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If you are looking for a quality deck builder in West Windsor, New Jersey, it is probably because you want to change the look of your backyard. That could be because it is empty, and you want to furnish it, or because only a small part of it is occupied, and you want to expand your outdoor living space, or, finally, because you want to refresh the look of your current deck.

These are all good reasons to contact Deck Guardian, a professional deck builder who offers you all deck-related services, all over the State of New Jersey, as well as the West Windsor Township, of course.

We can draw you, from scratch, the deck of your dreams to turn into a reality the dream deck of yours, or resurface your current installation. Since we have a vast experience in building:

as well as resurfacing them. We are uniquely qualified to transform your backyard.

What Services Do Deck and Porches Companies in West Windsor, NJ, Provide?

Most companies advertising themselves as a deck builder in West Windsor, New Jersey, are mostly just deck installers, installing a generic catalog deck in your backyard. With such a common deck, there is little room to customize it to your needs and preferences.

However, there are genuine deck builders. Those builders, like Deck Guardian, can design a custom deck for you, applying on the drawing board the vision you have in mind. Then, they can build it in your backyard.

We also offer resurfacing services, allowing you to refresh the look of an existing installation, giving you the choice of materials. Will you have it resurfaced in wood, or will you go with composite materials? A composite deck has some fundamental differences from a wood deck. Our pros will help you choose based on several criteria.

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Deck Guardian

Benefits of Deck Guardian’s Professional Deck and Porch Service

You heard of people talking about a custom deck or porches, but what does it really entail, and what are the benefits?

A custom deck is when a builder, like Deck Guardian, sits down with you to examine your needs and your vision in detail. When looking at an empty backyard, every homeowner sees distinct elements filling up that void. Some might see a large square space with just a BBQ area and a dining table. Some others see a comfortable seating area for 2 or 10 people, attached to the dining area. Will your deck be all in a single-level design, or will it have multiple levels to differentiate various zones and functions? Do you want to host sizable crowds every weekend, or will it just be a private zone for your immediate family?

As you can see, there are infinite variations possible when it comes time to furnish a backyard. None is better than another, but one is certainly best for you while another is better for your neighbour.

With this in mind, a custom deck creator will design the deck of your dreams before it is built and assembled right in your backyard.

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Deck Guardian

Experienced Deck Contractor With a Creative Vision

Unlike a general deck contractor who is just installing generic catalog-listed decks, a genuine deck builder, like Deck Guardian, can share your vision and fully understand it. We can then apply our vast experience with hundreds of past projects to really expand what you thought was possible. We will also adapt the vision to the specificities of your land (like if there are differences in levels, or trees in the middle of the place, etc.), and the characteristics of your house to make it a perfect match, which will increase the value of your property.

Get a Free Quote from Deck Guardian in West Windsor, NJ

When looking to hire a professional deck builder in West Windsor, New Jersey, it is important to find someone you can trust. As mentioned before, Deck Guardian has designed, built, and installed hundreds of decks and other backyard constructions to enhance the backyard of our clients. But what makes us really proud is that by transforming the backyard of our customers, we also positively transform their lives since they can now receive friends and family in a more comfortable setting, drastically improving their outdoor life.

Start your journey to your dream deck by contacting our experts, who will understand your vision and prepare you a fully detailed quote for your project. Our quotes are our bond, and we are proud to say this will guarantee you a worry-free process.

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Deck Guardian

In Summary

As we saw in this article, Deck Guardian has many years of experience transforming backyards by building lots of unique structures: decks and porches, for example. Unlike most companies pretending to be deck builders, we create a custom design specific to your needs and preferences.

We can also resurface your existing deck to give it a new look that will last for many years and enable you to fully enjoy your time outside again with your guests. Since we are genuine and professional builders, we can evaluate the condition of the structure of your current deck, examine if some posts need to be replaced, and we can design an extension to your current deck to give you more space to entertain friends and family.

Contact us today to discuss your dream deck with our specialists.

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