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What Services Do Deck and Porch Companies in Monroe Township, NJ, Provide?

If you look around Monroe Township, you will find many companies offering themselves to build the deck of your dreams. However, you will find out that most of these companies are only general contractors, doing decks as only one of their many diversified services. So, these are not really deck builders, they are likely deck assemblers since they are offering your only designs from a catalog, which they got from one of their suppliers.

If you want a real deck builder in Monroe, NJ, you have to look beyond traditional building or construction companies; you need to look for companies that are specialized in decks. These companies, like Deck Guardian, eat, drink and sleep decks all day long, all year around. We are proud to be not only a deck company, but a leader in our field.

Porches,Terraces and Decks in Monroe, NJ

If you are looking to get a new deck, porch or any other outdoor living space done in Monroe Township, you need to seek professional deck builders who know their trade inside and out. You need professional builders who do decks all the time, not just in between other general construction jobs.

At Deck Guardian, we are proud to have delivered to hundreds of customers the backyard of their dreams, in which they happily welcome friends and family members. They do all kinds of gatherings, from a simple Sunday’s BBQ to birthday parties. They either dine outdoors or have a great time around their pool. The events are limited only by their imagination now that they have a fully equipped backyard, thanks to a perfect deck or other construction.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian—Monroe Premier Deck Builder

Deck Guardian is proud to serve Monroe Township as well as the rest of the State of New Jersey. We are a true deck builder, offering the complete range of services from the design of your dream deck, taking into consideration not only your desires but also your house and backyard space, the construction of your deck and its assembly.

Unlike a simple contractor, we offer you the design of your dream, in every material you wish, and in any color matching your house for a perfect integration. If you have a great deck that is so perfectly matching the design and color of your house that it is really seen as an extension of it, that increases the value of your property; it becomes an investment, not an expense. That is only one benefit of hiring Deck Guardian to build the deck of your dreams.

Best Quality Deck Material Choices—Only With Deck Guardian!

Among the various companies all around Monroe Township, Deck Guardian is the only builder offering you virtually unlimited choices in terms of materials and colors. We know perfectly well the harsh winter conditions your deck will face, year after year, since we also face them with you. So, we know exactly which materials are best for your deck, depending on the type of uses you have in mind for it.

Customize your material

For material, we only choose the best one for the job and the one matching the client’s preference. Some do prefer the warmth of a natural wood deck, while others prefer the simplicity of a composite deck. Either way, during the discussions we will have with you, while designing your dream deck from scratch or by modifying an existing model we have already built, we will suggest you the perfect material for your deck.

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Deck Guardian

Experienced Deck Contractor With a Creative Vision

No other deck builder in Monroe, NJ, has the experience Deck Guardian has. We are proud to have built hundreds of decks and porches to provide our clients a great outdoor living space to receive friends and family members for many gatherings. Our clients tell us how much we have transformed their backyard, and their life.
We are not just a general contractor; we are a specialized deck builder offering you the possibility of designing your dream deck. We are proud to accompany our customers throughout their quest of the deck of their dreams.

We also have resurfacing services, with which we can change all your deck boards, with new wood boards or with composite material, to ensure an impressive look for a long time and virtually no maintenance. This is another way to look at your backyard deck.

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Deck Guardian

Insured, Experienced, And Coming With a Service Guarantee—Top Decks in Monroe

If you are looking for a professional deck builder in Monroe, NJ, you should consider the array of services this deck builder can offer you. You should also look at its past realizations to see what it has done for its clients in the past. Ideally, you should have the possibility to have it design and build the deck of your dreams. Finally, the deck builder of your choice should be insured against unforeseen events and guarantee its work.

Deck Guardian has all this, and more. We are proud to have served Monroe Township and the vicinity for many years already and we continue doing so every day for your neighbors.

Contact us today to start planning the creation of the deck of your dreams from the vision you have in mind or by customizing and adapting another design we have completed in the past.

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