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Is your home starting to feel so cramped that you’ve been considering finding a bigger house? A house is one of the biggest purchases that most individuals will make in their lives. House prices are incredibly expensive in this economy, so we understand your hesitation to purchase a larger property.  But if you’re just looking to expand the available space of your home, then we’ll tell you a secret. You don’t have to buy another house.

A seasoned Madison deck builder like Deck Guardian can expand your home through the addition of decks and/or porches. Decks maximize the use of your outdoor space by transforming it into a versatile and multi-functional area. It also enhances your landscape with a fully customized area that can be used for any activity that you want to do.

Looking for a Madison Deck Building Company?

Deck Guardian has installed hundreds of decks and porches, as well as carried out deck refurbishing services, for the local homeowners. Because of that, we became the leading choice for those seeking a deck builder near Madison.

Deck Guardian strives to bring only the best to every project that we take on. Our Madison deck company has your back throughout the entire installation process, from the first meeting until the end of your project.

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Deck Guardian

Why use our Madison Decking Services?

Searching for an authentic Madison deck contractor can be a troublesome affair. Without proper research, there is the risk that you can fall for deck companies that offer you quick custom deck installations which, in reality, are only from a generic pre-built deck set.

You never have to worry about such situations when you choose to work with Deck Guardian. The services we offer as a Madison deck builder also extend to most of the New Jersey area. The quality of our work has been proven through the countless deck installation projects that we performed. We offer quality deck-related services such as new deck installations and deck refurbishing.

What Type of Decks can Deck Guardian build in Madison?

Knowledge of the different types of decks available is the core foundation of being a Madison deck contractor. This is the first step in every custom deck design that Deck Guardian does. We pin down every requirement our client needs in terms of quality, placement, and use. Then, with the full confidence of a Madison deck builder, we use this info to find which deck type will best fit your home.

Attached Deck

  • Easy to construct decks that are great options for those on a budget.
  • It is affixed to the side of a house using a ledger board.
  • It is generally a sturdy deck option, but the overall structural integrity is largely determined by the quality of the affixation done.

Multi-Tier Deck

  • Eye-catching deck designs due to the complicated layering of separate decks.
  • Construction doesn’t require a lot of outdoor space.
  • It needs more support than the average deck due to the added weight of the stacked decks.
  • It is easy to personalize through the addition of roofs and railings.

Wraparound Deck

  • It is affixed to multiple walls around the perimeter of the house.
  • Links all involved entrances by creating a common area between them.
  • Construction requires a large available space since it spans a large percentage of the home’s walls.
  • Like attached decks, the deck’s structural integrity is mainly controlled by the condition of the attachment done.

Detached Deck

  • It is a versatile deck that can be placed above any type of landscape.
  • Detached decks only need minor modifications if it is to be used for unfavorable areas such as rock or flooded terrain.
  • May require higher quality materials to ensure its resilience against harsh conditions.

Pool Deck

  • It is constructed around the perimeter of a pool.
  • It is preferably made from heat and slip resistance materials rather than conventional stone and concrete structures.
  • Creates a safe area for swimmers, particularly children, to walk around on.

Deck, Deck Resurfacing, Porches – near you in Madison

Buying a new property should be your last option for problems regarding lack of home space. Deck and porch installations are great alternatives for homeowners that want to cut back on costs and expand their homes. Decks maximize any unused outdoor space by constructing a platform that extends your home area.

Hiring a proficient Madison deck contractor can spell the difference between simply constructing a deck and installing a deck that you can use to further develop your home. Deck Guardian is a deck builder near Madison that is fully equipped to offer you the latter. We guarantee top-notch craftsmanship to each deck that we build.

Our Madison deck company has full faith in our understanding of decks that we can present our deck refurbishing services to interested customers with full confidence. These services are not commonly offered by deck builders due to the difficulties that repairing a deck has. But Deck Guardian is comprised of professional deck builders that know all there is to about decks. We have the eye for detail to look for the parts of your deck that need to be repaired. Deck Guardian’s deck refurbishing service makes sure that your deck will be in tip-top shape and will continue to serve your family in the years to come.

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Deck Guardian

Deck Guardian: Top Deck Builder and Contactor in Madison

Deck Guardian is just the leading deck builder near Madison for show. We bring excellence into each deck project that we install and make sure that our decks will bring you nothing but satisfaction. Deck Guardian combines both form and function to build you a deck that expands the area of your home. We incorporate your ideas into the final deck design to make sure that it is well-suited to your lifestyle.

Are you ready to improve your home by hiring a Madison deck company? If you’re ready to take the next step to expand your home, you can inquire about our deck-related services through Deck Guardian’s website or telephone number. You can also get a free quote from us when you answer our free quotation form. Get a free custom deck design by selecting Deck Guardian as your Madison deck builder.

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