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Among the various companies offering their deck services in the Scotch Plains area, some are real and genuine deck builders who can help you create a custom solution for your backyard. Unlike a general contractor who will recommend you a catalog solution, Deck Guardian will examine your needs and preferences to come up with a custom design, unique for your backyard.

We can make decks, but also make other types of backyard structures, like porches. These structures can give a new life to your backyard while allowing you to fully enjoy this outdoor space with family and friends. Who does not want the perfect spot to receive friends and family for a BBQ gathering, a hot summer pool day, or just for a beer at night around a campfire?

Yes, there is a deck builder in Scotch Plains that can transform your backyard into such a welcoming environment, it is Deck Guardian.

Are you looking for a top deck builder in Scotch Plains?

If you are looking for a top-quality deck builder in Scotch Plains, the choice is between a general contractor and a genuine full-featured deck building company.

Professionals you can trust

Professional deck builders will offer you a much wider range of services and expertise for the design, construction, and installation of your deck. Beyond the installation of a brand-new deck for your house, we can also resurface your existing deck by replacing the time-weathered boards with new ones. Those new boards could be in wood or in composite material. Such improvement goes way beyond a simple deck staining to change the surface color of your deck, and will add many more years to your existing deck structure, allowing you to fully enjoy it again.

A builder will make sure to consider all your intended uses, needs, and preferences, besides the characteristics of your house and backyard, to suggest you the best solutions.

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Deck Guardian

Benefits of a Custom Deck

Not every deck builder in Scotch Plains can offer you the various benefits of having a custom deck for your home, but Deck Guardian certainly can! But what are those benefits?

  • First, a good deck builder will ensure that the design of your deck considers the specificities of both your house and backyard. That means, among other things, that your deck floor will be at the right height for your patio door accessing it, so you can easily get in and out of your house safely.
  • Second, a builder creating you a custom deck will discuss with you the uses for which you intend to use your deck. Will you just do an occasional BBQ with friends? Do you have a pool that should be accessible by the deck? Do you have a jacuzzi? Do you plan to eat outdoors with friends and family? And the list goes on and on because every homeowner has different needs when it comes to outdoor activities. It is thus important to have the full picture before discussing the deck design.

Once the uses have been defined, and the space required has been calculated, the design is done. Will it be a single-level deck or a multi-level one? That depends both on your uses and on your backyard configuration. Our experts will suggest the best configuration that will cover your needs and integrate well with your house architecture.

Then, come the materials and colors. Will you opt for the warmth of natural wood, stained or not, or the practicality of a composite material with its ease of maintenance? That will depend on both of your preferences and uses. Our experts will be able to suggest you the best option.

It is important that builders consider all these aspects to give you a complete solution to match your needs and preferences.

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Deck Guardian

Call Us for Your Custom Deck Project in Scotch Plains

If you own a home within the Scotch Plains Township or elsewhere in New Jersey, contact us to discuss your dream deck so, together, we can transform this vision of yours into a reality. We are proud to say we have already helped hundreds of homeowners throughout the State to transform their backyard and their lives.

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As a leading deck builder in Scotch Plains, Deck Guardian will carefully listen to you to fully understand your needs and expectations. Then, we will give you a free estimate for your project, including detailed charges and timelines. As a professional and reliable builder, our word is our bond; we always deliver on time, and at the exact cost we quoted. Contact us today to begin your Deck Guardian experience, either for creating a brand-new deck or resurfacing your existing one.

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Deck Guardian

In Summary

Adding a deck to your backyard is a major decision and investment. Having a custom deck built by a professional and dedicated deck builder is a great way to increase the value of your Scotch Plains home. Unlike other builders, we will create from scratch a brand-new deck for your home. With a custom-designed deck, you will be able to fully enjoy the outdoor activities of your choice within the safety of your own property.

In an era when the sanitary future is uncertain, it is always best to be able to receive guests and families safely at your home to enjoy gatherings of all kinds. A custom deck will allow you to entertain your loved ones in a perfect setting.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and get a free estimate.

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