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If you are looking for a deck builder in Pennington, New Jersey, it could be because you are tired of looking at your empty backyard. Another reason could be because you already have a deck, but it has been damaged by the passage of time, and you need to renovate or resurface it. Unlike generic deck builders, Deck Guardian is a team of unique professionals able to create your dream deck from scratch. We will design your dream deck, build it, and install it in your backyard in no time.

As professional builders, we place our clients and their needs at the center of our business. One example of that is that we do not impose any design, colors, or materials on our clients. With us, the client is king and has full control over these matters. Of course, our experts are always there to guide you in the selection of various elements, including the materials.

Today, we will look at the major differences between wood and composite materials for your deck. Keep reading for more details.

Deck Guardian – a Prestige Deck Builder in Pennington, New Jersey

Deck Guardian is a genuine and complete deck builder proud to be serving Pennington’s area. What sets us apart from the competition is that we are involved in every single stage of the creation of a deck. Unlike many other deck entrepreneurs, we are a real builder, creating custom designs from scratch to match your specific needs.

We will consider the specificities of your land (slope, trees, pool, etc.) to come up with a unique design that will be a totally custom project fully adapted to your needs and preference, not something picked up in a catalog.

We are mostly known for our decks, but we also create porches and virtually any other structures sitting in your backyard. Over the years, we have served thousands of customers, and a few dozens of them have left us a positive review on Google.

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Deck Guardian

Wood vs. Composite

When building, renovating, or resurfacing a deck, one of the most important questions homeowners face is the choice of materials. After the design and deck area, the choice of materials is the principal preoccupation and the one that most influences the cost of a deck.

Unlike general deck builders offering you limited choices of designs and materials from a catalog, Deck Guardian allows you to choose the materials you want, because we are full-fledged original builders, creating everything from scratch to meet your specific needs and preferences.

There are many pros and cons for each type of material used to build, renovate or resurface a deck. Our experts will analyze your specific situation and desires and will recommend you the best option.

1. Wood.

Wood is still the favorite material of most people because of its unique warmth, look and feel. However, a wooden deck requires more care. Depending on the wood species selected and the treatment it received beforehand, the maintenance of the wood can require cleaning, brushing, sealing or painting, and other treatments regularly, ranging from every few months to every year. That maintenance costs you money and time every year.

An aspect often neglected with deck woods is that it can chip and split, causing not only visible damage on the deck boards and posts but also creating minor hazards that could cause injuries. This is especially important to keep in mind if you have younger children at home. Children will use the deck to play, and they will run on it. That will increase the risk of damage to the wooden elements. Those damaged elements can cause minor injuries to your children.

2. Composite materials

Composite materials cost more beforehand for the initial purchase, but require little to no maintenance over the years. They are more resistant to discoloration and to other forms of damage. It is thus the perfect choice for families with younger children since that reduces the chances of injuries.
Just as there are many species of wood to choose from for your deck, there are also many types of composite materials. Depending on the specific materials you choose, you will have access to a wide variety of colors, much wider than natural wood tones.
A few factors to keep in mind for the choice of materials. First, over the entire lifespan of your deck, the total cost of a wooden deck and a composite deck will be roughly the same. Second, materials can be mixed and matched; if you have a wooden frame, you can complete your deck with either wooden or composite boards. Third, it is important to note that both types of materials can be used not only for decks (new, repaired or resurfaced), but also for porches or any other structure in your backyard.
Contact our expert builders today to be guided in your materials selection.

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Deck Guardian

Last Word

As we have seen, Deck Guardian is a unique deck builder in Pennington, New Jersey, since it is a deck builder offering you a whole range of services covering anything related to decks. With us, you have the full flexibility regarding the design and the materials of your deck (among so many other elements).
We will guide you in the selection of the materials for your deck. Both wood and composite materials can be excellent choices, depending on your situation.
Contact us today to start your dream deck project.

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