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Looking for a Top Deck Builder in Princeton, NJ?

Do you wish to renew the look of your backyard? Maybe you want to rejuvenate your old deck by resurfacing it, or maybe you are looking for a brand-new deck or custom porch to spend more time outdoors. You are then looking for a deck builder in Princeton.

Keep in mind that not every deck contractor is, in fact, a deck builder. General contractors building decks will offer you options based on a catalog from providers they partner with. So, your choice of models will be limited, and so will be your choices of materials and colors. You might not find exactly what you want to use in that backyard of yours, or it might not be a good match of material or color with your house, reducing the added value that a perfect deck could have brought to your property.

Genuine Professional Deck Builder

However, if you look at true professional deck builders, like Deck Guardian, you will find complete one-stop shops, offering you every service related to decks, from design to construction, including repair of your existing deck.

Deck Installation Services in Princeton, NJ

Whether you are looking for a new deck or custom porch, or are looking for a deck builder in Princeton, make sure that this deck builder, offers more than mere installation services for generic structures that could easily be installed in your neighbour’s backyard as well, before contracting it.

The creation of a magic deck or porch goes way beyond its simple installation. That is why you want to partner with a true deck builder for your dream deck. You need a company that has experience in every phase of the life of a deck, to make sure every single step of the process will be handled by experts who will be able to face any unexpected challenge that might arise. Deck Guardian is proud to have helped hundreds of homeowners just like yourself to have the deck of their dream to enjoy life outdoors and host friends and family.

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The Most Popular Types of Decks for Outdoor Living Areas in Princeton

When you are creating the perfect deck for your home’s backyard, there are many things to consider. But before considering things like decking materials or decking patterns, the first thing you have to see with your builder is the style of your deck.

Here are three important styles of deck building to consider, based on your needs, but also on the nature and location of your backyard.

1. Platform Deck

The platform type is perfect if your house exits (like a patio door) is almost flat with your backyard ground (no steps). This type of deck does not require any post or special support. However, special care must be given to preparing the ground and to the materials used for the deck. Since this is a simpler construction, with usually no rails or steps, this reduces the cost and construction time compared to other styles.

2. Classic Raised Deck

Most houses in New Jersey have at least a semi-basement, so the platform type is not suitable for them. The classic raised deck is the solution of choice for them. It is the most common type that allows to build an elevated platform that could be just a few inches to a full story above the ground to get a perfectly leveled outdoor space. This is, of course, more costly than a platform type, and the higher the elevation, the higher the costs, but this is a splendid choice for most people; plus, it can provide you extra storage space underneath.

3. Multilevel Deck

A notch above, you will find the multilevel deck. This starts as a classic raised deck, but with different levels or terraces, to get different distinctive spaces for various uses. You could have, for example, an outdoor living room section, a BBQ and outdoor dining room section, another for a spa, and so on. This is more expensive and more complicated to build, but offers lots of flexibility and is extremely visually appealing.

So, when you approach various deck builders, look at the type of deck projects they have done in the past to see if they have done the type of deck you are looking for.

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Re-Imagine Your Landscape With Our Featured Custom Decks

Take a good look at your backyard and imagine the activities that could take place there when hosting friends and family gatherings during the warm season. Once you have defined the activities and events you want to have in your backyard, imagine the layout of the space.

With that vision in mind, approach a deck builder in Princeton and see if they can make it a reality. We know for sure that Deck Guardian can do it.

Benefits of Deck Guardian’s Professional Deck and Porch Service

When you are partnering with Deck Guardian to make a reality of your dream or vision, you are dealing with a deck builder, offering you professional services of design besides expert construction services. With our many years of experience and our hundreds of completed deck projects of all kinds, we are proud to say, “If you can dream it, we can build it.”

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