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If you are looking for a deck builder in Summit, New Jersey, chances are you are looking for custom deck builders, and you realize there are not that many builders offering you to design, build and install a custom deck for you. But Deck Guardian can do that, and more!

As we will explore in this article, there are many benefits of having a custom deck created and crafted specifically for your house. We will explore a few of them below.

Having a custom deck done specifically for your needs is different than visiting a website and picking a catalog model to be delivered and installed. However, a bit of work will generate enormous benefits that will transform your backyard and your life for many years to come.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of a custom deck.

A Custom Deck Builder in Summit, New Jersey

If you want to have a custom deck in your backyard, you need to contact a deck builder with years of experience in designing, building, and installing custom decks. Such a builder is difficult to find among those counting Summit on their territory, but Deck Guardian is there for you.

Throughout many years of service, we have designed, built, installed, repaired, and resurfaced just any type of backyard structures, including decks, porches, etc. We are proud to have transformed the backyard and the lives of hundreds of our clients. Some of those satisfied clients left us a positive review on Google.

Contact us to become part of this big family of satisfied customers.

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Benefits of a Custom Deck

Some homeowners will be satisfied with just any deck model picked from a catalog or from a renovation center. However, others will want something more, something that is perfectly adapted to their needs and their property. Those homeowners, like yourself, seek genuine, professional deck builders, who get their bread and butter by doing everything related to backyards (decks, porches, and so on), and not only that!

Standing apart from regular builders, specialized companies, like Deck Guardian, can build you a totally customized deck that will transform your backyard and change your life. Contrary to a generic, bland solution created for mass markets and not for your house, having a custom deck has many benefits.

The space you need

The first benefit is that it gives you the space you need. Indeed, one of the first questions you will be asked by our experts will be something like “How many guests do you host regularly?”. This, along with other criteria, will allow our experts to determine the square footage for your deck.

Customized areas

The second benefit is to organize or divide the deck area the way you want it. If you just have a large cooking area with a dining table, a division is not really appropriate. However, if your deck connects to a jacuzzi, a pool, a living area around a fireplace, etc., the division of areas becomes essential. Will you divide the area by rails, by space between the zones, or by different levels? All solutions are excellent, but one will be optimal for your use.

Total freedom over shape, color, and materials

When you create your own deck from scratch, beginning with the vision you have in mind, you have total freedom, so you can choose the shape and style you want. Who said decks had to be square or rectangular? You can have a deck created in any shape or form you want to match your likes, your land, your house, and so on. If you play with shapes and styles to bring harmony between your deck and your house, you will instantly boost the value of your entire property. You can also adapt the design of your deck to your land with its specificities (trees, slope, etc.).

You can also pick the colors you want. If you choose a model from a catalog, the customization options for colors are very limited. However, if you have your deck custom-built, you can choose any color you want to match or complement your house.

Finally, you can use the materials you want. Although wood is still dominant in the market, more and more homeowners go with composite materials. A composite deck has many advantages over wood, but both options have pros and cons. Our experts will help you make the right choice for your situation.

As you can see, opting for a custom deck gives you absolute liberty for every aspect related to your deck. It is also the best way to increase the value of your property. Contact our experts today to discuss your dream deck.

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Deck Guardian


As we have seen, if you are looking for a deck builder in Summit, New Jersey, to build you a custom deck, you realize that just not any deck builder offers you this option. You need to find a genuine, specialized builder, like Deck Guardian.

We can create from scratch a new deck to match all your needs and your preferences. We can also create deck porches and any other backyard structure to allow you to properly host and entertain friends and family. Your time outdoors will be greatly improved once you have the proper equipment in your backyard to fully enjoy the time with your loved ones.

If you have a vision of what you want to see in your backyard, come talk to our specialists, and they will make it a reality in your backyard.

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