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If you are looking for a deck builder in Old Bridge, New Jersey, you came to the right place! Deck Guardian is a full-featured deck builder proud to serve the Old Bridge area. Over the years, we stood apart from most companies offering only deck installations. We are a genuine deck builder creating custom solutions for our clients. Solutions that are perfectly adapted to their needs and environment, transforming their lives.

Professionals you can trust

Entrust the creation (from the design to the installation) to a professional deck building company with years of experience and the expert skills to turn your dream into a reality. We will listen to your needs and desires, then we will recommend to you a solution to address them, while also considering your land as well as the architecture and colors of your house.

That is the difference between a genuine professional deck building company and a mere installer.

Need A Custom Deck? Hire a TOP Deck Contractor in Old Bridge, New Jersey

If you made the choice of increasing the value of your property by adding a custom deck to your house, rather than just a generic solution, you should hire the only complete one-stop-shop deck builder in Old Bridge, New Jersey: Deck Guardian.

We have created, built, and installed hundreds of custom decks all over New Jersey, including in and around Old Bridge. It is very possible that one of our works is in the backyard of one of your closest neighbors. Unlike most deck builders who will suggest you a generic solution from a catalog, we will be able to design from scratch the deck of your dreams or adapt one of our previous models to fit your needs and preferences.

What most builders will not tell you is that a generic deck solution will most likely hurt the value of your property and will not allow you to fully enjoy your backyard the way YOU want to use it.

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Deck Guardian

What Does Your Dream Deck Look Like?

When looking at your empty backyard, what do you see in your mind? Do you see a space where you can BBQ, receive guests for lunch or dinner, a comfortable seating area, and a path leading to a pool or a jacuzzi? We all have a unique vision for our backyard, based on what we want to use it for, how many guests we usually have at a single event, the area and the characteristics of the land we have, etc.

That is why a custom solution will always be a better idea than a catalog design. A professional builder, like Deck Guardian, will evaluate all this and come up with a perfect solution. Will our pros recommend you a composite deck or a wood deck based on your preferences in terms of maintenance? A composite deck offers a long-lasting deck with little to no maintenance, but wood offers a unique warmth and feeling.

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Deck Guardian

Knowledge, Experience, and Talent

When the time comes to build your dream deck, it is much better to trust a genuine full-time deck builder than a mere deck contractor doing decks only to fill up his downtime.

Deck Guardian has many years and many hundreds of completed projects, creating custom decks and porches. We also have the required experience to resurface an existing deck, giving it a brand-new look that will last you a long time, with wood or composite materials.

Having such a broad experience in deck solutions gives us a unique expertise not only to face unexpected challenges but also to think outside the box and suggest innovative ideas to use your empty backyard. With the right equipment in your backyard, you will be able to host friends and family the way you want it. This is how we transform the lives of our numerous satisfied clients.

Get Started Today With Your Deck Project

When you are ready to make your dream deck a reality in your backyard, contact the only deck builder in Old Bridge, New Jersey, who can make it happen. We are proud to be a builder with a long track record of successful deliveries for hundreds of clients throughout the State of New Jersey, including the area around Old Bridge.

When you contact us, we will carefully listen to you. We will make sure we understand your expectations, your vision, and your preferences. We will then look at the layout of your backyard, as well as the architecture and colors of your house. Furthermore, we will combine all this information into a sketch, which will be refined with you to end up with a technical drawing ready to be built.

We will then build and install the deck of your dream in your backyard for you to fully enjoy life by hosting friends and family in a comfortable setting.

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Deck Guardian


As you can see, looking for deck builders can be a complicated process, since you have to distinguish between companies that are just deck installers and those who are genuine deck builders. Only the latter category can deliver you a custom solution perfectly adapted to your needs and your environment. Such a custom solution is a booster for the value of your property.
The first step to making your dream deck a reality is to contact Deck Guardians specialists today and share your vision with us. Sooner than you think, your backyard will be completely transformed.

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