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DIY home improvement is the current trend that is taking over the internet by storm. A lot of homeowners have turned their eyes to video tutorials and websites to learn how to do home repairs and installations. While simple DIY projects can cut down on the overall expenses, attempting more complicated works without complete knowledge and experience can be hazardous and result in unexpected costs.

New deck installations are one such project wherein it’s better to call in a professional Verona deck builder like Deck Guardian. We perform every step of the deck installation process, from permit application to actual construction, and keep you and your family away from harm.

Looking for a Verona Deck Building Company?

Deck Guardian is a Verona deck contractor that builds decks all year round for all of our customers in the entire New Jersey state. We have a simple deck installation procedure to make our services accessible to all of our customers. Deck Guardian can assist you with everything that you need for both new custom deck construction and deck resurfacing.

With Deck Guardian, you no longer have to agonize about the logistics of installing a DIY deck. There isn’t a better choice for a deck builder near Verona than Deck Guardian to help you achieve the deck style of your dreams.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our Verona Decking Services?

Although there are resources available for you to perform your deck installation, there is still a big gap between those with building experience and those without. It is for this reason that Deck Guardian, a Verona deck company, offers its services to all interested clients in Verona and the New Jersey state.

Deck Guardian has the expertise to bring your vision to life. We make sure that all of our deck installations are on par with the design that you thought of. Our Verona deck company will design, build, and install your new deck the way you want it to without the trouble of doing it yourself.

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in Verona?

Some aspiring deck owners may ask for a custom deck and become confused when presented with deck types to choose from. Deck types are categories that each have their own structural design, construction location, and usage. The ordinary Verona deck contractor and other DIY home improvement tutorials are only limited to building these basic types.

Deck Guardian created you a short list to explain the types of decks that an experienced deck builder near Verona can build. We use these deck types as a base or stepping stone to eventually install the deck of your dreams. Deck Guardian builds off from this base and fully customizes it in any way that you can imagine.

Attached Deck

  • Simple decks that have lower material and labor expenses.
  • Anchored to the side of a house via a ledger board as the connection point.
  • Stability is directly influenced by the quality of the attachment made.

Multi-Tier Deck

  • The layered nature of multi-tier decks creates additional room for your home without consuming much space for the foundation.
  • The initial attractive style of this deck makes it easier to customize and detail.
  • Require much more support to hold the weight of multiple stacked decks.

Wraparound Deck

  • Wraparound decks extend the space of available rooms and connect two or more entrances.
  • Can be akin to attached decks when it comes to construction methods and the determination of their durability.
  • This deck is attached to more than one side of the house.  Often wrapping itself over a large area of your home’s walls.
  • Requires a lot of initial space.

Detached Deck

  • Detached decks are the most adaptable type of deck.
  • Can be placed above any type of terrain, even areas that are affected by poor drainage.
  • Doesn’t require any connection point to an existing structure.
  • The durability is primarily determined by the material quality used.

Pool Deck

  • Installed around an existing pool area.
  • Usually made from anti-slip and anti-heat materials such as wood.
  • Can be comfortably traversed while barefoot.
  • Prevents major accidents since it is comparatively much softer than traditional concrete platforms.

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in Verona

Any Verona deck contractor can offer to install a new deck for your home. The difference between Deck Guardian and all other decking companies is the genuine skill and experience we bring to the table. We offer you a wide range of decking services and customizations that other deck builders may struggle to perform correctly.

Aside from new deck installations, Deck Guardian also offers porch installations to enhance your home’s front door. Deck Guardian, as a distinguished Verona deck company, knows how to design and install an additional porch that seamlessly fits with the style of your home.

Decks tend to display signs of deterioration as a result of years of use and exposure to the elements. You can save a significant amount of money by resurfacing your existing deck rather than installing a new one. Not every Verona deck builder offers this service, since it is difficult to determine the condition of the deck’s structural frame and repair the damages found. But don’t be disappointed just yet. Deck Guardian offers deck resurfacing services with full confidence that we can bring you a brand-new-looking deck.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Top Deck Builder and Contactor in Verona

Trusting a Verona deck builder to build your dream deck project for you can be a difficult decision to make.  With Deck Guardian, we will personally go to your home and inspect the area to make sure that any deck design we develop will perfectly fit your home.

You can check out some of our past projects on Deck Guardian’s website and see the unique designs that a top deck builder near Verona can produce. Call us or contact us through our website to discuss the details of your new decking project. Get a free quote from us when you fill in the free quotation form down on our website. Choose Deck Guardian, the top Verona deck builder, to get a custom deck worthy of your home today!

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