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If you are looking for a deck builder in West Orange, New Jersey, you just found the best partner to assist you in your project. Unlike common deck builders, we do not simply install a catalog model in your backyard. At Deck Guardian, unlike other builders, we create dream decks from scratch; we draw the plans and we build them.

Having a custom deck is great for boosting the overall value of your property, because every homeowner wants to have a nice place to receive and entertain friends and family.

In this article, we will discuss materials used for decks. This is a vast subject, but we will give you some pointers below. Keep reading to learn more about this.

Deck Guardian, a prestigious Deck Builder in West Orange, New Jersey

When you shop for a deck builder, it is important to select the one with the most experience in the type of construction you want to have. A general housing contractor with 15 years of experience, doing a deck or two per year, cannot be compared with a dedicated professional deck builder, like Deck Guardian.

We are proud to have been serving West Orange for many years already and we count many satisfied customers among your neighbors. All we do is backyard structures, making us the experts in everything related to decks and porches. We design them, we build them, we install them, we repair them, we resurface them.

With us, no surprise. Contact us to put us to the test.

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Wood vs. Composite

Our experts tell us that the topic that comes up most often when talking with homeowners planning their dream deck is about which materials to choose. Most of us are familiar with wood, of course, and its many species. In recent years, the buzz has been about composite materials. A composite deck has different benefits compared to a wooden one, but those differences are not clear for everyone. Each solution has pros and cons.

We will try to shed some light on this vast subject, but keep in mind that, like wood, there are many types of composite materials, and they also vary in price and quality. As professional deck builders, we spend all our days thinking and building decks, giving us an experience and a perspective that most builders do not have.

1. Wood

It is a traditional material that has always been used in construction. It is known as a noble material that brings warmth and coziness to every home, furniture, and deck, of course. Through the vast variety of species and treatments available, you can have an array of natural tones of wood in almost every shade.

With the application of various protective treatments against bugs and decay, among others, you can have the treated wood resisting many natural attacks. Then you can apply a series of varnishes and other sealing treatments to protect even further. Those varnishes can alter the shade of the natural wood, making it just a little darker or very much so. You can also paint it to get even more choices.

Depending on the species of wood you use, the treatment you apply to it and the care you give it year after year, you can expect a wooden deck to keep its original beauty for a period ranging from 8 years to about 20 years.

2. Composite

There are a variety of composite materials. Each year, the industry comes up with new composite materials, made with new combinations of products, although most are still mostly made of some form of plastic or oil derivative. In terms of colors, composite boards come with an ever-expanding palette of colors; plus, you can paint them (with some preparation) to perfectly match the colors of your house.

Composite boards are virtually immune to all natural attacks, including insects, moisture, sun discoloration, warping because of humidity, and so on. They are also more resistant to physical damage, like breakage or splinting. Depending on the combination of composite materials you choose, your deck could look great for 25 years or more before you feel the need to refresh it.

If you compare the environmental impact, wood is a natural material that is durable and has a very small ecological footprint. Most treatments and varnishes these days are biodegradable, which means they have little to no impact on the decomposition of the wood at the end of its use. Composite materials are often made with derivatives of plastic (mostly recycled, but still) and chemical additives. Their production carbon footprint is important, and their end of life is much less eco-friendly than wood’s.

In summary

Wood has a distinctive and unmatchable warmth feeling, both for the eye and for the touch, with an excellent environmental score, both at the beginning of the boards until the end of their useful life. Composite materials are more expensive initially, but require virtually no maintenance afterwards (thus no cost and no time). They are more resistant than wood on every aspect and last much longer.

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Final Thoughts

When looking for a deck builder in West Orange, New Jersey, consider a specialized deck builder, doing all the steps of the process of the creation of a deck, not just the installation. Deck Guardian is such a dedicated deck builder, working exclusively on decks and other backyard equipment, including porches.

Contact our experts to see how we can transform your backyard.

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