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Are you looking for a deck builder in Springfield, New Jersey? Deck Guardian is proud to serve your township, and we have probably already built a deck in your neighborhood. Unlike common deck builders, we take care of all the steps in the creation of your dream deck. We are one of the few builders able to design your deck from scratch. We put your vision onto a blueprint to build your deck.

In this article, we will explore various forms your dream deck can take by presenting you with the most common types of decks. However, we will not limit to these types to create your custom deck to adapt it to your needs and your backyard.
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Deck Builder in Springfield, New Jersey

When you are looking for a deck builder in or near Springfield, it is best to find a builder that has already completed a large variety of projects from end to end, from the design to the installation. We go beyond the simple installation of a generic catalog model. Our experts can create you a deck, or a porch from scratch to fully match your needs and the design of your house to increase its value. We have created all types of decks and other backyard structures to let our clients host friends and family the way they always dreamed they could do.

Over the years, we are proud to say we have transformed the backyard and the lives of hundreds of clients throughout the state of New Jersey. Many dozens of our satisfied clients have left us a positive review on Google, which you can read.

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Types of Decks

One of the first questions you have to ask yourself when it comes to the design of your new deck is the type of deck you want. There are many different types that vary basically in height, and that choice is often imposed by your land.

Unlike common deck builders, we, at Deck Guardian, can truly create a brand-new deck from scratch for your specific backyard and house. So, we offer you total flexibility to meet your needs, which really sets us apart from other builders.

At the base of every type of deck, we find a framing structure that supports the surface boards. This frame is an assembly of beams forming the perimeter of the deck, with joists installed in the middle to support the structure. At the very least, this frame provides a stable foundation for the surface boards and prevents them from warping. Another role is to let air and water go through (in opposition to a solid floor), protecting against the surface boards.

1. Classic raised deck

Most clients, however, do not have a patio door at the level of their backyard. The structure of the deck remains the same, but the support structure has to be elevated using posts. Those posts are anchored in the ground using cement footings. A raised deck can even reach as high as the second story of your house if you wish so.

2. Multilevel

As soon as you have more than a few square feet on your deck to go beyond a basic BBQ area, you might want to divide the space into functional areas. You can divide the various sections with railings, or you can opt for varying the height of each functional area, with a few steps leading up or down to another section.

3. Attached or detached

Remember that all the types of decks above can be attached to the house or detached from it. You could, for example, have a deck attached to your house, and a detached stand-alone raised deck area wrapped around an above-ground pool.


Once you have chosen the general layout or type of deck you want in your backyard, you will still have to choose the design of the surface board, the colors, etc. The main item you will have to choose is the material to be used to create your deck: wood or composite materials. A composite deck has many advantages, but it might not be the right choice for you. Our pros will guide you properly.

Give us a call to contact our specialists to discuss your ideas, and they will help you make the right decisions to make your deck stand out while meeting all your needs.

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In Summary

As we have seen, if you are looking for a deck builder in Springfield, New Jersey, you need to make sure you partner with a reliable and professional company. Deck Guardian is a genuine deck builder able to create any type of deck, or porch.

We are a one-stop-shop builder, handling every step of the process, from the original design to the installation in your backyard. Throughout this complete process, we accompany our clients in the realization of their dream deck project. When they finally get their dream deck, our clients tell us how much it changed their lives, and they are so happy they can now host friends and family according to their wishes.

We are thus the best partner you can choose to transform your backyard into a well-organized and well-equipped area, allowing you to entertain your friends in the privacy and safety of your property.

Contact us to discuss your needs and start your dream deck project.

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