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If you are looking for a deck builder in Randolph, you first need to decide what services you are looking for. Many deck builders are merely installers of catalog models, giving you virtually no option for customization according to your needs and preferences.

However, you can find a professional deck builder specialized in decks that can assist you from the end-to-end, designing and installing a custom deck just for you, considering your vision, needs and preferences. Such a builder will be able to transpose the idea you have for your dream deck into your backyard.

Deck experts, you can trust

Deck Guardian is such a company, with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the State of New Jersey. We are proud to help our customers completely transform their backyard and their lives. We are there to assist you from the beginning of the process with a free estimate.

What Does Your Dream Deck Look Like?

When we first meet new customers, the first question we ask is what is the deck they see in their dreams. We have all been through this phase of daydreaming when looking out at an empty backyard, imagining all kinds of activities taking place there with friends and families.

Contrary to those selling you a prefabricated model deck, a professional deck builder will want to get to know you and your dream. Only then can he begin to present you with ideas to match your vision. That is what differentiates us, Deck Guardian, from regular deck builders, who are just common builders, doing decks as one of their many other tasks. We do decks, and only decks.

Will your deck be a simple rectangle close to the house to grill BBQ and sit in the sun? Will it connect to a large seating area, a dining area, a jacuzzi, or a pool? Will it be all on a single level for easy access or divided into various levels to give each section its own space and personality? There are just as many dream deck designs as there are homeowners. Come tell us your dream, we will make it a reality.

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Deck Guardian

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Deck Usage

Once you know the structure of your deck, it is time to talk with your deck builder about how you intend to use this outdoor space. Each homeowner has different needs and habits when it comes to using their backyard.

Organize your space

What functional sections do you see on your dream deck? Of course, there will be a cooking section, but will it be a simple area with just a BBQ grill, or will it be a full outdoor kitchen? Will you have a dining area next to the cooking section? For how many people? Will you have a seating area to spend quality time with guests? Do you want to have a porch or another form of sun protection for your friends and family during the day? Will you have a campfire section? Do you have a pool or a jacuzzi you want to access from your deck?

Besides the functional sections, we also need to factor in the number of people you will usually host. Deck builders will factor this in while calculating the square footage needed to host everyone comfortably. A specialized builder will listen to you and figure out the best layout, so people flow from one area to another.

In all their projects, professional builders will create a custom design and choose the best material to achieve the goal of the client. For example, will it be a wood or a composite decking surface? There are many criteria to consider for such a choice.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian— Your Trusted Deck Builder in Randolph

Deck Guardian is an experienced and reliable deck builder in Randolph. We are a deck company doing a custom deck for each one of our customers. Unlike general contracting companies, we have the power and the skills to create a new deck design from scratch for our clients.

But beyond decks, we also do porches, and just any other structure going in your backyard to let you fully enjoy the warm season with friends and family.

Get a free estimate today

As a reliable and trustworthy deck builder in your area, we begin the process by providing you with a free estimate of your project. That estimate in cost and time frame will be fully respected. We have served hundreds of customers throughout the State of New Jersey, and we are proud to count many of them in Randolph’s area.

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Deck Guardian

In Summary

If you are researching deck builders in your area, seek those specialized in creating custom decks. Those companies, like Deck Guardian, will be able to create you a fully customized deck that will address all your needs and preferences. This will give you the perfect deck to entertain friends and families.

You have to discuss with your deck builder in Randolph all the uses you have in mind for your deck. A professional builder will be able to create a design that will match all of those, plus other criteria like the size of your backyard, the number of people you are hosting, and so on.

Contact us today to discuss the vision of the ultimate deck you have in your mind. That is the first step to make it a reality. We will listen to you carefully, and we will give you a free estimate.

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