8 Important Questions to Ask a Deck Contractor

If you're building a deck, patio, or screened porch, you're likely hiring a deck contractor to help with the build. Even if you are planning on building your own deck, consulting with professional deck contractors, like the ones at Deck Guardian, is essential in ensuring your deck is structurally sound.

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Questions To Ask A Deck Contractor 1

Questions to ask a deck contractor

Deck builders in New Jersey are experts at building decks that can withstand the weather extremes of the East Coast. When it comes to building a deck, there are many things you should understand before getting started. Wasted time is one of the most irritating parts of taking on a DIY project. That and wasted money spent on the wrong material or doing things incorrectly and having to buy more stuff. That’s why hiring a deck contractor can save you both time and money in the long run.

So if you’re hiring a deck contract, here are our top 8 questions to get answers to before building a deck.

Deck Guardian


What is your deck-building process?

When hiring a deck contractor from Deck Guardian, you are hiring experts with over a decade in the deck-building business. We’ve been there, done that, and know what works and what doesn’t work in the deck-building industry.

We offer a 5 step process to build your deck.

  • Connect
    First, we will schedule a free consultation with our customers. We will discuss all your wants and needs for your new deck, answer any questions you may have, and schedule a meeting at your home or the site where your deck will be built.
  • Consult
    We will then send a Deck Guardian representative to your property to discuss the deck. We will look at the space where your deck is to be built, get measurements and share some ideas of past projects we’ve worked on that may suit your needs. We can share pictures of previous work to give you an idea of what we could build for you when you hire a deck contractor.
  • Design
    When we have a clear idea of what you want, our expert designers will use our visualizer to draw up your deck, showing you a few different options. We will then work with you to help you finalize a plan. Once this is done, we will present you with an exact price quote and a clear and concise contract for you to sign. We are upfront about all costs, and there will not be any surprise fees along the way. What you see is what you get when hiring a deck contractor from Deck Guardian.
  • Installation
    Once the contract has been signed, and all details are ironed out, our Deck Guardian team will take over. We will take care of all building permits and then start building your deck. Everything should run smoothly and on schedule (unless unforeseen weather or material delays interfere). We will be in constant communication with you so you always know what is going on. You will not have a thing to worry about along the way. When finished the build, we will clean up all debris and do a thorough walk-through with you to ensure you are happy with the end project. If there are any deficiencies, we will address these until you are completely satisfied.
  • Enjoy
    All that’s left to do is enjoy your new deck! We warranty our work, so if there are any further issues, we will be prompt to help you out. Otherwise, we hope the next time we see you is when we’re building your neighbor’s deck because they were so impressed with yours!


How will you design my deck?

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When hiring a deck contractor, you get the most updated tech tools to help design the perfect deck. Our designers will use the measurements taken at our first visit to use as a baseline. We take all your ideas and all our design skills and input them into our design program, and viola! We present several custom options that suit your precise wants and needs.

We will present you with several different deck designs so you have many options to choose from. You can pick from a unique custom design or some of our existing designs. You are totally in control of the process.


How much experience does Deck Guardian have building decks?

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We are a family business and have over 15 years in the deck-building industry and are proud to be the best deck builders in New Jersey. We know the building standards in New Jersey like the back of our hand and serve most of the Garden State. We specialize in building new decks, resurfacing old ones, and constructing screened porches and patios.


What decking material do you prefer?

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It depends on the type of deck you want. Since New Jersey gets hit hard by weather in all 4 seasons, composite decking is really the ultimate choice for decks.

Yes, composite decking is more expensive initially; however, it does not require the kind of upkeep natural wood needs, which can save you thousands per year. So in the long-run, composite decking is our top choice. We use only the best composite decking from Trek and Deckorator and offer comprehensive packages to fit all budgets.


How long will it take to build my deck?

Questions To Ask A Deck Contractor 5

Depending on the size of your deck, screened porch, or patio, completing your project could take a week to several weeks. Another factor is the season you build in, as bad weather could delay things. However, we work weekends and holidays, as completing your project on time is one of our top priorities.


How many workers will there be building my deck?

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It depends on how big your deck-building project is; nevertheless, when hiring a deck contractor, we usually have several on-site workers. Our goal is to get your project completed on time. Every deck builder on site is well-trained to use proper building methods to uphold our standard of excellence for deck construction.


How much will it cost to build my deck?

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This is one of the most common questions to ask a deck contractor, as everyone wants to know what to budget for when building a deck. Many factors contribute to the cost of building a deck with the best deck builders in New Jersey.

  • The size and shape of your deck will determine the amount of supplies and materials required (plus, more extensive or more complicated decks require more labor to complete)
  • The type of materials used (wood vs. composite, style of railings, etc.)
  • Whether it’s a ground-level or raised deck
  • The time of year you are building a deck (spring and summer are the busy months, and costs may be higher)

The average deck can cost between 25-35 K to build, yet, we’ve built decks for as little as 10K and as much as 250K. There is a broad range for your deck’s cost when hiring a deck contractor.

The best way to know how much your deck will cost is to call Deck Guardian to give us a call and speak with a representative. There are many different options to customize your deck to fit your budget when hiring a deck contractor.

We have also partnered with HFS, which offers home improvement loans without having to do a credit check. So there are always options out there for you to build your dream deck with the most skilled deck builders in New Jersey.


What if I don’t like my deck?

Questions To Ask A Deck Contractor 8

That won’t be possible when you work with us! When hiring a deck contractor from Deck Guardian, you will be involved with the building process every step of the way.

We won’t build your deck until you have approved the design and estimated costs, and there will never be any surprises (unless it’s out of our control, like the weather or supply shortage).

Our deck contractors will keep you abreast of progress through the different stages of the build, and we will always be there to field your questions to ask a deck contractor.

If, for some reason, something didn’t turn out quite as expected, you will have an opportunity to point it out when we do a final check on your deck. Reasonable changes or adjustments will be made quickly and properly.

No matter the concern, we are here to listen and take action to make things right. When you hire the best deck builders in New Jersey, you get the best customer service, period.

A Deck Contractor With the ‘Wow” Factor

When hiring a deck contractor to build your deck, you want the best service for the best price. When you hire Deck Guardian, you get more than just that.

Deck Guardian offers exceptional service from the first meeting to the moment we shake hands and leave you to enjoy your new deck.

We’ll give you a fair price, work hard, show up on time and do it all with a smile. Most importantly, we’ll build a top-quality, well-crafted deck that you’ll love.

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When you are a deck contractor with the “wow” factor, you book up fast, so give us a call to reserve your spot this season! Call us today or fill out our online for a free consultation!

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