Old Deck Resurface From Worn Out Wood to New Composite Decking

Project Description

Delve into the modern transformation of our freshly revamped townhouse deck, situated in the heart of Croydon. Once a worn-out wooden structure, this deck has been reborn, crafted with top-notch composite materials and framed with aluminum railings. The essence of this design lies in the seamless transition from the previously aged timber to our state-of-the-art composite decking.

A choice that was made with the aim of ensuring optimal longevity for our product. Our terrace is therefore resistant to various weather conditions, but also to wear and tear over time and allows future owners to focus on their relaxation and their family moments instead of worrying about maintenance every day. An innovative inclusion to this deck is the aluminum privacy walls. These walls, while providing the much-needed seclusion in a townhouse setting, also contribute an edgy, modern aesthetic to the outdoor space. Their metallic sheen contrasts beautifully with the muted tones of the composite deck, creating a harmonious blend of materials. As evening falls, consider the potential of ambient lighting to elevate this space further. A magical moment that can enhance your board game evenings, your outdoor dinners.

For those residing in New Jersey, particularly around Croydon, seeking a touch of modernity and functionality for their homes, Deck Guardian is your go-to. Indeed, we take it to heart to realize the vision of our customers by offering them terraces adapted to their needs and their desires.

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