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If you are looking for a deck builder in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, look no more. Deck Guardian stands out among all deck builders covering the area, because we are genuine builders, creating everything from scratch to provide a custom solution for our clients.

In this article, we will explore the choices you have when you are facing an aged deck that needs a facelift. We will compare the options of rebuilding and resurfacing it, showing the pros and cons of each approach. Keep reading to learn more.

Deck Guardian — Your Deck Resurfacer and Deck Builder in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
Deck Guardian is a uniquely qualified deck builder serving your area. Our expertise in all stages of the creation of a new deck (design, construction, installation) makes us stand out from the competition. Contrary to a regular builder just offering you the installation of a generic deck from a catalog, we are here to listen to you and convert your vision to a blueprint that will later be built and installed in your backyard.

Yes, we do design from scratch decks, and porches for your backyard, but we also repair and resurface them. We are really a one-stop solution for all your backyard needs.

Our expertise and experience are broad and deep since we have created and built hundreds of structures to transform the lives of our clients all over New Jersey State.

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Rebuilding vs. Resurfacing

If you are looking at the various companies offering their services as deck builders in and around Whitehouse Station, you notice that not all companies are equal in their service offerings. Many builders only offer you the installation of a new deck picked from a catalog. That might be fine if what you are looking for is a generic, bland new deck for your backyard.

However, if you are looking for a custom new deck to enhance the beauty and increase the value of your property, few companies qualify. Hopefully, you can contact Deck Guardian to have a team of experts taking care of all your needs. Because of our vast experience in designing, building, and installing custom decks, we can face any task and any challenge.

If you are looking at an aging deck in your backyard and wonder what you should do about it, there are basically two solutions: tear it down to start anew or resurface it. The first option is pretty forward and easy to understand. The resurfacing option consists of replacing the visible (surface) boards with new ones to give your deck a brand-new look.

1. Rebuilding

On one hand, you have the option of demolishing your existing deck and building a new one. As you can guess, this is a rather lengthy and expensive option. Because you first need to carry out the demolition part of the operation. That will take time and will leave sizeable holes in your backyard until they are filled with new posts. Of course, you have to pay for all that demolition part. Then, you have to pay again to start a brand-new deck, as if you never had one.

On top of the costs, you will have delays between the demolition and the construction of the new one, to let the cement cure, and so on.

Most homeowners think this is their only option if they want to change the design or square footage of their current deck. That is not true. You can very well change the design of your deck and expand it while doing a resurfacing.

2. Resurfacing

A resurfacing operation starts with a first inspection to determine if the posts and frame of your current deck are still sound and resistant enough, in addition, to comply with the existing code. Then the surface boards are removed to expose the entire frame and posts. A second inspection is done to make sure every single element of the supporting structure is still good. If needed, faulty elements will either be repaired or replaced.

It is at this stage that you can change the general design of your deck and expand it, for example, by adding a few posts and creating the additional framing structure.
Once everything is in place, the new surface boards are put on the supporting frame. Again, you can change the design of your old deck by changing the orientation of the new boards. Moreover, you can even change the materials of the boards. Even if your support structure is made of wood, you can go for composite material boards. A composite deck has many advantages over a wooden deck, and our pros will explain to you all the details before suggesting you the best option for your own situation.

Contact our experts today to see if a resurfacing option would meet your needs.

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Deck Guardian


When looking for a deck builder in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, it is important to partner with a professional and reliable deck builder that can help you with the entire process, including designing you a completely custom solution. We are a genuine builder creating perfect solutions for your backyard.

We have seen the differences between rebuilding and resurfacing an existing deck. Of course, we also build brand-new decks, and porches too! Anything to bring life to your backyard and let you host friends and family the way you want to.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and our experts will create a custom solution just for you.

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