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Do you have a vacant outdoor space? Have you ever considered converting that area into something meaningful? If yes, then you may be interested in getting a new deck for your property. A new deck is a simple yet effective way to turn your ordinary outdoor space into your own private haven. Yet, big transformations like these can be scary. You may want to ask for a deck builder near Robbinsville, NJ for help to figure out the entire process of deck installations.

Deck Guardian is a Robbinsville Deck Builder that can help you make this life-changing decision. You can explore our range of services and find out why Deck Guardian is the ideal partner to have when it comes to projects like these.

Looking for a Robbinsville Deck Building Company?

If you’re looking for a Robbinsville deck company, then Deck Guardian is happy to say that your search is over. You can relax and sit-back as we do all the work in creating the deck of your dreams. Deck Guardian takes your deck ideas to produce a fully realized plan that can be swiftly executed to build a top-quality deck for you.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our Robbinsville Decking Services?

You may be wondering what exactly makes Deck Guardian stand out from all the other deck builders near Robbinsville. Deck Guardian is made up of seasoned workers that uses time-tested techniques to install life-time quality decks for our clients across the New Jersey state.

Deck Guardian believes that a Robbinsville deck company should always operate under complete transparency. Which is why you can be certain that all our prices are always fair and reasonable. In the case that our initial plan does work for you, then Deck Guardian will not rest until we develop the perfect project that fits your budget.

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in Robbinsville?

It’s a good idea to get a general idea of the types of deck that a Robbinsville deck contractor can build. You can consult our list below to figure out the different types of deck that you can ask Deck Guardian to install for you. Deck Guardian is confident that we can pull off any deck style and even make it completely unique to your home.

Attached Deck

  • The standard deck of choice for both homeowners and professionals.
  • Directly installed at the back of U-shaped and L-shaped houses.
  • Construction can resemble a traditional patio.
  • It can be placed at ground-level or elevated.
  • It serves as an extension to an existing room
  • Simple yet sturdy decks that can be improved by the addition of roofs and railings.

Multi-Tier Deck

  • Also called “floating” or “platform” decks.
  • Used for homes located on hills, slopes, and uneven ground.
  • Constructed by installing individual decks then connecting them using pathways such as stairs.
  • Creates a level space around your home.

Wraparound Deck

  • Built by wrapping a deck around the side of the house.
  • The deck is slightly elevated.
  • Since wraparound decks are made to adapt to the shape of the home, the size and shape may not be consistent.
  • An extension of your house that also connects multiple rooms with each other.

Detached Deck

  • Also called “freestanding decks”.
  • These are not attached to the house.
  • Can be constructed anywhere, even on top of uneven terrain.
  • The independent nature is advantageous to those looking to reclaim areas with poor drainage.

Pool Deck

  • Constructed around a swimming pool area.
  • Can be placed on the ground or raised on a platform.
  • Made with slip-resistant wooden materials.
  • The wooden material is a good alternative to concrete structures since it doesn’t absorb the same levels of heat.
  • Provides a space for swimmers to move around in to access the pool.

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in Robbinsville

Deck installation is a painstaking process that involves many complicated steps. As a Robbinsville deck contractor, Deck Guardian is well equipped to handle those challenges. We have a group of specialists that will efficiently install a hassle-free deck for you. Deck Guardian can build you a deck on an average of one to two weeks depending on the complexity of your design. You can also consult our Robbinsville deck contractor team for any questions you may have on the maintenance of your deck after completion of the project.

Our Robbinsville deck builder team understands that deck replacement is a heavy commitment that requires our clients to invest their time and money in. Deck Guardian offers our deck resurfacing services as an alternative to traditional deck replacement. As long as the existing deck is structurally intact and the material used is still in good shape, then the overall costs of deck resurfacing are significantly lower in comparison to complete Porches replacement. Deck Guardian’s team of Robbinsville deck builders is able to determine if your deck only needs to be repaired or is due to be replaced.

The front of your home is the first sight that any guest will notice, another service that our Robbinsville deck company offers is porch installation. Deck Guardian can completely alter the overall look and feel of your house by installing an eye-catching porch. We use techniques that are minimally disruptive, and we do our best to ensure that the construction process will not interfere with your family’s home life.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Leading Deck Builder and Contractor in Robbinsville

Are you planning on transforming your property but have no idea which deck builder near Robbinsville to partner with? Deck Guardian has you covered.  Deck Guardian is a Robbinsville deck builder that has also operated across the New Jersey state. We are confident in our abilities to construct any type of deck and adapt to the needs and wants of each client.

The services offered by our Robbinsville deck contractor are not just limited to deck installation. Deck Guardian also performs deck resurfacing services to those looking to breathe new like into their older installations. In addition, we also have porch building services that guarantee to make your home pop out.

You can get a free quote from us by answering the free quotation form for our service rates. Partner with Deck Guardian, your leading Robbinsville deck builder, and get your own custom deck design as soon as possible!


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