Deck Resurfacing New Jersey

Deck Resurfacing New Jersey 1

Are you looking at your current deck that shows the passage of time? With time, wood boards deteriorate, and lose their beautiful appearance and their integrity. Even treated wood is affected by the harsh climate of New Jersey. So, you might be looking for a company offering deck resurfacing in New Jersey.

Deck Guardian is a professional deck builder that covers most of the State of New Jersey. We are experienced deck designers, builders, and installers, having designed hundreds of different decks for satisfied customers over the years. That makes us uniquely qualified to resurface a deck because we totally master the structure of such installations.

In this article, we will discuss what is resurfacing, how it compares to rebuilding, what materials to use for a durable construction, and other important information when you are considering giving your existing deck a facelift.

What Is Resurfacing?

The resurfacing process could be described as changing the visible parts of an existing deck installation. But before going on with a deck resurfacing in New Jersey, you need experts to examine the base pillars and the frame of your deck to make sure the supporting structure of your current deck is still solid.

Deck Guardian will do a thorough inspection of every post and support beam of your current structure to make sure they are still in perfect condition and will replace the ones that are not. Depending on the structure and location of your current deck, some disassembling of the surface boards might be necessary to assess the structure below for inspection. Since we are professional deck builders, the inspection will be meticulous and will not damage your deck.

Once the base and support structure are determined to be sound, then our builders will remove the existing boards and install new boards to give your deck a brand-new look that will last for years.

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Deck Guardian

Rebuilding or Resurfacing?

Many homeowners in Central Jersey are looking at their current decks and wonder if they should have them resurfaced, or if it is better to simply destroy the existing structure to start a new one.

Most people think it is necessary to destroy the old structure to build a totally different structure instead of the current one. This is not true. An experienced builder, like Deck Guardian, can easily use your current support structure as a base for another structure.

When the time comes to resurface your current deck, it is also the time to redesign it. Many owners take this opportunity to expand their deck, either by increasing the area of the one-level deck they have or by adding another level to create another zone for other activities (allowing, for example, the installation of a large outdoor living room area).

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Deck Guardian

Quality Materials and Durable Construction

Since a wooden deck has a unique look and warm feeling, it is not a surprise to see it is still the favorite material of most owners and deck builders to build great decks. However, wood requires lots of maintenance, year after year. Without excellent maintenance, a New Jersey deck might need to be replaced after only 10 or 15 years, depending on the wood species and the wood treatment.

If you prefer not to spend too much time maintaining your deck and want it to last for a long time, consider composite materials. There are many types of composite materials, some are very similar to wood in appearance. A composite deck will require little to no maintenance over its life and, despite this lack of care, will last 25 to 30 years.

When discussing with the pros from your deck contractor, they will recommend the best material for your deck, considering the microclimate of your area, the design of your deck, and your preferences.

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Deck Guardian

Get a Free Quote from Deck Guardian for Resurfacing in New Jersey

When shopping around for a reliable company offering deck resurfacing in New Jersey, be sure to discuss your project with us. Deck Guardian is a professional deck designer, builder, and installer, uniquely qualified to do deck resurfacing because of our vast experience in designing and building from scratch:

After the evaluation of your project, we will provide you with a free and detailed quote for it. Our quote is our bond, so you will not have unexpected costs popping along the project. Nothing makes us, as a builder, prouder than to say we have transformed hundreds of lives, allowing our customers to host their guests the way they always wanted, right in the privacy of their backyard.

Over the years, we have built and resurfaced hundreds of structures all over the State of New Jersey. A few hundreds of those happy customers have left us positive comments on Google. Look at them, and you will see why we are one of the favorite companies in New Jersey for building and resurfacing decks.

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Deck Guardian

In Summary

A resurfaced deck will cost you much less than tearing down your current deck and building a new one. You can use this opportunity to change the materials used or expand your current deck to get more space to host guests.

Yes, there are many deck builders in New Jersey, but not all those builders have the skills and expertise to give your existing deck a facelift by resurfacing it. However, Deck Guardian can be your partner. Contact us today to discuss your resurfacing needs.

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