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Embrace the outdoors with our Norristown deck builder, Deck Guardian. Lounge in the lavishness of a professionally built porch. Bask in the beauty of what your Norristown scenery has to offer. All these things can be yours when you trust Deck Guardian for your next deck or porch project.

Having a deck built in your backyard is a great way to increase the beauty and charm of your home and create a fun space for gatherings with family and friends. Deck Guardian builds well-built creations that can suit any of your outdoor living needs. And we understand the importance of form and function to work harmoniously in creating a vibrant outdoor space.

Deck Guardian, the best Norristown Deck Builder, can help you design, build, and install the perfect outdoor living space that meets all your needs while staying within your budget. We know Norristown and can create a custom creation that will fit beautifully into this fabulous town.

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Building a Private Getaway in Your Norristown Backyard

There is so much to see and do in Norristown, PA. With all the amenities nearby and large shopping centers, Norristown provides a dense suburban feel with a small-town look. With Elmwood Park Zoo and right next to the Legoland Discovery Center, this Montgomery County town is the perfect place for families.

There are a variety of buildings to cater to a variety of families. From apartments, to townhomes, to single family homes, Norristown offers a place to call home for any budget. There are also a lot of parks and outdoor sanctuaries to enjoy. Right off the Schuylkill River, Stoney Creek crosses through this town to create a beautiful green belt of wooded areas and trails to enjoy.

Outdoor adventures await in this town that truly has something for everyone. And if you are more of the “relax and enjoy the outdoors” type, why not take advantage of the breathtaking Norristown views from the comfort of your own home? A new custom deck or porch or an upgrade to your existing deck are all excellent ways to take in the sights at a more leisurely pace.

Adding a deck to your property in Montgomery County can be one of the most rewarding additions you make to your home. There are many different options for decks, each providing its own set of features and benefits. Some of the decks Deck Guardian can build are:

  • Ground-level decks: These free-standing decks are not attached to the side of your house, so you can build a deck anywhere in your yard. Whatever your views, you can take advantage of the perfect location to capture the true essence of your space.
  • Pool decks: There’s nothing better than sipping a cold drink on a hot summer day while enjoying your own personal pool. Without a pool deck, your yard can become quite the mess around all that water. Choose a slip-free, water-resistant deck product like our line of composite decking from Deckorators or Trex, and you will have a low-maintenance, gorgeous pool surround to enjoy.
  • Multi-tier decks: These multi-level decks are a great way to maximize your outdoor space, and they can add a layer of privacy as well, with a lower deck below your neighbor’s line of site. This is an excellent option if you live in a neighborhood with smaller spaces between houses.
  • Porches: A porch is a perfect addition to any front or backyard, providing a covered outdoor space while adding style and elegance to your home. You can also choose to go with a screened porch which can be enjoyed rain or shine.
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Norristown Geck Builder

Create Your Norristown Dream Deck:

There are plenty of reasons to hire a deck builder near Norristown to create your dream deck. Here are just a few important things to consider when choosing a professional deck building company to work with:

  • Deck Guardian is licensed and Insured.
    Deck Guardian is a Norristown deck contractor that is licensed and insured. We are experienced and knowledgeable and ready to handle any curve ball that gets thrown in our way of building your dream deck. Just in case anything goes wrong, we’ve got all scenarios covered.
  • We know Building Codes and Standards.
    Our Norristown deck builder is familiar with Pennsylvania building codes ensuring your new outdoor space meets all codes and standards and is in proper working order. This includes following set safety protocols specific rto Montgomery County for all our team members keeping our work site and your home as safe as can be during construction.
  • Safety is our top priority.
    Our specialized workers have experience in dealing with Montgomery County deck construction and will handle all your decking products and materials with care. We install galvanized steel helical footings that can hold up to 3 times the amount of weight that typical concrete footings can. The safety of your family is our top priority so we will make sure everything is installed correctly so that you can enjoy your deck for years to come.

Hiring our skilled Norristown deck builder is the way to go when it comes to safety and cost efficiency. Our expertise in building decks helps ensure your new outdoor space remains secure, while our knowledge of building codes and standards guarantees your deck project is completed safely. You can have the ultimate peace of mind when you choose us to create your dream deck in Norristown.

Our Seamless Process For All Your Deck Needs:

Now that you know about some of the services we provide, let’s break down our seamless process to suit all your decking needs:

  • Call to learn more about what we can do for your next deck or porch project
  • Meet with a decking consultant to create a personalized quote and plan for free.
  • Design exactly what you want your deck to look like, and choose any add-ons or options.
  • Installation and construction take place in a timely fashion and follow appropriate safety and building standards.
  • Sign off on your finished deck or porch and enjoy the excellent choice you made by going with Deck Guardian.

Your Dependable Montgomery County Deck Builders Proudly Serving Norristown:

Many people think building a deck is an easy DIY project; however, there are many steps to building a steadfast and well-constructed deck. It makes sense to hire a dependable deck builder near Norristown and Deck Guardian has been proudly serving Montgomery County for over a decade.

Our professional team is:

  • Hand picked
  • Certified in deck design
  • Specially trained construction installers
  • Friendly and courteous
  • Great communicators and problem solvers

And we are here to provide our customers with the very best experience possible. The options we provide are endless and we will work with your budget in mind. Deck Guardian even partners with HSF to offer financing if necessary to help you build your deck or porch as soon as possible.

You can depend on our excellent service standards, professional team, and fair pricing that will ensure your deck gets built right, on time, and at the best possible price. When constructing a deck meant to last, having an experienced Norristown deck builder lead the process is priceless. You get that when you work with our Norristown deck contractor. Hiring a professional Norristown deck builder is worth every penny when you want to build a safe and solid deck.

We have the local experience to provide you with a timeless style and a deck that will last. To find out more about how much our professional services cost, call our Norristown Deck Company today to find out!

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Norristown Geck Builder

Ready to Fall in Love with your Deck Again with Deck Guardian?

Are you ready to fall in love with your deck again with Deck Guardian? You won’t regret hiring our professional deck services in PA that can reinvigorate your enjoyment of your backyard. Whether it’s a lively party, elegant event, family barbecue, or a quiet evening alone, Deck Guardian can repurpose your old deck or create a custom space for you to make memories that last.

It couldn’t be easier than picking up the phone to give us a call to get your love affair for your deck reignited. If it’s more convenient to contact us online, you can email us or fill out our online form. Our website has lots of information for you to look at to decide if Deck Guardian is right for you. We even have a showcase of some of the amazing decks we have built in the past for you to look at.

Don’t just take it from us; read the reviews other customers have given us on our website and find out why Deck Guardian is the premium deck contractor in Pennsylvania. Give our Norristown Deck Company a call for a hassle-free consultation with the deck-building experts at Deck Guardian.

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