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If you are looking for a deck builder in Montclair, New Jersey, make sure you consider Deck Guardian. We have serviced your area for many years already, working on many projects related to decks and porches. We build new decks and we repair and resurface existing decks.

Unlike general entrepreneurs saying they are deck builders just because they install a catalog model or two during the summer, we are genuine deck builders, creating them from scratch and building them to meet your preferences and needs, improving your life and the value of your property.

We also do resurfacing, which is the topic of this article. What is resurfacing and what are the benefits of resurfacing? Keep reading to discover more about deck resurfacing.

Deck Resurfacer and Deck Builder in Montclair, New Jersey

If you are looking for a company to build a brand-new deck for you or to resurface your old deck, it is important to hire one that has experience with all the stages of the life of a deck. Deck Guardian is such a deck builder. We have completed hundreds of projects creating, building, and resurfacing decks and porches all over the State of New Jersey.

We are not like regular general entrepreneurs claiming the title of a builder, although they simply install a catalog model. We design, build, install and repair all types of decks and porches to give you a complete custom solution to enhance the beauty and value of your property.

Over the years, we have transformed the backyard of hundreds of satisfied clients, many of whom took the time to leave us a positive review on Google. Will you be our next satisfied client in Montclair?

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Deck Guardian

Resurfacing vs. Rebuilding

If your deck shows signs of aging or damage, it is probably time to refresh it. You might want to tear it down and start all over again, but that would be a waste of time and money if your support structure is still sound. The support structure is mostly protected from the elements (rain, snow, and harsh sun) by the surface boards, so it is much less affected by the passage of time.

Most deck builders will only suggest you a brand-new deck as a solution to your situation because they can only sell you complete deck kits from a catalog. However, there are some builders, like Deck Guardian, that are experts in everything related to decks, including their resurfacing.

What is resurfacing exactly? In simple terms, it consists of replacing the surface boards of your deck to refresh its look and extend its useful life. The result is that you seem to have a brand-new deck since the visible (surface) components are new.

Compared to a rebuilding operation, you save a lot of time for the demolition (destruction of the support frame and the posts from the ground) and reconstruction (creating new posts with their cement anchoring, curing time, and rebuilding a support frame). That saved time also means great savings in labor costs. Plus, of course, you save a lot on materials, since only the surface boards are replaced.

Before proceeding, your current deck will be inspected to make sure the support structure is solid and that it complies with the current regulations. If any post or joist has to be repaired or replaced, it will be before installing the new surface boards.

What most homeowners forget when they think about resurfacing their old deck is that the resulting new deck does not need to be identical to the old one. 

One thing you can change is the surface area or the layout of your deck by adding/removing support posts or by expanding/reducing the support frame. We can easily do that for you since we design decks from scratch all the time, so we can ensure the stability and solidity of the new layout of your choice.

Even if you do not change the surface area, you can give your deck a new look by placing the surface boards in another direction than they were before. Changing the angle will change the look of your deck.

Finally, you could replace wood boards with composite boards to get the look and feel of a composite deck on top of a wooden structure. There are pros and cons for each type of material, so our experts will guide you toward the best selection for your own situation.

Contact our experts today to see if resurfacing your old deck could be an affordable option for you.

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Deck Guardian

Last Word 

As we have seen, resurfacing could be a great option to give your aging deck a facelift and get virtually a brand-new deck at a much lower cost. Not every deck builder in Montclair, New Jersey, offers you such resurfacing service because many are just installers of prebuilt decks from a catalog. 

We have also seen that resurfacing does not mean recreating exactly the old deck; changes can be made to the surface area, the structure, the orientation of the boards, and even the board material.

Deck Guardian is a genuine and professional deck builder working in your community. Our biggest pride, as a builder, is to transform the lives of our clients by allowing them to host friends and family members the way they always dreamed of. Resurfacing an old deck is a quick way to do it.

Contact us today for your deck resurfacing needs.

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