800sqft Low to the Ground Deck With No Rails for Nice View in the Backyard

Project Description

Discover a new horizon of outdoor elegance with our freshly unveiled 800 sqft deck in Little Falls, thoughtfully designed to be low to the ground. Embracing a minimalist approach, this deck does away with rails, offering an uninterrupted panorama of your backyard and beyond. Constructed with superior composite materials, this deck boasts of longevity without the perennial need for upkeep.

Say goodbye to tedious maintenance tasks and hello to more moments of relaxation and joy. Its expansive 800 sqft area is a canvas for your imaginations, be it a sun-soaked brunch, a spirited barbecue evening, or a peaceful retreat with your favorite novel. The deck’s ground-hugging design is its crowning glory. By forgoing rails, it offers an unhindered view, making your backyard’s beauty the showstopper. It’s an ode to contemporary design, where simplicity reigns supreme and functionality doesn’t mean a compromise on beauty. As dusk paints the sky, consider adding a few ambient lights or lanterns, transforming this deck into a tranquil sanctuary for stargazing or heartfelt conversations.

Resident of Little Falls, your patio isn’t just another addition to your home, it can become a true gateway between countless memories and experiences with legendary friends and families. So if you live in New Jersey, and you dream of expanding your outdoor space and making it more walkable, Deck Guardian offers the best custom decks. We’re not just builders; we’re visionaries committed to turning your outdoor dreams into tangible realities. Do not hesitate any longer, and contact Deck Guardian, your number 1 reference to raise your outdoor life to a higher level.

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