.

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Build Your Dream Deck or Perfect Patio in 5 Easy Steps

No matter how big or small your dream deck is, just having an outdoor space to relax while sipping a cold drink can calm your nerves after a long and hard day. You deserve it, so let’s build your dream deck!

Whether you are building a deck on your own or with the help of a deck contractor, you can do some simple things to make building a deck hassle-free.

The expert deck builders in New Jersey, Deck Guardian, have agreed to share some of their best tips for easy ways to build a deck. Read on to find out 5 easy steps to building a deck!

Deck Guardian

Step 1

Find the perfect plan for your dream deck

Build Your Dream Deck 2

When looking for deck ideas to build your perfect dream deck, we all know the Internet is an endless resource of all things. Check out Pinterest, Instagram, and many home improvement websites online for images of beautiful dream decks.

Save all your favorite deck ideas in a picture folder or even create an album on your phone or computer. Once you have exhausted your energy by looking at deck ideas, take a break. Do something unrelated to decks, or call it a day and go to sleep. The next day you’ll have a fresh outlook.

Look through the pictures again. You may have gone a little crazy saving images of decks and won’t know why you even saved some of them! Delete any decks that you no longer like. Narrow your list to your top 10 favorite decks. Then start to sort through the pictures asking yourself these questions:

  • Are there any similarities between these decks? If so, what are they?
  • What types of material are most of the decks made from? Composite or natural wood? Or can you tell?
  • What qualities do you like about these decks? The colors? The railing and stair style? Size? Shape? The pattern of the wood boards? Any extra features that you like?
  • Is there landscaping in the image? If so, would I like the deck without the surrounding greenery?
  • What are the colors of the house the deck is attached to? Would that deck look the same next to your home?
  • Is the size and shape of the deck realistic to the size and shape a deck could be in your own yard?

Once you’ve taken the time to answer those questions, you should be able to eliminate some of the decks from your lists. Now you can single out one dream deck, or maybe your dream deck is a combination of a few.

Now you know what you’re looking for in a dream deck. The next step is to get your deck designed to fit your space, check building codes, get permits, prep the land, purchase materials, build the substructure, and finally, you’ll be ready to start building a deck!

Step 2

Hire the best deck builders in New Jersey

Build Your Dream Deck 3

Benefits of hiring deck builders in New Jersey:

  • Professional deck builders are experts in designing decks (we know what works for your space and what won’t work). There is no worry that you’ll face an obstacle during the build when you hire the pros to design and build your dream deck. Building with deck builders in New Jersey means a smooth deck-building process.
  • We can make your deck ideas a reality. Not only do deck builders have connections with suppliers, but they have built so many decks that they know the tricks of building a solid deck that will last you for decades.
  • Professionals know the easy way to build decks and won’t waste any material in the process of building your dream deck. Less material waste means less cost to you, the customer, and less waste also means a more eco-friendly build. So not only can you save some money, but you also protect the environment.
  • The best deck builders in New Jersey will build your deck in a much shorter timeframe than it would take an amateur. Your time is worth a lot, and hiring professionals to do the dirty work allows you to sit back and relax until your deck is ready. Then you can sit back and relax on your beautiful, new, dream deck!

If you are still set on building your dream deck yourself, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional deck company. They may have tips on easy ways to build a deck you may not have thought of.

Step 3

Meet with a Deck Designer

Build Your Dream Deck 4

Building a deck on your own is a lot of work. So if you are looking for some help, Deck Guardian would love to work with you! We are the best deck builders in New Jersey for a reason. Even if you just want assistance on the design or help with some of the steps along the way, we are more than happy to oblige!

If you prefer the ‘full meal deal’ and want experts involved from the design to the installation of your dream deck, Deck Guardian is here to serve you!

When looking for easy ways to build a deck, finding a great deck designer is key in designing your dream deck. Sure, you can find deck ideas online, but not every idea will work well with your yard or climate. Finding a deck plan online doesn’t guarantee accurate measurements, nor does it consider the load density of a deck of your required shape and size.

Building a deck is considered a major structure, requiring you to meet proper building codes to guarantee a safe and structurally sound deck.

Skipping essential steps in the building process is worth the risk. Not only could you end up building a deck that isn’t safe, but you could also end up having to rebuild a collapsed deck, costing you way more money than if you just hired professionals in the first place.

It’s understandable to want to build your own deck, but meeting with professional deck designers is the very least you can do to ensure you are finding easy ways to build a deck and safest ways to build a deck.

The designers at Deck Guardian can help take your deck ideas and create a design that gives you the deck of your dreams and a safe one for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy.

Step 4

Pick material for your dream deck

Build Your Dream Deck 5

When you’ve scoured through deck ideas and found the right design for your deck, you have to pick materials, composite vs wood decking.

For centuries, wood has been used for all kinds of structures, including decks. Wood is easy to get and usually an affordable material to build decks. Natural wood decks require regular maintenance to keep the durability and strength of wood in its original state.

Wood needs to be pressure-treated to withstand the elements, especially with the wet, rainy, and cold 4 seasons in New Jersey. Natural wood can warp, twist, rot, and become infected by mold and insects. Yearly staining, painting, or replacing damaged boards is required for the lifetime of a wood deck.

Composite decking, on the other hand, is a more expensive material initially, but it will last longer than natural wood. You are paying more upfront for greater durability and ease of upkeep. A composite deck will not face the same challenges as wood and does not require the same kind of maintenance.

Composite decking material has come a long way over the years, and today you can get a composite deck material that looks just like natural wood. The higher-quality composite used by Deck Guardian also has improved tread, giving it a look and feel of natural wood without the need for upkeep. Composite material does not fade, nor does it splinter. Some really great reasons to choose composite material for your dream deck!

Step 5

Watch your dream deck be built before your eyes!

Build Your Dream Deck 6

Once you have contacted the best deck builders in New Jersey, we will arrive at your home or your deck’s site, measure everything, assess the land, and determine the best course of action to build your dream deck. We will answer all your questions, take in all your ideas, and then have a detailed estimate and design ready for your approval within a few days.

Once you approve the design and plans to build your dream deck, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the process.

Our deck-building experts will arrive at your place on a designated day and get started. They will have already applied for all necessary permits beforehand, so there will not be any interruptions during the building process.

Depending on your deck size and requirements, you could have your deck built in a few days or a few short weeks. Regardless, the timeline will be outlined for you at the start so you’ll know what to expect every step of the way. Deck Guardian believes in total transparency so you’ll always know what is going on, whether we are met with an unexpected obstacle or if things go just as planned; you will always be in the know! That’s why we’re the best deck builders in New Jersey.

If you still have questions on this, check out our post How to Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes When Building a Deck

Deck Guardian is the top choice for building a deck

No matter the size and scope of your dream deck, bring in your deck ideas to the best deck builders in New Jersey, Deck Guardian. Not only do we build top-quality decks at competitive prices, we know the easy ways to build a deck, making your building process a simple, no-sweat undertaking.

Not everything in life is simple, but calling Deck Guardian is! Now is the best time to start the process. Let’s Deck Guardian build your dream deck!

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