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If you are looking for a deck builder in Livingston, New Jersey, you just found it! Indeed, Deck Guardian serves all areas of Central and Southern New Jersey, including yours. We are genuine deck builders, creating your dream deck from scratch to match all your needs and preferences. At the end, you get a totally custom deck adding value to your property.

Unlike other builders, we offer you the total range of services related to the conception, construction, and installation of a custom deck in your backyard. But that is not all, we also do porches, and paths too! We will explore those different structures in this article and see what makes them different and how they can contribute to your backyard. Keep reading to learn more about the subject.

Reliable and Versatile Deck Builder in Livingston, New Jersey

If you are a homeowner from Livingston’s area, and you are looking for a reliable and professional deck builder, consider us, Deck Guardian. We are proud to have served your area for many years already. We have transformed the backyard, and lives, of thousands of clients throughout the area and the State of New Jersey. Many dozens of our clients left us a positive review on Google.

Our expertise covers not only decks, but also every type of construction for your backyard, including porches. Our experts have designed, built, and installed thousands of structures made to resist the New Jersey weather and provide our customers with the perfect space they were looking for to enjoy the pleasant weather and entertain friends and family.

We are not just another builder; we are designers, and we have all the skills to assist you throughout the entire process of the realization of your dream deck. Contact us today to get started on this journey that will transform your life.

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Different Structures

When people look at an empty backyard, they first want to add a deck. This deck could be attached to the house or not. The deck is the usual structure we find in a backyard to host friends and family, but it is not the only one. Sometimes, you want or need something else.

Regular deck builders can only install you structures from a catalog, choosing with you the same model they will install next week in your neighbor’s backyard. The selection is usually limited to decks. While when doing business with genuine builders, like Deck Guardian, the sky is the limit in terms of structure, innovation, and creativity.

You may begin by thinking you need one type of structure and discover another one that would be a better fit for your needs and your backyard. You should always keep your mind open for pleasant surprises.

1. Decks

Decks. Most people contact us because they want a new deck. They want a space to host friends and family and their patio door is not flush with their backyard, so a raised deck is the perfect solution they need. A deck is usually just a platform, with no roof and no walls, although some safety rails are in place.

2. Paths

Finally, you can have a path, which is essentially a mini-patio, giving you access to other elements in your backyard, like a fireplace, a pool, etc. This is very useful if you want to go from one zone to another, giving a sense of unity and a great look at your backyard.

We can design any of those elements from scratch for you to ensure they perfectly match the vision you have. Our pros can build those structures using wood or composite materials. As you know, a composite deck has many advantages over a wooden deck, but it is not necessarily good for everyone.
Contact us to discuss any needs of yours related to your backyard.

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Deck Guardian

Final Thoughts

As we just saw, when looking for a deck builder in Livingston, New Jersey, it is important to entrust your project to the right team. Deck Guardian is a deck builder with years of experience in designing, building, and installing all types of structures in the backyard of New Jersey homeowners, just like you.

We are not only a simple builder; we take part actively at all stages of the project. Our experts will discuss your needs and expectations, listening to you actively, and they will come up with the perfect solution for you and your backyard.

Contact us today to discuss your vision, we will make it a reality.

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