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If you are looking for a custom deck builder in Woodbridge, New Jersey, consider Deck Guardian. Unlike regular deck builders offering you catalog solutions, we are genuine builders creating custom decks from scratch.

We will take the time to listen to your vision, your needs, and your expectations. Then, we will present to you some of our past projects that are relevant to your project. If one of them is close to what you want, we will adapt it to make it perfect for you. If not, we will simply design one from scratch. The result will be a perfect deck for your backyard, allowing you to host friends and family the way you want it.

In this article, we will review some benefits of having a custom deck, created just for you. 

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A Custom Deck Builder in , New Jersey 

Finding a good, reliable, and genuine deck builder is not a simple task, whether it is within Woodbridge Township or elsewhere. You need to find a builder that has some concrete experience in building projects, not just assembling a prebuilt deck selected from a catalog.

Fortunately, such a genuine builder exists – Deck Guardian. Throughout the years, we have served hundreds and hundreds of families throughout the State of New Jersey. We know perfectly well the weather you face during all the seasons and which materials are best for that climate of ours. Another important factor is that we do only decks and porches; we are a specialized company, not a general contractor assembling a deck or two every summer.

Our specialty is to build custom decks, delivering the optimal deck to match your needs and your vision. Having such a deck will transform the way you host friends and family, converting you into the perfect host.

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Deck Guardian

Benefits of a Custom Deck

While most deck builders offer you a generic solution, one they would gladly install in your neighbor’s backyard, there are some genuine builders, like Deck Guardian, who will take the time to listen to your needs and create the perfect deck for you.

Having a custom deck rather than a catalog solution makes all the difference when it comes to hosting friends and family. Let us take a look at some of those benefits.

1. Space.

When you have a deck made especially for you, you can ensure you will have enough space to entertain your regular group of friends and family members. By knowing the general number of guests you have regularly, we will make sure you have enough square footage to accommodate everyone comfortably, in every section of your deck.

2. Type.

If you want to have a large deck area, it will be necessary to divide this area into functional sections (cooking area, dining room, living room, etc.). You can divide those sections by different means, but a popular one is to go for a multilevel deck. Since we create your deck from scratch, we can make every section of your deck the way you want it.

3. Design.

A custom deck will be designed to match or complement the architecture of your house. This way, you will create harmony between your indoor living space and your outdoor one. Overall, this will be very pleasing to the eye, so your time outdoors will be more enjoyable. Your peace of mind will not be interrupted by an architectural clash as you look at your house from your backyard. Your deck could also act as a communication hub, linking your pool, jacuzzi, fireplace, and so on. We understand that a perfect solution is rarely rectangular.

4. Colors.

Just as the design of your deck will be harmonized with your house, the colors will also match. One benefit of having a custom deck is the absolute liberty in terms of colors. You can pick the colors you want to match or complement those of your house.

5. Materials.

Any custom deck can be done with wood or composite materials. A composite deck has many advantages, but it is not necessarily appropriate for everyone. Our experts will present to you the pros and cons of each scenario.

6. Return on investment.

Another big benefit is that a custom deck will increase the value of your property. As we have already mentioned, if a deck is in harmony with your home, it will boost its value. Do not forget that an outdoor living space is among the most-sought features by house buyers these days. 

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As we have seen, having a custom deck is a great addition to your property. However, not just every deck builder in Woodbridge, New Jersey, can help you with such a project. You need a genuine deck builder, specialized in decks, like Deck Guardian.

We are proud to be a builder specialized in decks and porches, doing everything related to those: design, construction, installation, repairs, and resurfacing. We are truly a one-stop-shop for all your needs in terms of decks and porches. Over the years, we have created hundreds and hundreds of projects all over the State of New Jersey, and our biggest pride is to leave all our customers happy.

Contact us today and our experts will examine with you the various ways we can transform your backyard, transforming your life in the process.

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