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If you are looking for a deck builder in Matawan, New Jersey, be aware that not all the companies promoting themselves as deck builders are indeed builders. Many of those are mere regular entrepreneurs installing a prebuilt catalog model, among various other services they offer. They are not deck experts.

However, Deck Guardian is a genuine deck expert. Why? Because we design and create from scratch any form of deck to adapt it to your specific needs and property. Unlike a generic solution slapped on the side of your house, a carefully designed custom deck will integrate perfectly with your house and will boost the value of your entire property.

In this article, we will talk about the two main types of decks that our clients want to have in their backyard. But, since we are genuine builders from A to Z, we will create any type of deck you want. Just contact us today to start the process.

Deck Guardian — Your Trusted Deck Builder in Matawan, New Jersey

Since you are looking for a deck builder in Matawan, it is important to choose a builder that has a long and wide range of expertise in everything related to decks in all shapes and forms.

Deck Guardian has built and resurfaced hundreds of decks throughout your area over the years we have served your community. Since are not mere assemblers of catalog models, but genuine builders taking care of all the steps of the design, building and installation of custom-made decks. We know all aspects of decks and porches inside and out, so if something unexpected happens, our experts will always know how to deal with it, or they will create a custom solution. 

A few dozen of our satisfied clients have left us a positive review on Google. Look at them, then contact us to join this group of highly satisfied customers. 

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Deck Guardian

Types of Decks

If you look at decks in a catalog, you will most likely see a series of elevated platforms with few variations in terms of square area and handrail models. But when you are doing business with professional deck builders, like Deck Guardian, you are not limited to models from a catalog. 

Since we are genuine builders, we will listen to your vision and we will create for you the perfect deck to match your needs and preferences. Now, let us look at a few designs this dream deck of yours can take.

1. Classic raised decks

Among the most popular types of decks, we see in New Jersey is the classic raised deck. This deck comprises a platform (with a support frame and surface boards) that rests on posts. Those posts create a space between the platform and the ground. The mean reason for such space below is to level up with the patio door of your house to ease up the transition between your house and your deck area. This distance also protects your platform and surface boards from the humidity and freezing coming from the ground. A side benefit is to give you a storage space to hide items under your deck, like a lawnmower or other yard equipment. If you have an enormous deck, you can divide it into zones using handrails, plant pots, low walls, and so many more options.

2. Multilevel decks

Another type of deck that has gained a lot of popularity in the last ten years is the multilevel decks. A multilevel deck is a deck on which the division of the functional areas is done mostly by varying the height of the floor. You could, for example, have a cooking area right next to the house, flush with the patio door, and a dining area that would be set lower on the deck. Another height-differentiated area could be devoted to an outdoor living room with a fireplace, for example. The primary requirement for a multilevel deck is to have an enormous surface area to play with, since you will need to include stairs for each change in elevation. Those stairs also take some surface area out of your multilevel deck, besides all the space already allocated to the various zones. A simple form of a multilevel deck could be a regular classic raised deck attached to the house, leading to another deck zone, at a different height, wrapped around an above-ground pool, for example.

In terms of materials, you are totally free to go for wood or composite materials. You probably have heard of the many benefits of a composite deck, but wood also has its pros you should consider. Let our experts guide you every step of the way, including for the material selection.

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Deck Guardian

Last Word

As we have just seen, Deck Guardian is a trustworthy deck builder in Matawan, New Jersey. As a deck builder, nothing makes us prouder than to take part in our clients’ backyard’s transformation. Once their dream deck has been installed, those clients can fully enjoy their time outdoors with friends and family, like never before. This changes their whole life.

Not just any builder can achieve that. But, through our expertise and dedication, we are proud to say we can do that for every single of our clients.

Contact us right away. Our experts will listen to your vision, needs and will consider the specificities of your backyard and of your house to create you the optimal model to enhance the functionality, beauty, and value of your property.

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