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Are you looking for a deck builder in Milltown, New Jersey? Among the various deck builders, you will find along the way, very few can be considered genuine professional builders. Indeed, most of the deck-building contractors simply install you a generic, boring model picked in a catalog. However, Deck Guardian can design your dream deck from scratch. That way, your deck will meet all your needs and preferences. A custom deck is also a great way to enhance the value of your property as it complements your house design and colors. In this article, we discuss some of the questions you should ask yourself about your deck usage before contacting a custom designer for your dream deck. Be sure to take some notes as you read along.

Looking for a Reliable Deck Builder in Milltown, New Jersey

If you are looking for a reliable deck building company operating in and around Milltown, you will need to look for a deck builder with a wide range of services, not just the installation of a prebuilt catalog model. Also, the builder would need to have many years of experience in anything and everything related to backyard structures (decks, of course, but also porches, and so on). Hopefully, the experts from Deck Guardian are operating in Milltown and have already served many satisfied clients in your area. While regular deck building companies show you catalogs with models designed for just everyone, we can show you past projects, all unique. Our projects are unique because they are designed from scratch to address the specific needs of each client. To do so, we consider the characteristics of the backyard area (is there a slope, a tree in the middle of the place, a pool, etc.) and the house. If a deck is well-designed to complement the house, which will increase the overall value of the property.

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Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Deck Usage

When you begin to plan your dream deck, your head is probably spinning with a ton of questions. You wonder how to sort them out and which questions are really important. Professional deck builders will review a series of questions with you to understand your vision and put it on paper. You can contact various builders with some of those questions already answered to help filter out those who can really help you transpose your vision into your backyard. Unfortunately, some so-called deck-building companies will tell you that your project cannot be done. That will never happen to us.

1. Number of guests.

Of course, everyone with a deck will do some BBQ during the week with the household members to enjoy a good steak or something like that. But chances are you want your deck to be large enough to host and entertain friends and family members on a regular basis. The “regular” part varies from one homeowner to the other. It could be every weekend, every month, etc. The important thing is to get a figure in mind to determine the square footage you need, so those people are comfortable on your deck. Of course, there will always be an event or two every year when you have more guests. It is okay.

2. Functional zones.

Do you just want a zone for your BBQ and a dining table? How large do you need the table to be? Do you also want some space to relax and just enjoy some time outdoors? Perhaps you have a pool nearby, and you want to integrate it with your main deck?

3. Number of levels.

If you want to have multiple functional zones, do you want them to be separated by rails or by a difference in height? Depending on the square footage and the layout of your deck, one type of separator will be preferable to another. Our experts can shed some light on this topic.

4. Paths.

Perhaps you have a large backyard, and you want a relatively small deck area attached to the house, but you would like to have a path leading to a pool or a fireplace at another location in your backyard. We can then create for you a wooden path in harmony with your deck.

5. Children.

Having children using the deck on a regular basis will affect the design and the materials you will choose. Here, we do not necessarily talk about your own children, but those of the family visiting regularly, or those of the neighbors, etc. All those structures can be built using wood or composite materials. We all know that a composite deck has some differences from a wooden deck. There are pros and cons for each. Our experts will guide you in the selection.

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As we just saw, it is important to have already done some of your homework when you contact a deck builder in Milltown, New Jersey, to create your dream deck. A genuine professional deck builder will be happy to start from there and go deeper with you to fully understand your needs and expectations. A part-time builder will either browse a catalog for the specifications you need, or will tell you it is not possible. We are proud to have served hundreds of homeowners and to have transformed their lives as we transformed their backyard. Contact us to discuss your dream deck and let our designers create it for you.

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