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If you are looking for a deck builder in Wayne, New Jersey, to resurface your deck, you quickly notice that not all deck builders offer you this service. Only genuine builders, like Deck Guardian, can help you with that.

To resurface a deck, you need special expertise that simple installers do not have. You need to verify compliance with the current rules, examine the condition of the support structure in place, offer a variety of materials for the surface boards to match your structure, and so on.

Fortunately, we can help you with all of that, and more.

Deck Guardian, a Professional Deck Builder in Wayne, New Jersey

When you are shopping around for a new professional, it might be a confusing process. Especially with all those part-time contractors promoting themselves as a deck builder, although they only install a handful of decks during the entire year, filling gaps in their schedules.

Then, you have Deck Guardian, a genuine, full-featured deck builder offering you all kinds of services related to decks and porches: design, building, installation, and resurfacing. We are proud to have served many clients in the Wayne Township.

Over the years, we have served hundreds of happy customers all over the State of New Jersey. A few dozen of those have been generous enough to leave us a positive review on Google

Will you be our next happy customer? Contact our team of experts today to discover the various ways we can help you transform your backyard.

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Deck Guardian

Resurfacing Process

If you have an old deck that has been battered by weather and time, you may wonder if you should tear it all down to start anew or if you could save time and money by simply resurfacing it. Only a genuine deck-building company offering you all the services related to decks will be able to expertly inspect your structure to see if resurfacing is possible.

Unlike most deck builders simply installing decks, Deck Guardian is one of the rare builders with a complete 360-degree expertise when it comes to decks, since we design and build them too.

What is resurfacing?

First of all, what is resurfacing? It is the replacement of the surface boards of your deck. It is basically giving it a facelift by replacing the visible parts.

In order to qualify for a resurfacing operation, your deck support structure (posts and frame) still has to be in great condition. It may happen that a post or a joist might need to be replaced because it is damaged, but that is not a big thing. However, if most of the structure needs to be replaced, then it is better to start anew. Of course, besides the good health of the components, our experts will make sure they comply with the current construction code. Even if your structure is sound, it will not be acceptable if it does not respect the current norms in place.

1. The first step

So, the first step in a resurfacing process is the inspection by our experts. They will inspect as much as they can while removing no surface board, to see if the overall structure is solid enough to last many more years with new boards on top of it.

2. The second step

The second step of the process is to remove the surface boards and proceed with a detailed inspection of the posts and joists that could not be properly inspected before. If needed, the damaged elements will be fixed or replaced. At this stage, it is possible to add or remove posts or joists to change the configuration of your deck. If we add posts, there will be some time required to let the cement cure before applying the surface boards in that area of your deck.

Once the support structure is totally safe, the new surface boards will be installed on the support structure. 

Most owners do not realize that the new surface boards can be applied differently than those that were removed. For example, if your boards were initially installed with a 45-degree angle to the right, they can be installed heading to the left this time around, or straight. That is perfect to change the look of your deck at the same time you refresh it.

You can also change the material used for the surface boards. Even if your entire structure is made with wood, you can choose to apply composite boards on top of it. You would then have the benefits of a composite deck at a lower cost. Let our pros guide you in the material selection.

Resurfacing instead of tearing down and rebuilding will save you time and money (both in materials and labor time). So, contact our experts today to see if resurfacing is an option for your current deck.

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Deck Guardian


As we have seen, Deck Guardian is a genuine and completely rounded deck builder in Wayne, New Jersey, offering you design, construction, installation and resurfacing services for your decks and porches. This wide range of expertise makes us uniquely qualified to build or resurface your deck.

As a leading deck builder, we are happy to help each and every one of our customers to build or refresh their deck so they can fully enjoy their time outdoors with friends and family.

Trust your project to a uniquely qualified builder and contact us today to discuss your needs. Our experts will be happy to help you with any situation.


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