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Are you tired of looking at your empty backyard? Have you decided to give your backyard a new life? The solution could be to add a new  deck or porch to it, so you can host and entertain guests properly. If you are looking for a deck builder in Piscataway, be sure to look for a real deck builder who can assist you from A to Z in all steps, from the design to the installation, not just by showing you a catalog of prefabricated models.

A Deck builder you can trust

Deck Guardian is a genuine deck builder, offering you all kinds of services related to decks. We breathe, eat and sleep decks. We are obsessed with them, and we love doing anything related to them for our clients. We transform the backyards (and lives) of our clients by creating a custom deck for their needs and preferences so they can host friends and family.

Looking for Deck Builders in Piscataway, New Jersey?

When shopping around to find a deck builder in Piscataway who will be able to build a deck or any other structure in your backyard, it is important to evaluate the versatility of that company. Is it just a general contractor offering deck assembly of prefabricated models from a catalog, or is it a professional and specialized company in decks?

Professional deck builders can help you fully customize the design, layout, materials, and colors of your deck, so it is totally adapted to your needs, as well as to the architecture and colors of your house, and so on. Builders that are specialized in decks will ask you a ton of questions, not just, “What is your budget?”

To get the deck you will fully use and enjoy, you need to think about the activities and events you intend to have on your deck, the number of people you want to have on your deck, standing and sitting, etc. Do you just want a place to do quick BBQ cooking, or do you want a space to really cook and eat outside? Do you want your deck to connect to your pool? Have a pathway leading to your outdoor fireplace? And dozens more.

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Deck Guardian

Our Most Popular Types of Outdoor Projects in Piscataway

Over the years, we have transformed hundreds of backyards all over New Jersey, including within Piscataway Township. Chances are you have already seen our work. We design, from scratch or from a previous model of ours, adapt, build and assemble new decks, porches to create an outdoor living environment, so you can fully enjoy the warm season with friends and family.

We are a professional builder, creating solutions tailored to the needs and preferences of our clients. We can fully adapt the design of your deck for all the uses you have in mind, create separate areas for each function, making access paths to the pool, to a porch, to a fireplace, etc.

Customize your material

Our pros can create your deck from wood or composite material. Natural wood is a brilliant choice for its texture and its warm feeling, but it is a bit harder to maintain, and it ages faster. While a composite deck needs a lot less care and maintenance and lasts for a very long time. But either solution will give you plenty of time to enjoy the company of your guests on your new deck.

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Deck Guardian

Make Your Dream Backyard a Reality With a Custom Deck

When you look at your incomplete backyard, we are sure you have a vision of what you want. You have probably looked at thousands of pictures of decks on the Internet, and taken photos of your friends’ decks to create in your mind the image of a perfect deck that would meet your needs and preferences.

Now, you have to find a professional deck builder to make it a reality and give your backyard the great makeover you have in your mind. Well, unlike a general deck contractor offering you only prefabricated solutions, Deck Guardian is truly a deck creator. Bring us your vision of things, on hand-drawn sketches, photos, or anything else you got, and our design professionals will work with you to put this vision into a concrete blueprint.

Then, we will refine that plan with you and discuss materials and colors before our construction teams cut the pieces and begin to assemble this dream deck of yours. Finally, it will be fully assembled in your backyard, so you can host and entertain friends and family members as you have dreamed. Everyone will ask you how you have done it.

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Deck Guardian

In Summary

Deck Guardian is a professional builder specializing in everything related to decks, porches to transform your backyard. Our priority is to deliver a totally customized deck to our clients, which is what differentiates us from generic deck builders.

If you are looking for a deck builder in Piscataway, do not be fooled by other “builders” who are mere installers of catalog models. Trust your deck to professionals who only do everything related to decks and other backyard structures.

Trust our expertise

We will be along your side every step of the way to transpose this image in your mind into a fully customized and functional deck in your backyard. A deck that will bring you countless hours of exceptional moments with friends and family.

Contact us today, talk to our experts and begin the process.

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