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It is not always easy to find a reliable deck builder in South Brunswick Township, New Jersey. You need one with experience and with an impressive track record. Ideally, you do not want to get just any deck builder; you want one who will understand your vision for your backyard and who will create from scratch the elements you want, and build them professionally in your backyard. Hopefully, there is such a company serving the South Brunswick Township: Deck Guardian.

You do not want to entrust this significant project of yours to someone who can only suggest you, catalog models, to be installed in your backyard, paying no attention to your needs or preferences. With us, that will not be the case, as we know each of our clients has specific needs and preferences that cannot be addressed by a catalog. We take the time to understand your vision and put it into a plan.

Looking for Deck Builders Near You? Let Us Transform Your backyard!

If you are looking for a genuine deck builder in South Brunswick Township, New Jersey, then you found it! Deck Guardian is among the rare professional deck builders serving the area. We have done so for many years already, and we have installed hundreds of decks, porches over the State of New Jersey.

We will learn your needs and preferences for your deck or other structure, and we will study the landscape of your backyard as well as the architecture and colors of your house. We will use all this information to create a sketch, then a technical drawing, that will be the base of a new deck, specially made just for you by our expert builders.

As deck professionals, we can also resurface your current deck to give it a brand-new look that will last for years, allowing you to entertain friends and family for many warm seasons in the future.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Contractor With Many Years of Experience Serving South Brunswick Township

Over the years, we have served hundreds of customers throughout the great State of New Jersey, including many within the South Brunswick Township, of course. We have built decks  and porches of all kinds for our happy customers who enjoy them during the summer.

Choose your material

Depending on each project, our pros were able to suggest which are the best materials to use: wood or composite materials. A wood deck and a composite deck are slightly different in many aspects, like the looks, the feeling, the maintenance, the colors, etc. Since we are a genuine builder, our primary concern is your satisfaction, and we will always work towards that goal by offering you the best solutions. It does not matter to us if you prefer wood or composite materials; it is YOUR deck, unlike a catalog, we are here to serve YOU.

Explore Our Deck Solutions for Helpful Deck Inspirations

As a genuine deck builder, Deck Guardian is not limited to a catalog. In fact, there is nothing limiting us in implementing your dream deck. We can create any design you want.

We have done some basic square elevated decks against the house to serve as a BBQ and dining area, because that is what those clients wanted. And we have done much more complex structures, divided into many levels to separate the various functions/areas of the deck.

You could have, for example, a complete outdoor kitchen section rather than a simple BBQ, you could have a large dining area, a large outdoor living room area to receive 10 people or more, you could have a path leading to a:

  • pool
  • jacuzzi
  • fireplace

You tell us what you want, and we will make it happen, as every deck contractor should be able to do.

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Deck Guardian

Why Choose Deck Guardian for Your Deck Project in South Brunswick Township?

Deck Guardian has been a reliable deck builder in South Brunswick Township, New Jersey, for many years now, and we have completed hundreds of projects all over the area and almost all over the State.

We are a professional and experienced builder who will show you our past projects, not just a catalog. We have completed those projects to bring life into those backyards. In doing so, we have also transformed the lives of our clients, since they can now host and entertain friends and family conveniently. They can do that in the comfort and security of their own property.

If you ask around, we are pretty sure you will find out that some of your neighbours have used one of our various services to create or resurface their deck, or any other backyard structure.


Whether you are looking for a professional and reliable deck-building company that creates decks, porches, or a company that resurfaces them, your search will most likely lead you to Deck Guardian.

We are passionate deck builders, dedicating ourselves to decks and everything related to them. Our world is your outdoor living space. We want to make it just as you are, matching all your ideas and preferences.

Unlike other builders, we do not work off a catalog, we only work from a list of past projects. If you find one that can be customized to your needs, that is great. If not, do not worry, we will create a brand new one, just for you.

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