7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Contractor to Build Your Deck

Hiring a deck contractor can be a life-changing experience for a homeowner. People everywhere can agree that spending time on your deck with friends and family is one of the greatest perks of being a homeowner. Barbeques, backyard parties, and all types of celebrations are some of the joys of a life well-lived.

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Why Hiring A Deck Contractor Will Make You The Happiest Homeowner Around

Having an amazing deck space can add significantly to the value of your home and the quality of your life. So what do you do if you don’t have a deck, or need a deck upgrade?

Should you call up a few friends for help, or consider hiring a deck contractor? This is a common question to ask when thinking about building a new deck, resurfacing an old one, or building a porch or patio. Doing it yourself may sound like a good idea, but at the end of the day if you want the job done right, hiring a deck builder New Jersey is the best choice.

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Why Hire the Professionals?

Building a beautiful, high-quality deck is no easy feat. Take it from our experts at Deck Guardian, who are true masters of their craft. Here are 7 reasons why hiring a deck contractor will be a decision you won’t regret.


Hiring Deck Contractors Who Have Experience and Expertise

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Hiring a deck contractor to build your new deck, patio, or porch; or resurface a preexisting deck can take all the guesswork out of the process for you. Hiring experienced deck builders NJ has the knowledge to know what challenges may arise when building a deck. Issues and complications come up, and a novice deck builder may not know how to handle these obstacles.
Things like:

  • Not knowing proper building codes
  • Building less-than-ideal post footers
  • Improper beam placement
  • Irregular spacing of joists
  • Using the wrong materials or deck boards
  • Blocking services like dryer vents, AC units, exterior outlets, or water faucets
  • Using the wrong fasteners
  • Not installing handrails
  • Not weatherproofing

Mistakes happen, but making a mistake while building a deck can result in deck collapse or worse, a serious injury. A mistake as simple as using the wrong type of fasteners can mean- game over for your deck and drastically reduce the life of your investment. Hiring deck builders can make this a problem you never have to deal with.

Decks need to be built to code and be structurally sound for safety reasons and hiring a deck contractor who knows the intricacies of building codes as well as the best practices when it comes to building a well-constructed deck is key.

Deck Guardian, the best deck contractors NJ, will provide professional services, overseeing all the details of the job. We use only the top quality decking materials and components and offer an excellent warranty on their workmanship. Hiring deck builders can take all the stress off your plate when building a deck.

The experts at Deck Guardian have over 10 years of experience in the construction business and have seen every possible deck challenge. Because of this experience, we know how to overcome any obstacle that may be faced on your project, and trust us, things don’t always go according to plan when building a deck. Hiring deck contractors with experience and expertise takes the stress off of you and guarantees you get a safe and beautiful deck for you and your family to enjoy.


Hiring Deck Builders Who are Experts with Licences and Permits

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It may seem like building a deck is a pretty straightforward process, however, it is far from it. In New Jersey, you are required to have a building permit to build a deck. Seems simple enough right? Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than just getting a piece of paper.

The type of permit required will depend on the type of deck you are building. If it’s new construction, or you are repairing an old deck or making modifications to an existing structure, you will be required to follow a different process depending on the type of build you are undertaking.

There are a variety of steps you will need to go through when applying for a building permit. There are forms to be filled out and documents and paperwork to be submitted.

Hiring a deck contractor can alleviate this cumbersome process by taking care of this step for you. Oftentimes the best deck builder NJ already has a working relationship with the permit people and they are knowledgeable in the ins and outs of getting a permit for building your deck. So this step can be done simply and quickly because you’re hiring deck builders who know what they are doing.


The Best Deck Builders NJ Use Only The Best Materials

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Unless you have an “in” with a lumber supplier, a DIY deck project can get extremely expensive due to the cost of materials. Hiring deck builders can get you top-quality material for a reasonable rate. Because the best deck builder NJ is in the business of building decks, they use only the most dependable and tried and true materials, including wood, composite, and PVC.

Once again, the best deck builder NJ has a great relationship with their supply partners and often gets the best rates for the materials they use. Which is a bonus for you!

Deck Guardian, the best deck builder NJ, uses only the best available products in the synthetic decking market. We use top-quality mineral-based and wood-plastic composite decking. It is low-maintenance, well-priced, safe, and durable. Not to mention, beautiful to look at. When hiring a deck builder New Jersey, their design team will sit with you and help design your dream deck.


A Professional Deck Build is Like an Artist with Exceptional Skillmanship

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You may be a talented handyman or skilled DIYer, but you probably don’t build decks every day. Well, we do! And we’re the best at it! Hiring a deck contractor guarantees a well-constructed, structurally sound deck. When looking at the pros and cons of hiring a contractor, consider that the best deck contractors NJ at Deck Guardian will give you a beautifully designed, masterfully crafted, expertly executed deck that you can enjoy for decades to come!


The Best Deck Builders Will Make Safety a #1 Priority

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One of the most important reasons you should be hiring a deck contractor is for safety. Our professionals at Deck Guardian take safety extremely seriously. Our best deck contractors NJ will take the utmost care in ensuring that we take the time to meticulously design, plan and execute the construction of your deck safely and cautiously. Hiring a deck builder New Jersey means your safety will be of the greatest importance.

We do not cut corners when it comes to building a safe deck for our customers. Using only the best materials, from the smallest galvanized bolts, nuts, and washers to the deck post footers, support posts, and deck boards; safety is always top of our minds. The best deck contractors NJ make safety a #1 concern on all projects.

You need to feel 100% confident that your family, friends, children, and pets are safe when enjoying your deck. Many things can go wrong when building a deck, but when hiring the best deck builder New Jersey, we will present you with a detailed, cohesive plan from start to finish so you can see the steps taken along the way and give you our assurance of safe construction and installation.


Hiring Deck Builders Will Save You a Ton of Time

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When weighing the pros and cons of hiring a contractor, one of the deciding factors may be the time it will take for you to do it yourself. Building a deck is a complicated process that requires a lot of thought, planning, and steps along the way. Depending on the size of your deck project, an amateur deck builder can easily underestimate the amount of time it will take to build a deck.

There’s nothing worse than starting a big project like building a deck and then losing steam when things go wrong. Now what? You’re stuck with an unfinished deck and possibly a dangerous construction site in your backyard. Now you’re under pressure to get the job finished and you’re running out of time, energy, and patience. We’ve seen this situation unfold a hundred times, and get a call from an exhausted homeowner looking for help.

Avoid the stress from the start by simply hiring a deck builder New Jersey to take care of it all. You will be given a clear timeline for your project and hiring deck builders NJ will get your job completed quickly and easily. The only obstacle that may stand in our way would be the weather. But when hiring deck builders who will do whatever we can to get your project completed for the deadline.

While analyzing the pros and cons of hiring a contractor, consider the amount of time you would have in order to do the work yourself. Hiring deck builders can take a lot off your plate when trying to beautify your yard and property.


A Great Warranty is Worth its Weight in Gold

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Building a deck is a huge investment and not one to be taken lightly. The 7th reason you should hire the best deck contractor NJ is the truly exceptional warranty offered by Deck Guardian. Our best deck contractors NJ not only stand by our workmanship, we warranty our products for 25 years…yes, you read that right, 25 years!

Our family business takes great pride in providing the very best workmanship and having the trust of our clients is what matters most. Hiring a deck builder New Jersey you can trust is paramount to operating a successful decking business. And our warranty shows that the best deck builder NJ stands by our work and only provides the very best deck-building services to our clients, from start to finish.

Weighing Your Options When Hiring Deck Builders

At the end of the day, you need to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a contractor versus building the deck yourself. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  • The time required to complete your deck project
  • The size of your deck project
  • The type of deck project (new deck, resurfacing, porch, patio, etc.)
  • The materials you want to use
  • The time of year you are looking to build
  • The amount you have to spend
  • Open to financing (Deck Guardian offers financing options)

Depending on your comfort level and your budget, the pros and cons of hiring a contractor may direct the choice you make. Hiring a contractor may cost more upfront, but the security in knowing your deck is safe, well-designed and constructed, and under warranty, may be worth more to you in the long run.

If you decide the pros and cons of hiring a contractor to lead you toward building your deck on your own, make sure you do significant research before getting started. Consider consulting with a deck building company, or even hiring a deck contractor to take over the design components of your project to help make sure you have a sound structure.

If cost is a major factor when considering the pros and cons of hiring a contractor, take a look at your finance options. Deck Guardian partners with HFS, a unique loan program that offers world-class service. They can give you a personal loan which would require no equity to qualify. Click here to learn more about HFS.

Another option to save money would be hiring deck builders New Jersey to help with part of the build. Using their expertise for the design and planning part of the process would be a huge advantage to building a good quality deck. Regardless of what you decide about hiring deck builders, it’s worth it to contact Deck Guardians to discuss your options.

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Your Deck is a Valuable Investment

Decks and patios are often overlooked as being the centerpiece of a gathering or celebration. Deck Guardian understands how special these spaces truly are, and we take great pride in planning, designing, and building these valuable investments. You might also want to read our other post on How to Find a Reliable Deck Contractor near you in New Jersey?

Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons of hiring a contractor, give Deck Guardian a call. We offer a FREE consultation so hiring a deck contractor to build your deck has never been so simple!

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