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If you are looking for a deck builder in Paramus, New Jersey, do not be fooled by amateur deck builders offering you only prebuilt models from a catalog. Those models have little to no customization options, so chances are you will not be able to pick the materials or colors you want.

However, genuine builders like Deck Guardian offer you total flexibility to customize your deck as you see fit. We will create a deck matching your specifications and needs, including using the materials of your choice. We will build your dream deck to let you host friends and family the way you always wanted.

In this article, we will briefly compare wood and composite materials. As you will see, although they serve the same purpose, they differ greatly from one another. Keep reading to learn more about the subject.

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Best Deck Builder in Paramus, New Jersey

When you are looking for a professional and reliable deck builder in Paramus, you must consider a genuine builder like Deck Guardian offering you all the services related to decks and porches: design, building, installation, and resurfacing.

Our unique range of experience and expertise makes us uniquely qualified to assist you in the concretization of your dream deck in your backyard. We will listen to you to understand your needs, preferences, and expectations. Then, we will create a unique design just for you.

Throughout the years, we have built hundreds of decks all over New Jersey State. We are proud to have helped transform the backyard (and lives) of so many homeowners all over our state, including in and around Paramus. 

Among our many happy clients, many dozens of them have taken the time to leave us a positive review on Google. Will you be among our next satisfied customers?

Wood vs. Composite 

When people think about decks, they think about size, design, colors, and materials. Whether it is for a brand-new deck or for the resurfacing of an old one, nowadays, you have a wide selection of materials.

While many deck builders only offer you the installation of a standard catalog model, other builders, like Deck Guardian, create your deck from scratch. That gives you total liberty regarding all aspects of your deck, including the materials to be used.

Traditionally, people once had a choice between a few species of wood, treated or untreated, for their deck. Now, they have an extensive selection of species offering different colors or shades, even before being stained. Of course, now you also have a wide variety of composite materials to choose from. But what are the differences? In which aspect is one better than the other?

We will give you a few pointers in this article, but the subject is complex, and it is much better to talk about it with our experts who will guide you based on your specific situation.

1. Wood.

Natural wood has a unique sensation to the touch that is unmatchable by the composite materials. It is still the best choice in many situations to fully enjoy your time outdoors. 

2. Composite materials.

These days, you also have composite materials. They are usually made from petroleum derivatives (plastics). 

3. Cost.

Over the span of 25 years, wood and composite materials will cost about the same. If wood is much cheaper for the initial cost, you will have to pay for its maintenance and additional treatments year after year. Composite materials are much more expensive upfront but require little to no maintenance over the years.

4. Durability.

Composite materials tend to have a longer lifespan than wood for similar quality levels. Also, composite boards are less subject to crack or have splinters, making them safer for children playing on or around such decks.

5. Environment.

You will not be surprised to know that wood has a much smaller carbon footprint at the start than composite materials coming from oil. At the end of its useful life, wood will simply disintegrate into nature while it is not the case for composite materials.

6. Colors.

Composite materials come in a variety of colors. After some treatment, most of them can be painted, giving you the same color range as you can get with wood.

So, depending on your situation and preferences, a composite deck may be the solution or not. Our pros will be able to guide you after analyzing your specific project. Your preferences and your initial budget will be key factors in the decision.

Come see our experts today to discuss your project and explore all the material possibilities.

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In Summary

When looking for a deck builder in Paramus, New Jersey, it is very important to find a genuine deck builder offering you, among other benefits, a complete range of materials to build or resurface your deck or your porch.

A professional builder like Deck Guardian offers you such flexibility through its extensive services. Over the years, we have built and resurfaced hundreds of decks all over the State of New Jersey. We have completed hundreds of wood projects and hundreds of composite projects, giving us recognized expertise in deck materials.

As we have seen, although both wood and composite materials are excellent choices; they both have their own pros and cons, that is why one will be a better choice for a given project.

Contact us today to discuss the materials for your deck, as well as any other aspect we can help you with.

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