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Adding a deck to your backyard is a major change, both for your backyard and for your life. Once you have a new deck, you will be able to host friends and family more often, and more comfortably. But looking for a deck builder in Belle Mead is not necessarily as simple as it looks like. There are general contractors installing catalog models and there are deck builders able to create your dream deck from scratch.

It is much better to opt for a professional and specialized deck builder, having the skills and experience to build custom decks. Such a builder will be able to create your brand-new deck, as well as resurfacing your current deck.

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5 Main Benefits of a Custom Deck

Chances are that you have not found a perfect match in catalogs offered by a general contractor, since very few people do. Many people make compromises and let go of their dream deck for convenience. Hopefully, you do not have to be among those people. Among the various deck builders in Belle Mead, there are some, like Deck Guardian, who are genuine deck builders able to create a custom deck design for you and your backyard. This has many benefits.

1. Fully customizable

The first major benefit is to receive friends and family the way YOU envision it, not the way an unknown designer envisioned it. Only you can determine the size and functions of your BBQ or outdoor cooking area if you want to have an outdoor dining space or a comfy outdoor living room around a fire. The same goes for the general layout of the various sections.

2. Choose your structure type

You can determine the structure and type of your deck. Do you prefer having everything on one level, so everything is easily accessible, or do you prefer to separate your deck into various levels, creating specific environments for each function?

3. Adapted to your needs

A custom deck will also be able to adapt to the specificities of your backyard, in terms of the soil or in terms of variations in height, for example.

4. Customize your material

With a custom deck created especially and only for you by a professional builder, you will be able to choose the material and aspect you want for your boards, posts, railings, and so on. Will it be all wood, all-composite, or a bit of both? It is up to you to choose, not the catalog manufacturer.

5. Choose your color

If you want to match the design and complement the colors of your house, that is especially hard with catalog models, since they offer you very limited possibilities in that aspect.

For all these reasons and many more, a custom deck is the best solution when you are looking for a deck builder in Belle Mead.

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4 Major Benefits of Resurfacing

If you already have a deck in your backyard that is showing some signs of aging, you might be more interested in a resurfacing project to give your old deck a new look. Not all deck builders serving Belle Mead can do that, because this requires expertise beyond the one required to install a prefabricated deck. A builder has to first evaluate the foundation of your current deck to see if your current pillars, or posts, are in good enough conditions to support the new look. If not, some posts might be replaced, and some could be added.

There are many benefits of resurfacing rather than demolishing your current deck and starting a new one. Let us check some of these benefits:

1. Keep your existing structure

The first one is that it preserves the structure (supporting posts and framing), which saves money, of course, but it also saves time, because there is no digging to do, and no time is needed to let the cement dry and cure. That is a splendid solution to those aspects.

2. Give it a new look

You can renew the look of your deck at a lower cost than building a new one. The minimalist approach is to replace the boards of your existing deck. You can use wood to keep the aspect and the warmth of the natural material, or you go towards a composite material, requiring less maintenance while lasting longer. A composite deck is quite trendy at the moment.

3. Extend it

You can also take advantage of the situation to expand your deck. Maybe you want to add a new section connecting to your pool, or a path leading to a deck porch. If you are hosting many people, you might want to add an outdoor dining area or an outdoor living room to spend nights out with friends and family.

4. Change the layout

That is also the perfect moment to modify the layout of your deck, to go from a single-level deck to a multi-level deck, or the other way around. Having multiple levels for various functions is a great way to organize a deck, but it is not always the best approach, especially for owners who are faced with mobility issues.

That is why so many people are seeking builders to resurface their decks.

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In Summary

If you are looking for a deck builder in Belle Mead, do not trust just anyone calling themselves a “deck builder”, entrust the project of creating your dream deck to a professional deck builder, a company that specializes in doing decks, only decks.

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