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Are you in the process of looking for a deck builder in Somerset? Are you looking to build a brand-new deck to greatly enhance your backyard in order to be able to host friends and family in comfort and convenience during the warmer seasons? Maybe you are looking just to refresh your existing deck by resurfacing it.

Or maybe you are exploring deck builders in your area to see who can build other structures, like porches.

Any of these constructions set in your backyard would increase the usability of your private outdoor environment. But a custom-built one would also enhance the beauty of your house and the value of your property.

A Genuine Deck Builder

The obvious choice is then Deck Guardian. We can assist you in creating the deck of your dreams from scratch, designing it according to your vision and needs, not simply by installing a deck from a catalog. Our process will begin with a free estimate, which is also free of any obligation to you.

Are You Looking for a New Deck for Your Somerset Home?

If you are looking to build a brand-new deck in the backyard of your Somerset home, you will, of course, look for a deck builder in Somerset. You will then find many companies offering their services to that end. You will find out that there are basically two types of businesses able to install a deck for you. Most of those companies are simply general contractors, doing all kinds of construction work, from roads to houses, including decks. These “deck builders” are, in fact, “deck installers” since they can only sell you a catalog product and place it in your backyard.

The other kind of builder is much more interesting, both for the look and the value of your deck. A true deck builder will be able to create a custom design for your deck, so it fully matches your needs and preferences. Such a deck will be in total harmony with your house, complementing its beauty and increasing its value. Deck Guardian is such a company that is proud to have contributed to the improvement of the backyards and lives of thousands of satisfied clients throughout the years.

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Deck Guardian

Explore Our Deck Solutions

We are passionate about decks and all other forms of constructions to bring life to your backyard. We know you like to host friends and families, but it is something hard to do if you have a bare backyard with only grass and trees. You need to have some structure to be able to fully enjoy your time outdoors, even if it rained earlier in the day.

Deck Guardian can design just about any structure to allow you to spend quality time outdoors and extend the comfort of your home. From deck design to deck building, our various services will transform your backyard (and your life!).

Besides decks, we can make custom porches. Depending on your needs and preferences, the various structures will be created according to your specifications, needs, and preferences. Since we are genuine builders from scratch, not just picking from a catalog, you will have total liberty for the shape, functionality, materials and colors.

Such flexibility will allow your deck or porch to fully integrate with your house and match its design and colors. Such construction will then be not only a great addition to your backyard but also a significant element contributing to the increase in value of your property.

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Deck Guardian

Get a Free Estimate from Deck Guardian in Somerset

If you are looking for a great deck builder in Somerset, do not hesitate to contact us, Deck Guardian. We will see how to turn your dreams into a reality: from your mind to the drawing board, to the construction and installation in your backyard. Our experts will work with you during all the process, to make sure we execute your vision of things.

A Genuine Deck Builder

As a genuine builder, we are there at your service. Your deck should reflect your desires, your uses and your preferences. You should not be settling for anything less than a perfect complement to your house.

We will sit down with you and discuss various aspects of your project in order to fully understand what you have in mind. Then we will see if some design we have made in the past is compatible with your vision and can be adapted to your needs. If not, we will design a brand-new one from scratch for you.

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Deck Guardian

In Summary

Deck Guardian is a genuine deck builder providing custom-made solutions to transform your backyard from just a grassy area into a location where you will enjoy spending time during the warmer seasons. You will be able to enjoy a BBQ with your household, receive friends and family for a little party or other events, have fun around the pool or simply enjoy their company during warm summer evenings around a glass of wine. Is there a better way to enjoy the warm season?

Unlike a general contractor, Deck Guardian can offer you custom-made designs matching your needs and preferences, not just generic, boring designs anyone can buy. You will thus get a perfect outdoor environment for your needs. On top of that, this deck environment will complement your house, matching design and colors, increasing its value. Your house will stand out among others in Somerset.

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