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Looking for a Custom New Deck for Your Backyard in Flemington, NJ?

Are you a Flemington, NJ, homeowner who just looked at his backyard to witness it is empty and unexploited? Or maybe your backyard has an old deck that really needs to be changed now, for you to be able to host friends and family members? Your first reaction might be to look around for all deck builders near you and see what they have to suggest.

If you are in one of those situations, worry no more. Deck Guardian is proud to be a leading deck builder in Flemington. It does not simply offer you a boring deck construction from a catalog model, but gives you the possibility to design your own model, perfectly adapted to your needs, your backyard, and your house.

What Services Do Deck and Porch Companies in Flemington, NJ Provide?

There are a few deck builders in the area, but very few of them offer you a deck design service, which enables you to create the deck of your dreams. But Deck Guardian does offer you this service, and so much more, we are not simply just another deck builder in Flemington.

We can design, build, assemble and maintain your new deck. If you prefer a custom porch – no problem, we do that too! If you can dream it, we can build it!

We can also resurface your deck to give it a new life and let you host guests for many years to come in a newly revamped setting, thanks to our resurfacing service.

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Deck Guardian

Tips for Choosing Your Next Deck Building Contractor

When it comes time to choose a contractor or a deck builder for your new deck, there are many things to consider. First, it is important to select a company that operates locally, because it is easier to contact them before and after the construction, which facilitates the communications a great deal.

General contractors will mostly just sell you an already designed deck, with limited room for personalization. While a true deck builder will offer you a wide range of options to let you fully custom your deck, even giving you the possibility to create your own design, to match your needs and your space. In such a case, adding a deck to your property will not be an expense but an investment, adding to the value of your house.

Great Decks for Less: Custom Deck Builders in Flemington, NJ

There are a few contractors within the county, in and around Flemington, so you are lucky. Even luckier that besides those general contractors, you have access to genuine deck builders, able to turn the deck of your dreams into a concrete reality.

Get a free estimate today

You may think that a fully custom deck from a reputable builder might be out of your budget. You may be surprised. We are experts who have built hundreds of decks, so we might have already built something that is pretty close to what you want. Best thing is to contact us to discuss your dream and see how we can make it a reality. We will provide you with a FREE detailed quote and examine with you all your options.

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Deck Guardian

Dependable, On-Time, Deck Building and Deck Installation Services in Flemington, NJ

Deck Guardian is proud to be considered a reliable deck builder in Flemington. We offer you our deck design, deck building, deck installation, and deck resurfacing services to create amazing decks. Our services are delivered by dependable experts that provide you with high-quality and on-time work.

We stand by the cost we put in our free estimate and by the delivery date, we agreed with you. With us, there is no unpleasant surprise at the end of your project.

We have hundreds of happy customers, including many in your area.

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Deck Builder in Flemington

There are dozens of questions you should ask any deck builder you contact while looking for a company to build your Flemington deck. We picked the three that are probably the most important ones and already answered them for you here.

What is your specialty? We are deck builders, unlike general contractors, decks are our bread and butter. We have created and installed hundreds of decks of various designs.

Do you have your own staff or do you subcontract? At Deck Guardian, we have our own staff that we delegate to our work sites. These are professional deck builders with years of experience.

How we make the difference

What makes you unique or different from others? Our crucial difference is our passion for creating amazing and unique outdoor spaces for our clients. What makes us unique is that we also offer you a custom deck design service, not just models from a catalog.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian— A Deck-Building Team You Can Trust

When you are looking for a deck builder, the first thing you should consider is the expertise of the company you will choose to work with. Deck Guardian is not simply a company that installs decks, among many other construction-related tasks. We are deck experts.

Design your dream project

We design decks and deck porches from your ideas to match your needs and space. We then carefully choose the materials and colors with you to not only have a great deck but to match it to your house and increase its value. Then we have expert builders to turn that vision into a reality. We do it all!

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