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Deck Guardian – Exceptional Levittown Deck Builder

Explore, enhance, and embrace the beauty of your own backyard! A well built deck can help you do just that and choosing Deck Guardian, an expert Levittown deck builder,  for your deck project is a wise choice indeed! Deck Guardian is a premier deck building company in Bucks County and we know that a well-built deck not only enhances your outdoor enjoyment, but can add so much to your home appeal in quaint and charming Levittown, PA.

Deck Contractors in Levittown, PA: Creating a Sunny Sanctuary

Levittown is known for its picturesque neighborhoods that were created with form and function in mind in the mid-twentieth century. Deck Guardian also understands that form and function are key to creating a deck or porch that can be a reliable outdoor sanctuary for you and your family. Whether you live in the neighborhoods of Appletree Hill or Farmbrook, a well built deck or porch is the key to enjoying a slower pace of life.

There are 16 neighborhood and regional parks plus nature centers, overlooks, and trails located in Bucks County. The many outdoor parks such as Falls Township Community Park and the old-world charm of Levittown make it a perfect place to explore the wonders of nature. What better way to do that than from your own customized deck built by Deck Guardian? Not only do we construct dependable and beautiful outdoor living spaces for your home, we create a place for your family and neighbors to gather, connect, and make memories together.

Deck Guardian has many deck construction services available to fit your needs:

  • One-of-a-Kind New Custom Decks: Whether you are looking to preserve the charm of your home with natural wood or elevate your outdoor space with composite decking, we provide one-of-a-kind deck design to efficiently and uniquely create a deck that fits your home to a tee.
  • Resurfacing or Remodeling Older Decks: Our Bucks County deck company can work with any existing deck to ensure it is safely restored to its original condition with all of its original integrity intact.
  • Porch and Screened-in Porch Creation: Want to take your deck to the next level? Create a covered outdoor living space for you to enjoy rain or shine! Deck Guardian is Levittown’s premier porch constructor with so many options to make your porch pest free or even an all-season space for you to enjoy the beauty of this PA township all year long.
  • Pool Decks: There’s nothing better than having a pool…except having a gorgeous surrounding deck where you can lounge and get the most out of your water oasis!  A pool deck not only enhances the appearance of an underground or above ground pool, it creates a more safe environment free of tripping hazards from uneven ground or high climbing areas.
  • Hot Tub Surrounds: Our PA deck contractors are experts at ensuring your hot tub deck will stand the test of time and provide a secure, level, and fully supported base for any size of hot tub. We can also create a custom surround for a walk-in hot tub experience that still allows for easy access to the underskirt for any maintenance and repair.

With all the exceptional deck building solutions we offer, why not build the deck of your dreams to experience all the quiet character Levittown has to offer?

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Levittown Deck Builder

Our Streamlined Process that Suits your Decking Needs

Deck Guardian has developed a renowned and trusted process to transform outdoor spaces. We implement a proven job management system that ensures your deck project is done on time and is done to the specified design and construction.  Firstly, contact us for your free consultation with a local Deck Guardian office. Next, a representative will meet you at your home to look at the space, take any necessary measurements, and ask any questions to ensure your vision for your deck is realized. All of this is of no obligation to you!

Then, our design experts use our state-of-the-art visualizer tool to render plans for you to approve and go through all the different options we can offer you. Finally, our professional deck installers will put it all together on an approved schedule by you. All that’s left to do is to enjoy your new outdoor addition to your home!

You can trust that our Bucks County deck builders want to build a unique outdoor living space that suits your needs. Whether it’s enjoying a quiet evening after a long day, or hosting family barbecues or neighborhood parties,  your deck helps you make the most of life and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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Levittown Deck Builder

Deck Guardian is your Dependable Deck Builder Proudly Serving Levittown

With over 15 years of experience in the Pennsylvania area, specifically in Bucks County, Deck Guardian has the know-how and wisdom of providing decking solutions specific to this area. We are in a four season state and with that comes the harsh elements of the weather that can profoundly affect the lifespan of your deck or porch. Deck Guardian uses only top quality decking materials and components and durable construction to ensure our decks live up to our 25-50 year warranties.

We are a family owned company and appreciate the responsibility that comes with our customers inviting us into their homes. Our team will ensure our work is done to the utmost professional level from your first consultation, through design, and to construction. With our many decking solutions that we offer, Deck Guardian can meet all of your decking needs.

Whether you are looking to resurface, remodel, or reinvent your space, we have you covered…literally! Our covered decks and porches are just one of the many specialty services we offer to transform your outdoor living space into a fantastic addition to your home. We offer screened-in porches to help keep the fun in and the bugs out! And we also create amazing all-season porches so you can enjoy nature in any kind of weather.

Our reputation and reviews are a testament to our success and abilities as a top Levittown deck builder. We have enriched many of our client’s lives by providing a smooth and simple deck construction experience with the end result of having a beautiful deck that helps them enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your free consultation and quote to start enjoying your life to the fullest as well!

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Levittown Deck Builder

Build Your Dream Deck in Levittown Today!

Choosing Deck Guardian for your next decking project will ensure you can build the deck of your dreams efficiently and reliably. Our fast and easy building process allows you to have control of your decking destiny with minimal stress and worry. With years of experience in Levittown, we can make sure your dream deck suits the charm of your neighborhood while giving you access to all the natural beauty that Bucks county has to offer.

Choosing to build a one-of-a-kind deck can enhance your curb appeal, increase property value, while also adding additional living space. A customized deck can also better fit into the general feel of the neighborhood and give you the exact space you need to make all your decking dreams come true.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service and craftsmanship allows you to improve your home with a well built deck knowing your project is in good hands. Not only do we do the job right, we do it with affordability in mind allowing your dream deck to become a reality without breaking your budget.

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Levittown Deck Builder

Taking the Final Step With Premier Levittown Deck Builder

When you want an exceptional experience that meets all your decking needs, don’t hesitate to contact Deck Guardian. Your space is just waiting for the customization, upgrade, or remodel it needs to elevate your home life to the next level. Our team of experts are hand picked and specially trained to make sure your project is completed to the highest level of satisfaction. Leave the work to us and soon you will be enjoying the best deck on the block!

All it takes to get started is one quick phone call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation that will personalize your experience to meet your every deck need. We will also provide you with a free estimate based on your specific space and requirements. Our representatives are there every step of the way to support our clients with any concerns or issues needing to be addressed. Deck Guardian strives to ensure all our customers have the best possible experience!

Why wait to take the final step in making your deck dream a reality? Call Deck Guardian now to start your deck journey with our exceptional Levittown deck building company!

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