How to Find a Certified Deck Contractor in New Jersey

In today’s modern age, everything we need to know (and didn’t need to know) is available with a few clicks on a keyboard or a swipe of your finger across the screen of your phone but how do you know if you are finding the BEST information or the RIGHT information? In particular, when looking for reputable, certified deck contractors.

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How to Find a Certified Deck Contractor

Back in the day, when you were wondering how to find a deck contractor, you’d rummage through the drawer where you kept the humongous yellow pages. About the size and weight of a small child, you’d hoist it out of the drawer, lug it over to the kitchen desk, and slump it down next to your landline telephone. Then you’d spend a good 10 minutes rifling through thousands of pages of ads and phone numbers to find the service provider or business you were looking for.

Nowadays, everything we need to know (and didn’t need to know) is available with a few clicks on a keyboard or a swipe of your finger across the screen of your phone. Heck, you can even speak directly to your phone or the tech gadget in your home to get an answer to something you’re wondering about.

Things have gotten so simple and so convenient. But even though finding things has gotten easier, finding the best information isn’t any easier than it was decades ago. So how do you know if you are finding the BEST information or the RIGHT information? That question is really important, especially in relation to finding services online. In particular, when looking for reputable, certified deck contractors.

Just because a business has a flashy website doesn’t mean they are the best at the service they provide. Nor do you necessarily want to hire the deck contractor with the cheapest rates. You need to know what to look for when exploring how to find a deck contractor. Being a savvy, informed consumer is even more critical today than ever before.

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Do Your Research to Find the Best Deck Contractors NJ

Back in the old days, how did people choose the best deck contractors NJ? Other than picking a company based on the logo or slogan they liked as it appeared in the yellow pages, many people would hire top New Jersey certified deck builders based on a friend or neighbor’s recommendation. A lot of great businesses did well because of word-of-mouth.

In today’s modern age, we use a similar metric to find good businesses using customer reviews. Take one of the best deck contractors NJ, Deck Guardian, for example. When you look at their website, it is crystal-clear that they have spent the time to share valuable information about their services with their customers.

Not only do they showcase some of the excellent artistry of their top deck builders, but they also provide customers with relevant information about the materials they use, and their process, from first contact, through consultation and design, and finally, installation.

If that’s not enough, read through their customer reviews when looking up how to find a deck contractor. Their reviews are not just one-sentence, generic comments. Deck Guardian’s customers spent the time to share their real experiences because they were so pleased with the quality of work provided by the best deck contractors NJ.

If you continue to look up reviews about Deck Guardian on other websites, you will see the same 5-star reviews time and time again. Although no matter how amazing a company is, there is bound to be some mediocre or negative comments thrown into the mix. The key to finding a reliable certified deck contractor is that the majority of their reviews are positive.

Read some of the negative ones, and if most are based on things out of the contractor’s control, or if a mistake was made, how did the company respond to the complaint? Those are all important things to factor in when deciding which top deck builders you want to hire for your deck project.

When looking up how to find a deck contractor, try to take a thorough and in-depth look at the reviews from different sites. Or call the contractor and ask for references. The top deck builders will be transparent and honest with how they present their business.

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Have A Vision in Mind Before Seeking out a Deck Contractor

When inquiring how to find a certified deck contractor, it’s important that you have some kind of vision of the deck you want before approaching them.

Of course, New Jersey certified deck builders would be able to share hundreds of ideas with you too, but it’s always good to come in with a game plan. A vision of your dream deck gives you a clear direction for what you are really looking for in a deck or patio when looking up how to find a deck contractor.

If you don’t share this vision with the certified deck contractor, you could end up disappointed because the picture you had in your mind will never be realized. Having a vision will also help guide New Jersey certified deck builders to help design your deck exactly as you want it.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help create a vision of the deck of your dreams:

  • Do I want an indoor/outdoor deck or patio space?
  • How big do I want my deck to be?
  • Do I want my deck made of wood or composite material?
  • What type of pattern do I want my deck boards placed in? (diagonal alternating, staggered, etc)
  • Do I want a hot tub or spa on my deck? (If so, do I want the deck to surround the hot tub or be a partial deck?
  • What type of railings do I want for my deck? (wood, composite, glass, aluminum, etc.)
  • Will there be stairs? If so, how many? Will we need a ramp for accessibility?
  • How do I want to place my patio furniture? (what kind of space will I need to do so?)
  • Do I want any built-in features like privacy screens? Sun shades or a covered area?
  • Is this a deck resurfacing project? If so, what elements of the old deck do I want to keep?

Understanding your vision of how you wish your new deck to appear will make finding a top New Jersey certified deck builder an easier feat. Looking at the styles of decks the top deck builders showcase on their website will also help guide your choice when searching for how to find a deck contractor.

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Know the Difference Between Decking Materials When Looking for How to Find a Deck Contractor

Decks and patios can be built out of wood, brick, stone, and wood composite. Raised or elevated decks are typically built from wood and wood composite materials, while ground-level decks can be made out of wood, composite, brick, stone, or concrete.

Most of the top deck builders who build decks of all kinds, prefer to work with pressure-treated lumber and wood composite. Both are popular choices for various reasons. Below are a few of the pros and cons of both wood and wood composite.

  • If you’re going to use wood, pressure-treated lumber is the only way to go. Using untreated lumber is not recommended because of weather exposure. Wood decks have the classic beauty of real wood. The most common types are redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine. Wood decks should be stained/painted once a year for proper maintenance and protection.
  • Composite decking (wood-plastic and mineral-based composite) is significantly more durable than pressure-treated lumber boards.
  • Wood is typically a less expensive material than composite (this depends on supply and demand as well as the type of wood used). Homeowners must consider the fact that wood requires maintenance in order to preserve the strength and beauty of the wood deck boards. A typical wood deck will last 10-15 years before needing to be replaced.
  • Composite decking can be costly, especially if you want high-quality. When investigating how to find a deck contractor, check out the materials they use before giving them a call.
  • Composite decking can last upwards of 30 years if installed by a certified deck contractor. Most of the best deck contractors NJ guarantee it.
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Do it Yourself or Call a Deck Builder?

While on the hunt to discover how to find a deck contractor, the thought has probably crossed your mind that maybe you can just do it yourself. After all, you’ve probably watched a few home improvement tv shows and surely there are Youtube videos and social media posts about how to build a deck.

Now if you’ve been paying attention while reading this article, you can admit there is A LOT to know when it comes to properly building a deck. Depending on the complexity and requirements of your deck, this could be a big job or a really big job.

A certified deck contractor, like Deck Guardian, knows all the components of building a deck and has so much experience building decks that they could build one blindfolded! They become experts because of years of facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, problem-solving, skill-building, and having an excellent work ethic. Knowing that your deck plans are in the best hands can take all the stress out of building a deck.

A deck is an additional living space that requires careful planning and execution to do it right. Mistakes made during any step of the building process can have disastrous results. In the end, hiring New Jersey certified deck builders to construct your deck is not only the smart choice but the right choice.

Let Deck Guardian Beautify Your Backyard

Decks are meant to be enjoyed and can add a lot of value to your home and enjoyment for your family. Many special events are celebrated outdoors on a deck or patio, so building a beautiful deck can enrich your life significantly. You may also be interested in reading our other post on How to Find a Reliable Deck Contractor near you in New Jersey?

While searching for how to find a deck contractor, we hope you found some inspiration and have created your own vision of what kind of space you want your deck to be. Let the top deck builders at Deck Guardian make that vision a reality for you. Give us a call today or fill out the form to get your FREE estimate!

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