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Looking for a deck builder in Marlboro, New Jersey, is not a straightforward task. Yes, there are many companies promoting themselves as deck builders, but the only deck service those companies offer is a deck installation. They mostly install a catalog model and install them for all of their clients.

Those catalog decks are not suitable for most homeowners. Each homeowner has its own series of activities they want to be able to do on their deck when they host friends and families. Usually, that goes beyond just a BBQ space and a table to eat. If you want to have a custom backyard area where you can also sit comfortably in an outdoor living room set, or if you want to have a path leading to a pool or a jacuzzi, a standard catalog solution will not do the job for you.

Ready for a New Deck in Your Marlboro Backyard?

If you are looking for a deck builder in Marlboro, New Jersey, chances are that you are tired of looking at your empty backyard and would love to convert it into a great place for hosting friends and family.

There is also a good chance you already have a vision in mind of what you want. You might have contacted a few deck builders already, but none could really put your vision into a reality, because what you have in mind is not present in the catalogs.

However, Deck Guardian is a genuine professional deck builder who, unlike other builders, is able to create your deck from scratch and fully customize it for your needs and preferences. With us, you will have full control over the design, the materials, the colors, and everything else, so you can really have the deck of your dreams in your own backyard.

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Deck Guardian

Explore Our Deck Solutions for Helpful Deck Inspirations

As a professional deck builder, we begin by listening to your needs (how you want to use your outdoor living space, and how many people you want to host on a regular basis).

The first question we will want to clarify with you is if you are looking for a new custom deck. These are all important installations for your backyard, but with different uses. It could be a combination of a deck for most activities for the outdoor living room section, for example.

Since we are a full-featured deck builder and not just a mere deck contractor, we can easily adapt to your needs and change the plans accordingly. The important thing is what YOU want to do in your backyard.

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Deck Guardian

Design Your New Custom Deck

Once we listened carefully to your needs, and we understand the vision, you have in mind for your backyard, we will begin sketching and we will take into account the specificities of your land (is it all flat, or on a slope, for example), and the architecture of your house (an ultramodern deck design will not sit well with a colonial house, for example).

Customize your material

Along with the choice of design, our pros will discuss with you the materials to be used. Will you prefer the traditional wood with its unmatchable warmth, or will you opt for a composite deck? Composite materials have many advantages in terms of maintenance and durability, but it offers distinct sensations compared to wood.

Either choice is fine and will provide you with many years of enjoyment of your outdoor living space but, based on some criteria, you might prefer one over the other.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian— A Deck Building Team You Can Trust

Deck Guardian has already built hundreds of new decks, and pavilions, all over the State, including many in Marlboro Township. We are thus a top choice when looking for a deck builder in Marlboro, New Jersey. We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the state. You can see hundreds of positive reviews left by many of those satisfied clients on Google.

For your project, we can start really from scratch or, after listening to your needs, pull up a past project we did and change it to fully match your needs. That would, of course, reduce the costs and delivery time for your own deck.

Get a free estimate today

We provide you with a free quote before doing any work, and the price we quote is our bond; you will not have negative surprises at the end of your project, something that is not the case for every builder.

Final Word

When you are looking for a builder able to help you with anything related to decks in Marlboro, New Jersey, you should really look at what Deck Guardian can do for you. Unlike other deck builders, we are specialized in decks and other backyard structures. That is what we do full time, not just occasionally.

Trust our experts

We will sit down with you and carefully listen to your needs. We will discuss the best structures to furnish your backyard and transform it into a fantastic outdoor living space that will match your expectations for when you want to receive friends and family for various events.

Contact us today to plan a meeting with our experts and share with us your vision. We will do everything to make it a reality, and sooner than you think.

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