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Deck Guardian is the top West Berlin deck builder for all your deck
and porch needs. Homeowners like you can get all the services you need for your installation project at Deck Guardian.

We are an experienced West Berlin deck contractor that is dedicated to providing homeowners with customized and quality deck installations. Deck Guardian has an amazing track record of completed projects that are backed up by customer testimonials and reviews. Not only that. Deck Guardian provides practical solutions and alternatives to homeowners that are interested in something more than the ordinary deck.

Deck Guardian has everything that you need to ensure a successful quality deck that will be enjoyed by your family for years to come.

Looking for a West Berlin Deck Building Company?

The first step to building a new deck or porch starts with the design – and our team of professionals is very capable of drafting all sorts of decks based on your needs and preferences.

Deck Guardian is a deck builder near West Berlin, New Jersey that delivers charming and durable decks at reasonable costs. We provide homeowners with multiple options in the design, material, and style of the deck. Believe us when we say that Deck Guardian will not stop until we find the perfect deck for you and your family.

Furthermore, we are a West Berlin deck company that is not afraid to embrace change. Deck Guardian employs a combination of both traditional and modern building techniques to swiftly construct your deck while minimizing the disruption it can cause to the household.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our West Berlin Decking Services?

Deck Guardian is a West Berlin deck contractor that is capable of adapting to the demands of each client. Each individual has their preference when it comes to the design and function of their deck. Moreover, they all have a varying amount of time and money that they can invest into the construction of their project.

We are a West Berlin deck company that respects all those differences. Deck Guardian makes it a point to design and build the perfect deck that fits into all those criteria while still maintaining our high standard customer service practices and speedy turnaround time. Furthermore, all of our designs are diverse – each one designed with different materials and construction techniques in mind. So, you never have to worry about ending up with a generic deck with Deck Guardian at your side.

Find out more about the services Deck Guardian offers as your deck builder near West Berlin by reading further down below.

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in West Berlin?

Deck Guardian has something in store for all kinds of homeowners. We are the best West Berlin deck builder around that offers creative design ideas to each of our clients. All of the deck types we built are made with style and functionality at the focus. We offer a variety of deck types that have different advantages and disadvantages.

A homeowner like you needs to weigh each one properly so that any complications in the design can be stopped before it takes root. But there’s no need to worry. Deck Guardian will be with you as your West Berlin deck contractor every step of the way!

What are you waiting for? Learn more about the various types of decks that Deck Guardian can build by checking out our list below.

Attached Deck

Advantages of attached decks:

  • The construction process is fairly simple and can be built with little to no difficulties.
  • It can be customized in all sorts of ways such as color, material type, and even the additions of other substructures.
  • It requires minimal material and labor costs in comparison to other deck types.

Disadvantages of attached decks:

  • The durability is mostly reliant on the connection point between the deck and the property.

Multi-Tier Deck

Advantages of multi-tier decks:

  • The platforms that multi-tier decks are made from can be placed at different levels or even just be stacked directly on top of each other.
  • It creates a level deck area despite the proximity to uneven terrain.
  • The structure of multi-tier decks is naturally designed to be stylish and elegant additions.

Disadvantages of attached decks:

  • The cost of building this deck type is higher than most since it needs more support systems and materials.

Wraparound Deck

Advantages of wraparound decks:

  • The wraparound deck is generally bigger than most deck types thus it offers the most amount of space.
  • Since the deck is wrapped one at least two rooms, it can serve as an “exterior corridor” that connects these rooms from the outside.

Disadvantages of attached decks:

  • Building this deck requires the area it will be built upon to be clear of any blockages, overgrowths, or other objects.

Detached Deck

Advantages of detached decks:

  • The detached deck does not need to be affixed to an existing structure; thus, it can be placed anywhere the homeowner wants.
  • It can be placed on areas that have harsh topography such as rocky terrain and sodden areas.

Disadvantages of detached decks:

  • It can easily deteriorate if unmaintained, so the usage of superior materials in its construction is recommended.

Pool Deck

Advantages of pool decks:

  • The pool deck is made from specialized materials that are resistant to water and chemical damage and possibly even to rot and infestations – depending on the material quality used.
  • Safety structures such as handrails and guardrails are added to ensure the safety of swimmers and other parties that will use the deck.

Disadvantages of pool decks:

  • It may require frequent maintenance due to the constant exposure to water and chlorine.
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Deck Guardian

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in West Berlin

Deck Guardian is a deck builder near West Berlin that provides three main services:

Since you already heard about our new custom deck process, we want to focus on the two other services we provide.

Deck resurfacing is an alternate cost-effective deck restoration method that we offer to customers whose deck conditions are well-suited to this method. Deck Guardian performs all the needed repairs to the frame of the deck and replaces the old boards with newer composite ones.

Next, our West Berlin deck company offers new porches for homeowners that want a more protective outdoor installation. We can build both open and screened porches for our clients – both of which offer different degrees of protection. Furthermore, we build our porches from superior material so there’s no need to be worried about them standing against the harsh elements of nature.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Top Deck Builder and Contractor in West Berlin

You’ll find that Deck Guardian fits into the description of what a West Berlin deck builder at the apex of their game should be. We have the means and ability to get you the results that you want when it comes to your deck installation.

You can get a free quote from us that gives an accurate estimate of the cost of your project. You just need to answer our free quotation form then you’re good to go. Our representative will send you the details of the quote. Deck Guardian is happy to assist you with everything you need to get a custom deck design as soon as possible.

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