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If you live in Morristown or its immediate surroundings, you might be looking for a deck builder in Morristown to create a superb deck to adorn your backyard. A place where you can host friends and families for all kinds of gatherings and events. For deck projects, you will often see deck builders announcing their handyman services. Most of the time, these are simply deck installers, offering you to install a prefabricated catalog model, with little to no customization.

How Deck Guardian makes the difference

However, if you hire a professional and dedicated deck builder, like Deck Guardian, you will have plenty of customization possible, from design to materials and colors. One big question is to decide if you want your deck made with wood or with composite materials. We will see some differences in this article that should help you make the right choice for you. Of course, our professionals will also be able to guide you based on the uses you plan for your deck.

Choosing a Deck Builder in Morristown

When shopping around for your Morristown deck building company, you will quickly realize there are different kinds of deck builders who use the same title. However, you learn to distinguish the genuine deck contractors who know everything about decks, since they do that full time, not just in between other types of construction jobs.

A professional and dedicated deck builder is a deck-building company that specializes in decks and other backyard constructions (like porches, for example). Such a company has developed an incomparable expertise in this specialty and can accompany you during the entire process, from the conception to the installation.

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Deck Guardian

Wooden Deck

For deck boards and posts, we had only one option in the past. Nowadays, wood is still a favorite among those building a new deck, because of its many qualities. A wood deck can be built using many species of wood, but the most commonly used are pine and cedar. This is normally the less costly option.

Both can be absolutely natural or pressure-treated. This treatment gives an excellent protection to your wood against fungus and bug infestations, as well as greatly slowing down the natural rotting process. Both can then be stained or painted to harmonize with the color of your house or deck accessories.

Wood decks have a special feeling and warmth that just cannot be matched by anything else, and they are suitable for older constructions. This is the traditional choice for everyone. Unfortunately, wood is subject to aging, especially in zones, like New Jersey, where drastic changes in temperatures and harsh winter climates affect a natural element like wood, and even treated wood is not eternal.

A professional deck builder will be able to advise you which type of wood, treatment, and finish would be the best for the uses you plan for your deck.

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Deck Guardian

Composite Deck

On the other hand, you have composite materials. There is now a wide range of composite materials offering a very good replacement to wood when it comes time to build a new deck or resurface an old one. Homeowners and deck builders like composite materials, for many reasons.

First, they last longer. A composite material is not subject to aging as wood is, nor is it subject to fungus or pest infestation. Although it is a bigger initial investment, this investment will last much longer, so it could be more economical in the long run.

Unlike wood, composite decks are virtually maintenance-free. They will keep their original beauty for many years, without requiring you to maintain them beyond some sweeping.

Composite boards come pre-colored, so you do not need to stain or paint them. Often the color is embedded in the material itself, not just painted over it. That means that if it gets scratched, it will still look the same; no need to touch it up.

Since this is a solid material, it does not have splinters, unlike wood. It is thus safer for both kids and pets. Everyone will be able to give your deck a hard time without you worrying about their safety.

All these qualities make the composite deck a superb choice for resurfacing an old deck, as well as creating a brand-new one.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian, Premier Deck Builder in Morristown

Deck Guardian is a professional and reliable deck company, offering you professional services for all your backyard projects. We can build decks, porches, and any other structure in your backyard to increase both your enjoyment and the value of your property.

Unlike common deck builders, Deck Guardian is a full-featured deck builder, offering you the design of custom decks to match your needs and preferences so you can finally host friends and family comfortably and conveniently. We listen to your needs, understand your vision, and create the blueprint of the deck you have always dreamed of.

Last Word

If you are looking for a deck builder in Morristown, do not forget to contact Deck Guardian, a genuine and full-featured deck builder in your area. Our specialists can easily transform this vision you have for your backyard into a reality.

Based on what you intend to use your deck for, and your preferences, we will suggest to you the best material for your deck. Both wood and composite materials are excellent choices, but one might be better for your situation.

Contact us today and you will soon have your dream deck in your backyard!

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