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If you are looking for a deck builder in South Plainfield, New Jersey, be sure to deal with a company that has a long record of satisfied clients in a large variety of projects. Too many general contractors say they are deck builders, but they only do a few decks a year, picked from a catalog. 

However, Deck Guardian is one of those genuine builders capable of creating your deck from scratch, considering all your needs and preferences, the specificity of your backyard (slope, trees, pool, etc.) as well as the architecture and colors of your house. The result will be the perfect place for you to host and entertain friends and family while adding value to your property.

In this article, we will discuss two main types of decks. Those are the most popular forms we create for our clients, but we will create just any type or form you need.

A Popular Deck Builder in South Plainfield, New Jersey

When you are looking for a builder to create your deck in South Plainfield, you need to find a deck builder capable of designing and building you a custom deck to match your house design in order to increase the value of your property.

Hopefully, there is Deck Guardian, a professional deck-building company able to design, build, install, repair, and resurface any type of deck. With a custom deck, you will be able to host friends and family the way you want it, making your time outdoors more enjoyable.

Over the years, we have transformed the lives of hundreds of homeowners, just like yourself, one project at a time. Many customers have taken the time to leave us a positive review on Google

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Types of Decks

When you are contacting deck builders, many will present you a catalog of prebuilt models, rather than pictures of their own projects. Those builders cannot create a custom deck just for you, meeting your needs and enhancing the beauty of your house, but Deck Guardian can.

We sit down with you and we take the time to understand your needs and your expectations. Then, we elaborate with you a plan to create your new deck. Among the first things, we will discuss with you is the type of deck you want.

Among our clients, there are two types of decks that are frequently asked: a classic raised deck and a multilevel deck.

1. Classic raised deck

A classic raised deck is the type we are all familiar with. It is a large platform that is elevated from the ground to the level of the patio door to facilitate the transit in and out of the house. It is a unique platform, usually of rectangular shape, that has no division, where you find a cooking area and usually some dining area. It is rare for such a classic raised deck to be very large and have much more use than for cooking and eating outdoors.

2. Multilevel deck

When a deck has a much larger surface, we usually go for a multilevel deck. A multilevel deck is essentially the same as a classic raised deck, but much larger. When you have a large area with multiple functional areas (cooking, dining, living room, etc.), it is important to divide those areas. With a multilevel deck, the division is done by varying the level of each section. You would normally keep the cooking/eating area together and on the same level because you have to go back and forth frequently, but you would place your outdoor living room area at a different level. You would then need to step up or step down to reach your seating area, which could feature in its center a fireplace, for example. 

You could have various other sections to lead to a jacuzzi, a pool, a fireplace, and so on. The distribution of the space offers many more possibilities for you to enjoy your time outdoors with your friends and family while creating a unique environment for each zone. Indeed, you can create a different ambiance for each zone, giving it its own personality.

But both types of decks can be built using wood or composite materials. Even each section of your multilevel deck could have its own choice of materials, distinct from the rest of the deck. A composite deck has many pros and cons, but do not worry, our experts are there to guide you in this important selection.

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When looking for a deck builder in South Plainfield, New Jersey, it is important to find a company that will be your partner during all the steps of your deck: design, construction, and installation. It will also be of great help if your deck builder can do repairs or resurface your deck a few years down the road. 

Unlike a general builder, Deck Guardian is a specialized deck-building company that specializes in decks and porches, doing everything related to those outdoor structures, from design to resurfacing. Your project will be in expert hands with us, as we have seen all kinds of situations and problems over the years.

Contact us today to discuss the deck of your dreams for your house and we will make sure you get total satisfaction.

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