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A Tewksbury Deck Builder gets more phone calls on sunny days. This may seem surprising, but the reason makes perfect sense. A bright sunny day reminds homeowners how great it would be to spend time outdoors. What better way to spend time outdoors than relaxing on your brand-new deck?

Deck Guardian builds incredible decks all over New Jersey. So if you’re looking to build a quality deck or porch, even if you’re looking to fix up an old deck, our Tewksbury deck Company is the right choice.

Building a deck is an enormous undertaking, and hiring a Tewksbury deck company means you will be inviting a team of installers onto your property. You have to find a Tewksbury deck builder that you can trust.

Deck Guardian has been in the business of building decks for over a decade. We have an excellent reputation- check out our reviews here.

We are a trustworthy and dependable Tewksbury deck contractor who specializes in providing top-notch customer service. We are familiar with all aspects of building safety codes and standards and provide safe, reliable service for competitive pricing all over New Jersey.

Are you looking for a Tewksbury Deck Building Company?

Building a deck is a terrific option if you want to utilize your backyard space in a way to better enjoy the sights and sounds of a natural outdoor setting. Finding an experienced deck builder near Tewksbury that can help you make your deck vision a reality is Deck Guardian.

Deck Guardian has been building decks for so long we have encountered every challenge imaginable. Our Tewksbury Deck Company is a Tewksbury deck contractor that will always provide high-quality artistry for competitive rates no matter how challenging the deck-building project ends up being.

We guarantee you will be thrilled to hire a Tewksbury deck builder like Deck Guardian. It’s simple to book a consultation with our Tewksbury deck company, and our customer service team is waiting to assist you in bringing your dream deck to life.

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Deck Guardian

Decks, Porches, and Deck Resurfacing- near you in Tewksbury

When you build a deck with a deck builder near Tewksbury, you can choose any deck your imagination can dream up. There are so many different types, styles, and materials of decks to choose from. Below are some decks that our deck builder near Tewksbury designs and builds. Including the following types of decks:

  • Attached decks
  • Ground-level decks
  • Multi-tier decks
  • Detached decks
  • In-ground pool decks
  • Above-ground pool decks
  • Rooftop decks
  • Juliet balconies
  • Wraparound deck
  • Pressure-treated lumber decks
  • Composite decks
  • Exotic hardwood decks
  • Standard-shaped decks
  • Octagonal decks
  • Unique-shaped decks


If there is a deck type you want but don’t see in our list, our custom designers at our Tewksbury deck company are excited to help put your vision together.

Decks built by a Tewksbury deck builder come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple 12 x 12 deck to a more complex deck with built-in seating. We do custom-design railings, including materials like iron, pressure-treated lumber, vinyl, and glass.

Our Tewksbury deck contractor can construct a ground-level deck anywhere in your backyard or property. A ground-level deck gives our designers a lot of creativity in finding unique places to build your deck. We can even build a deck around a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa.

A deck builder near Tewksbury will get the appropriate permits to build a deck wherever you want. If you want a multi-tier deck, we give you several choices of stairs and even add an ADA-compliant ramp for accessibility.

A Tewksbury deck builder will look at your specific needs, your yard space, and even the direction your yard is facing to suggest the best deck for your property. So building a deck has never been simpler, and Deck Guardian offers a straightforward process from design to installation.

We guarantee that your deck will be finished according to your schedule. In the case of weather delays or material availability, we will be in constant contact with you to inform you of any changes. Honestly is our policy, and we never leave customers in the dark.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Resurfacing with A Tewksbury Deck Builder

Do you have an existing deck, but it’s weather-worn and has seen better days? Our experienced deck builder near Tewksbury can do a deck resurfacing and breathe new life into your old deck. Resurfacing involves replacing surface planks or boards with new pressure-treated lumber or composite material, leaving your deck looking like new. Your new deck can be different in design than your old deck, so there are so many creative options to jazz up your background space.

Every deck resurfacing project involves its own challenges. Your existing deck founder may be in great condition and structurally sound. If not, a Tewksbury deck contractor may have to replace the foundation, as safety is a top priority.

Screened Porches Built by Deck Guardian in Tewksbury

Life can be hectic, so your home needs to be a relaxing place. Everyone knows being outside and surrounded by nature can help deal with stress. Unwinding with friends and family outside can lower your stress levels substantially.

So the big question is, what type of deck should you build? Hiring our ultra-creative Tewksbury deck contractor can help you choose the right kind of deck for your lifestyle. One of the most popular deck types is the screened porch.

Why is a screened porch such a great option? Here are some advantages of building a screened porch with our Tewksbury Deck Company:

  • Sun protection
    a screened porch can significantly reduce sun exposure in your porch space. A great choice if you have a south or west-facing backyard.
  • Wind protection
    the screens of the porch drastically reduce the number of wind gusts giving you the best of the outdoors without the cold.
  • Insect control
    Hate creepy crawlies? A screened porch can keep your space bug-free.
  • Year-round use
    Unlike a standard deck, a screened porch can be used year-round. Installing a heater allows you to use your screened porch in the winter too! One of the favorite reasons to build a screened porch by a deck builder near Tewksbury.

Top Reasons to use our Tewksbury decking services.

Deck Guardian is a trustworthy and expert deck builder working in your neighborhood. We take great pride in transforming customers’ lives by creating an outdoor extension of their homes to make many lasting memories.

Deck Guardian is your choice Tewksbury deck builder. The services offered are indeed the best in the business.

Building a deck with Deck Guardian is simple and hassle-free. From first contact to consultation, design, and installation, our Tewksbury Deck Company offers financing options to help you build the greatest deck you ever imagined. There is no reason to hesitate- let our Tewksbury Deck Company help transform your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat.

Deck Guardian: Exclusive Tewksbury deck builder and contractor

Deck Guardian is a Tewksbury deck builder who takes great pride in giving all customers an exclusive experience while building a deck of any shape or size.

The top Tewksbury deck builder can elevate your yard’s beauty and give you a unique space to reconnect with the great outdoors in style.

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