An Easy 6 Step-Guide For Building a Screened Porch

Building a screened porch is a great way for families to gather outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery without having to swat away annoying mosquitos. A screened-in porch allows you to extend your indoor living space to the outdoors.

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6 Step-Guide For Building a Screened Porch

Gone are the days of your little one refusing to eat her food because a fly landed on it, or your son screaming and running away because a wasp flew too close. Building a screened porch lets you and your family enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors…in peace.

You may be thinking, “sign me up!” And wondering, “how soon can I start building a screened porch?”

The answer- as soon as you are ready!

And how do you get ready? Read this article for starters.

Here is a 6-step guide to familiarize you with the process of building a screened porch. So you’ll be ready to build your own!

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Step 1

Gather screened porch ideas

Guide For Building A Screened Porch 2

Building a screened porch is an exciting undertaking. Unlike a standard deck, a screened porch is really an extension of your living space. Because it is covered and has screened panels, you are protected from the brunt of the outdoor elements. Wind doesn’t blow as fiercely, and the space is generally protected from rain and snow.

This allows you to get a little more creative with your outdoor design. There are many screened porch ideas available online. Check them out here! Spend some time researching screened porch ideas and save your favorite ones.

Things to notice when looking for screened porch ideas:

  • The color of the wood, PVC, or composite materials
  • The color and type of screens
  • The size of the screens
  • The roof design and slope
  • The type of roof panels
  • Skylights in the roof
  • Size and shape of the porch
  • Type of access door

There are so many screened porch ideas out there to choose from. Narrow down your top picks so that when you see a porch designer or architect, you have a clear idea of the elements you want when building a screened deck.

Step 2

Pre-select your screened porch accessories

This is the fun part of building a screened porch! What accessories do you want for this indoor/outdoor living space? There are so many screened porch ideas to choose from when it comes to accenting your screened porch.

Accessories like:

  • ceiling fans
  • Chandeliers
  • indoor/outdoor rugs
  • Painting the floors
  • Wall art
  • Hanging plants
  • String lights
  • Plank the ceiling
  • Cushioned seating
  • Tables and chairs
  • Storage benches
  • Speakers and stereo equipment
  • Hot tub
  • Hanging seating
  • Stand heaters
  • Day beds
  • Wood shutters
  • Folding privacy screens

A screened porch is the ultimate nature room, and you must consider how you will use this space in order to accessorize it properly. Some people set up a screened porch as a living room; others chose to use it more as a dining room.

Some other common screened porch ideas are to use it as a hang-out room. Installing a hanging cot or hammock with some extra comfy seating can turn your screened porch into a happy place for reading, relaxing, and just being one with nature.

Whatever way you choose to use your screened porch, you want to make sure it’s a place you and your family will use regularly.

Step 3

Know your porch screening material

Guide For Building A Screened Porch 3

NJ screened porch builders will tell you that screen fabric has come a long way in the last 20 years. Screen material comes in all different shapes and sizes to suit a customer’s specific needs.

What to look for when selecting screen fabric:

The material the screen is made from.

Screen fabric is made from several different materials.

  • Fiberglass screens:
    They come in many colors and weaves. The thinner the weave, the greater the visibility, but the less durable it is. Fiberglass won’t rust or corrode but can easily be torn by a cat’s claw or an excited dog.
  • Aluminum screens:
    This material is sturdier than fiberglass and can withstand wind and snow but can crease or bulge. It can also come coated, which resists rust and corrosion.
  • Solar screens:
    these screens are made from synthetic fibers meant to reduce UV exposure from direct sunlight. It can also help reduce heat if you have a south or west-facing porch that is in direct sunlight for most of the day.
  • Pet-resistant screens:
    These screens are made from vinyl-coated polyester and are extra strong to protect from potential pet violations. Because it is a stronger fabric, the weave is tighter, leading to less visibility through the screen.

The size of the screen panels

When deciding on the size of the screened panels when building a screened porch, you need to consider several factors.

  • How much natural light do you want in the porch?
  • Do you want an open-air feel or prefer a more closed-in look
  • Are you planning to use the space during all 4 seasons
  • Do you have pets that could potentially scratch or damage the screens

Once you’ve decided on your screen material, you can either install large, ceiling-to-floor panels or smaller, framed-in panels. Ceiling-to-floor panels let in the most light, and offer the airiest feel to your screened porch. However, if a pet damages a screen, you have to replace the entire panel, which could get expensive.

Smaller, framed panels create more of an indoor feel to your space, but the benefit is you can use the room when the weather gets colder. You can also install shutters to get used to your space during all 4 seasons. When hiring a porch builder, they will give you many useful tips to weatherproof your screened porch.

Step 4

Get your porch plans approved

Guide For Building A Screened Porch 4

Building a screened porch is a large-scale operation than, say, building a deck or patio. Because it is essentially an extension of your home, you will need to get building permits. But if you are part of a homeowners association, it may also be worth it to submit your plans to them too. A screened-in porch changes the aesthetics of your home, and you want to be sure that it fits within the regulations of your neighborhood guidelines.

Building a screened porch without doing this may result in a lot of unnecessary trouble. Make sure you’ve taken all the steps to ensure building a screened porch is good to go before starting on your project. When hiring a porch builder, they can usually advise you on what to do to ensure you get your plans approved.

Step 5

Hire the best porch builders

Guide For Building A Screened Porch 5

You may be an avid DIYer that loves to undertake home-building projects, but be aware building a screened porch is not a job for amateurs. Hiring a porch builder is the safest and best way to build a screened porch.

When you’re looking for the best porch builders, there are a few practical things to look for:

  • Are they registered and insured NJ screened porch builders?
  • Are they experienced in building a screened porch?
  • Do they have an informative website with images of past projects?
  • Do they have a good reputation in the community?
  • Do they have positive customer reviews?

When selecting the best porch builders, like the experts at Deck Guardian, you can also call and ask for references. Perhaps they have just finished building a screened porch, and the owners would be happy to show it to you. The best porch builders will be totally upfront and honest with you about the entire construction process.

NJ screened porch builders at Deck Guardian will involve you in the entire process, from design to installation. Building a screened porch with the best porch builders guarantees you a beautiful, well-constructed porch that you will love for years to come.

Building a screened porch is a big expense and an even bigger undertaking, so don’t be afraid to do your research and reach out to several NJ screened porch builders. Finding the right fit when hiring a porch builder is paramount to having a successful experience building a screened porch.

Step 6

Consider landscaping around your screened porch

Guide For Building A Screened Porch 6

Once you’ve finished building a screened porch, you need to consider what to do with the landscaping around the porch. Some people prefer to leave the area surrounding their porches bare to allow for maximum viewing of the surrounding yard and space. This would definitely be a good option if your property backs onto a greenspace or wooded area.

Others may prefer to add some natural elements around their porch. Whatever greenery you decide to use for landscaping, imagine it 10 years from now. Don’t plant shrubs or trees that will grow too tall and block the view from your screened porch. Unless that is the look you are hoping for. NJ screened porch builders would be happy to give you some landscaping suggestions.

Landscaping is a personal choice, so do what you love to beautify your brand-new screened porch!

A Lifetime of Enjoyment

A screened porch is a big investment but offers big rewards. The memories you will have with friends and family are priceless. Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and other festivities are the moments that make life worth living. A screened porch is a space built for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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