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If you’re looking for an Evesham deck builder, you came to the right place. Deck Guardian’s expertise has been honed over many years of helping homes in New Jersey.

A deck is a fantastic house extension that acts as an outside play space. It might be a basic extra room or a decorated location for family events. There are certain advantages to having a new deck built for your house. Its use and enjoyment are simply limited by your imagination.

With each project we take on, we continue to create contacts with local suppliers, refine our construction processes, and incorporate newer technologies. As a deck builder near Evesham, we ensure that the decks we construct are worth the money you invested.

Looking for an Evesham Deck Company?

Homeowners like you want their planned deck installation to go as smoothly as possible. When an Evesham deck builder claims they can do it in three weeks, you want them to finish it in three weeks. When they claim they’ll manage all the logistics, you expect them to do it on schedule.

Deck Guardian is an Evesham deck builder who can rise to the situation and satisfy those expectations. We are fully prepared to meet the requirements of your deck installation job.

We will personally oversee all areas of the construction process and ensure that everything is in order. We give one point of contact for the whole deck construction process, which includes everything you might want and need in an Evesham deck contractor.

Ideally, you want an Evesham deck company that provides good customer service, can build a high-quality deck and charges a fair and affordable price.

While it may appear to be a tall order, any reputable deck builder near Evesham should be. There’s no need for you, as a homeowner, to settle for anything less.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our Evesham decking services?

Deck Guardian is an Evesham deck business known for building new bespoke decks for clients around New Jersey. We have served and will continue to serve the local community by providing homeowners with high-quality decks at fair prices.

We are an Evesham deck contractor committed to servicing residents like you. We make every effort to present you with only high-quality items.

All our deck and porch installation services are geared toward your satisfaction. We try our best to match a deck’s conventional yet sturdy structure with your unique preferences in terms of style and design. Deck Guardian is pleased to offer you and your family a custom-designed deck.

As an experienced Evesham deck builder, we merely ask the required questions and take note of any deck ideas you have. Then we carefully analyze the lay of the land and the property measurements to ensure that all our designs are precise and leave little opportunity for error.

Once we have a good idea of what you want the end outcome to look like, we can plot a strategy to get there.

You can always check our website’s client reviews to ensure yourself how good our service is at the bottom of the page, or you can check some more reviews and our location on google maps.

What type of decks can Deck Guardian build in Evesham?

Deck Guardian is an experienced Evesham deck builder who specializes in decks and porches. We understand how to tailor each deck style to your preferences while maintaining structural integrity.

Furthermore, we are aware of the surrounding area. We have painstakingly examined the layout of the local region as a deck builder near Evesham and can assess if the location of your home is prone to natural phenomena such as severe rainfall.

We integrate that information with your property dimensions to guarantee that your bespoke deck is constructed to withstand whatever comes its way. Let’s discuss some of the most popular types and their advantages:

  1. Attached DecksThis is the most well-known form for Evesham deck builders. Attached decks are decks that are directly connected to a house, usually at the back of a U-shaped or L-shaped house.

    They are constructed in the same manner as a patio, with the exception that a patio is made of hardscaping material such as stone or pavers, whereas a deck is made of wood or a version of wood such as composite material consisting of wood fibers and a plastic base.

    It is an elevated platform that is anchored to the house’s wall. It is also fastened to the wall with the help of a ledger board.

  2. Detached DecksA Tinton Falls deck builder will often employ this style or connected decks. Detached decks aren’t attached to the side of the home.

    They may be erected anywhere on the property, even on uneven ground, allowing a homeowner to recover a piece of their landscape that may have poor drainage.

    Depending on the size of the backyard, these detached decks can be simple and small buildings with a deck surface connected to some steps, or large and complex structures that resemble a pergola coupled to a roadway. Therefore, this type of deck is suitable for homeowners with a range of budgets.

  3. Wraparound DecksWraparound decks are common in larger houses or those with a lot of outside space. The deck is long and goes around the house on numerous sides. This results in a curved deck that also functions as a pathway between the locations it spans.

    A wraparound deck can be created as a basic extension of the house or as an intricate construction that expands in specific sections to create an outside space. This architectural design is great for homeowners who spend a lot of time outside or who frequently host or party.

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Deck Guardian

Resurfacing of a Deck

A good Evesham deck builder must know how to resurface the decks to be perfect, let’s get to why you need this!

If you want to use our deck resurfacing services but are concerned that we will modify it so much that it will no longer fit into your vision. Then we’re here to tell you that will never happen.

Our decks, whether new or rebuilt, will always be in line with our client’s preferences. If what we have planned does not appeal to you, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right.

Before resurfacing or refinishing your deck, ensure that it is structurally sound. If the foundation or construction is seriously damaged, your deck must be dismantled and rebuilt.

A knowledgeable Evesham deck contractor should be able to help you determine the structural soundness of your deck.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Your best Evesham deck builder

Deck Guardian is a devoted Evesham deck builder who strives to give high-quality goods to our clients. We will walk you through the full process of designing and creating your unique deck. We attentively respond to your questions and give you simple answers for more intricate issues.

The first step in working with Deck Guardian is requesting a free quote from us by filling out our free quote form. Then, by contacting us via our mentioned channels, you may learn more about the quote and the services we provide. Deck Guardian offers everything you need to get your personalized deck as quickly and easily as possible!

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