20×16 New Deck With Deep Tread Step for Easier Access and Tall Posts for Bistro Lights

Project Description

Discover a fresh take on outdoor luxury with our newly designed 20×16 deck, nestled beautifully in Ringwood. A deck made with professional know-how and an understanding of the desires and needs of their customers for their new outdoor life. Our deck is constructed with precision, using materials that stand for quality and durability.

The essence of this space is in its thoughtful design. With deep tread steps, we’ve ensured that accessibility is effortless, making it a suitable haven for all age groups. These steps, wider and deeper than usual, provide a safer and more comfortable way to access the deck, especially when juggling trays of food, drinks, or simply holding a child’s hand. The size is perfect for hosting intimate get-togethers or just laying back and soaking in the serenity. But what truly sets this deck apart are the tall posts. These aren’t just structural elements; they’re designed to hold bistro lights. As daylight fades, these lights cast a warm, enchanting glow over the deck, transforming it into a whimsical setting. Imagine dining under a canopy of stars and soft lights, or simply lounging with a book in this illuminated ambiance.

Ringwood residents, this is the upgrade your home deserves. It’s not just about adding a deck; it’s about adding an experience. Want to breathe new life into your outdoor space and are you from New Jersey? Contact Deck Guardian, the essential decking expert. A trusted partner, based on innovation and know-how to turn your vision into reality. Embrace a new chapter of outdoor living with Deck Guardian, where every plank and post is placed with purpose and pride.

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