New Deck 18′ Up in the Air With Composite Decking and Vinyl Railing and Tall Posts for Bistro Lights

Project Description

Alright, imagine this: You’re literally on top of the world, or at least, 18 feet above your backyard, with views that stretch beyond the horizon. You’re not just chilling on any deck; you’re lounging on a next-level, 18-foot-high sanctuary that comes complete with composite decking and vinyl railings. Seriously, could outdoor living get any better than this? The composite decking is more than just eye candy. It’s durable, requires minimal upkeep, and did we mention how comfortable it feels underfoot? No more splinters in your toes, thank you very much!

The vinyl railings are a perfect match, blending in effortlessly to create a streamlined look without skimping on safety. They’re tough, they’re classy, and they’re designed to last. Now, let’s talk about the pièce de résistance—the tall posts that are just begging for some bistro lights to be strung up. Picture it: It’s nighttime, and your deck is transformed into an intimate, softly lit space, where every twinkle feels like a little sprinkle of magic. Whether you’re hosting a late-night soirée or enjoying a romantic dinner for two, those bistro lights will turn any evening into an event. But the true magic happens as you lean against the railing, drink in hand, and take in the unobstructed views. It’s like you’re floating in the sky, where the stress of the everyday can’t touch you. Trust us, once you experience this deck, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

If this deck sounds like your dream come true and you’re in Exton or nearby, hit up Deck Guardian. We’re based in New Jersey, and we’re all about taking your outdoor spaces to a whole new level. Give us a ring, and let’s make that dream deck a reality!

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