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If you are looking for a deck builder in Plainsboro, New Jersey, you might look for someone to create you a brand-new deck, or for someone to repair or resurface your current deck. Most deck builders will only install you new decks, not so many builders have the expertise to repair and resurface existing decks.

Hopefully, Deck Guardian is one of those rare companies having the skills and the experience to help you rejuvenate your deck and give it many more years of usefulness, so you can keep hosting friends and family.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of resurfacing a deck, and you will understand why it is often the best solution to refresh an old deck, saving you worries, time, and money. Keep reading to discover all those benefits you might not know about.

Looking for a Custom Deck Builder in Plainsboro, New Jersey

If you are looking for a custom deck builder in the Plainsboro Township, make sure you hire a genuine builder with the necessary experience. Experience in terms of years building mostly or exclusively backyard structures (not a general contractor doing it once a year), and experience in various tasks related to those structures. A general contractor will only install you a prebuilt model from a catalog, while a real professional builder, like Deck Guardian, can design you a custom deck from scratch.

We can also design, build and assemble all kinds of backyard structures, like decks and porches. Since we have complete expertise from A to Z in all those structures, we have all the skills to repair and resurface any of them.
Over the years, we are proud to have transformed the lives of hundreds of satisfied customers with our creations. Many dozens of those clients left us a positive comment on Google.

Contact us today to start your new project.

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Benefits of Resurfacing Your Deck

When homeowners look at their withered deck, they are often discouraged because they imagine the complex task of demolishing this old structure to put a new one in place. But this is not necessarily the case. In fact, in most cases, it is very possible to keep the existing framing system in place and simply change the surface (visible) boards. This operation is called “resurfacing”, and it has many benefits, we will explore here.

Most deck builders focus on simply installing a new deck in your backyard. Often, this model comes from a catalog with little or no customization. However, genuine builders, like Deck Guardian, offer you a complete range of services related to decks. That goes from the creation of the design, the construction, and the installation in your backyard. Our services also include any type of repairs because of an accident or the simple passage of time, like resurfacing.

1. Cost

The first benefit of resurfacing your existing deck rather than demolishing it to start anew is obviously the cost. You will not have to pay for the demotion of the old deck (the costly part being the removal of the cement bases for the posts) and the installation of new posts. Only the surface boards are replaced. You thus also save on the wood required, since the posts and frame will be kept, as long as they are in a good condition. There are savings in labour costs and in material costs.

2. Speed

Since you do not have to demolish all the support structure and rebuild it, you save a lot of time. Most deck resurfacing operations can be completed in a day or two. If your deck is big or complex, the operation can extend over another day.

3. Changes in design

Most people forget it is possible to change the layout of the surface boards when applying the new boards to the structure. For example, if your boards were placed diagonally towards the left initially, you can choose to have them oriented the other way this time. You can even expand your current deck by adding a few posts and extending the support frame, giving you additional square footage with relatively little effort.

4. Changes in materials

Another thing most homeowners do not realize is that they can switch materials. Even if your support structure already in place is in wood, you can use composite materials for the surface boards, and vice versa. A composite deck has many pros and cons; our experts will guide you in the best selection for your deck.

Of course, this resurfacing operation can be carried out on many backyard structures, like old decks, porches, and so on.

Contact our specialists today to discuss your specific needs and they will come up with a custom solution for you.

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Last Word

As you now know, looking for a deck builder in Plainsboro, New Jersey, is more complex than you thought, especially if you are looking for a deck builder to repair or resurface your current deck. Deck Guardian is one of the few builders able to carry out this operation and make sure your deck respects the current regulations.

At Deck Guardian, we do everything related to decks, resurfacing, and porches. We design them, we build them, we install them, we repair them, and we resurface them to give them a new look.

Contact us today to discuss your needs with our specialists and get a custom solution that will exceed your expectations.

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