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If you are looking for a deck builder in New Providence, New Jersey, to create, install or repair a structure in your backyard, you should know that most companies pretending to be deck builders are not full-time builders specialized in decks or any other backyard structures. Only a few companies, like Deck Guardian, are really specialized in those structures and know all the challenges they can pose.

We talk here about various structures you can place in your backyard to better enjoy your time outdoors, in a variety of ways. That could take the form of a deck, of course. We have done them all, from the design to the installation. In this article, we will discuss those structures and indicate their specificities and possibilities.

Learn more about various structures and how they differ from each other.

Dependable, On-Time Deck Builder in New Providence, New Jersey

If you are looking for a deck builder to create any type of structure in your backyard, you need to find a professional builder with tons of experience in that field, not just a general contractor doing decks on the side to complete a house project.

Hopefully, Deck Guardian is such a genuine, fully dedicated deck-building company. Over the years, we are proud to have served hundreds of satisfied customers, including a few in New Providence, among your neighbours. A few dozens of those happy and satisfied customers have left us a positive review on Google, look at what they said about our work.

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Various Structures

When we think about putting some elements in a backyard to enjoy time outdoors with friends and family, most people think about decks. It is normal since decks are usually the star of American backyards. Most general deck builders offer you only decks because they limit themselves to the most popular item. However, other builders, like Deck Guardian, are specialists in backyard equipment, not just decks.

Unlike general contractors doing decks on the side of their regular operations, we do everything related to your backyard and only that. We design the structures from scratch based on your specific needs and preferences. Then our expert builders will assemble the pieces and install the complete structure in your private backyard.

Besides creating the deck structure, we also repair and resurface them.

1. Decks

Any list of structures should begin with the star: the deck. A traditional deck is attached to the house to provide an outdoor extension of the house, allowing you to enjoy the great weather. But a deck can also be detached from the house to create a structure around an above-ground pool, for example. A deck is usually flush with the patio door, relatively close to the ground, but it can also reach the second story of the house. Depending on the size of the deck, it can be divided into zones to have a cooking/kitchen area, a dining room area, a living room area, etc. A deck is usually just a surface with rails, but without walls or roof.

2. Paths

Finally, another structure often neglected that can be placed in your backyard is a path. A path is basically a sidewalk made of wood to let you reach your spa, your pool, or your fireplace.

All those structures can be done in natural wood or in composite materials. We all know that a composite deck has qualities that differ from a wooden deck, with its own pros and cons. Our experts can guide you in this selection.

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In Summary

If you are looking for a deck builder in New Providence, New Jersey, to do any work in your backyard, make sure your project is in the hands of an expert deck builder who specializes in those structures, not just a regular builder doing occasional backyard structures among other types of contracts.

At Deck Guardian, we are experts totally dedicated to backyard equipment and structures. That is why our customers appreciate so much the work we do for them.

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